Monday, December 31

Pollution free Bhopal

Beside the caretakers of the city, is it not the responsibility of every nature lover to maintain peace and greenery around them?
Is it not our duty to make our city shipshape and unpolluted, the way we make our work place clean or for that matter our home? Is it not our duty to maintain and retain the public places or make it messy? The way we feel by watching our clean and neat moaned grass of our house similarly we have to take care of the nature so that they can take care of us. To preserve the lives of the rest we have to be considerate and have some civic sense as well. If we are not heartless and mean than we need to be considerate by saying no vehicle zone to the boat club area.
It was not more than a year that I had proposed to the officers in nagar nigam to make the boat club road free vehicle zone in Bhopal for the sake of nature and an open letter was written to the Mayor. Two large lakes dominate Bhopal, with the city flourishing in the periphery, each with individualistic features. I had very convincing points for to make the Boat club road as pollution free zone. It brings people to 4 major hot spots of Bhopal which are located at the boat club.
1-ZOO /VAN VIHAR-The Van Vihar National Park is situated in the heart of Bhopal City. With the dedicated efforts of the Park management this area has now been transformed into an oasis of greenery. The area today serves as the green lung for Bhopal City. Although, having status of a National Park, the Van Vihar is developed and managed as a modern Zoological Park. Its has 207 species of bird ,60 species of butterfly ,Animals like - Tiger, Leopard, Hyena, Sloth bear ,All reported antelopes of Madhya Pradesh ,Gharial, Crocodile ,Several species of Tortoise. Van Vihar remains open throughout the year, About 2.50 lakh visitors come to Van Vihar every year, and Free entry for school, college students and Senior citizens.
2-The Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya (National Museum of Mankind) is a unique Museum, on the Shamla Hills on the Upper Lake front. It is a postcolonial museum of communities rather than objects. A road leading to Van Vihar branches off uphill to Manav Sangrahalaya - an anthropological institution housing a vast repertoire of tribal and folk arts from across India. Most of it is now covered in wild grass medicinal plants used by the tribal in traditional system of medicine. It is a unique museum spread over 200 acres of undulating land, situated in a prehistoric site and may be the only museum in the world strewn with numerous prehistoric painted rock shelters. This has been curated directly by the folk and tribal communities, camping at site, to create a miniature presentation of Indian folk ways through display of ecospecific habitations and subsistence practices in the tribal, coastal, desert, and Himalayan habitats. The tribal themselves built a hilltop village resembling a tribal hamlet with each shack unique to a tribe from one part of the country or the other with original material. This part of the museum has been put together painstakingly over the years by inviting one tribe at a time. The library, audio-visual archive, computerized documentation and the collection of ethnographic specimens in the Museum, though modest in size are among the best in the world.
3-WIND AND WAVES- this is situated at the most picturesque location of Bhopal besides the platter it’s offering round the year.
4- Coffee café Day. You cannot miss this spot adjacent o wind and wave’s restaurant and JAL Tarn an interpretation center of lake conservation authority where you can sit, listen to music, sip coffee and be with this beautiful lake and the hills across the lake.

This boat club road is the lower necklace, which wrap the upper lake if seen from the shamla kothi and also from the VIP road. All the roads lead every nature lover of Bhopal and the tourist to this road in every season. The hot spots invite thousands of local people and visitors daily. The pollution created by the vehicles has been affecting the nature and the habitat of plenty and we have the obligation to maintain peace and serenity their.

Friday, December 28

Benazir Bhutto

A sad day for the world.The assasination of Mrs Benazir Bhutto has been condemned across the globe. Some reactions across the world before and after her death .

Bhutto's body in Larkana for, India - The body of assassinated former premier Benazir Bhutto was flown to her ancestral village in Pakistan's Sindh province, where hundreds of her supporters ...

Bhutto's body flown home for burialThe Press Association - The body of assassinated Pakistan opposition leader Benazir Bhutto has been flown from Rawalpindi for burial in the southern province of Sindh. ...

EDITORIAL: A dream snuffed outPakistan Dawn, Pakistan - BENAZIR Bhutto is dead. She died amidst her supporters who revered her, and her father before her, and from whom she derived her strength, her legitimacy as ...

Benazir Bhutto, 54, Lived Through Political StormNew York Times, United States - Benazir Bhutto in front of a poster of her father, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, after she won first parliamentary elections in 1988. More Photos > By JOHN F. BURNS ...

Bhutto's body arrives at family home for burialReuters India, India - By Nadeem Soomro NAUDERO, Pakistan (Reuters) - Thousands of mourners thronged to assassinated Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto's ancestral home on ...

Pakistan's Bhutto Killed in AttackThe Associated Press - RAWALPINDI, Pakistan (AP) — Enraged crowds rioted across Pakistan and hopes for democracy hung by a thread after Benazir Bhutto was gunned down Thursday as ...

World Bank chief says shocked by death of BhuttoXinhua, China - WASHINGTON, Dec. 27 (Xinhua) -- World Bank President Robert B. Zoellick said on Thursday that he was shocked and saddened by the death of former Pakistani ...

Former Pakistan's Premier Bhutto AssassinatedKorea Times, South Korea - By Emal Pashtunyar RAWALPINDI, PAKISTAN _ Pakistan's two-time prime minister and the first woman premier of a Muslim country Benazir Bhutto was assassinated ...

Bhutto dies in bomb attackFinancial Times, UK - By Farhan Bokhari in Karachi and Jo Johnson in London Benazir Bhutto, the first elected female leader of a Muslim state, was yesterday killed in a gun and ...

Leader who was willing to take risks for her peopleFinancial Times, UK - By Farhan Bokhari in Islamabad The assassination of Benazir Bhutto, the 54-year-old former Pakistani prime minister and opposition leader, in the city of ...

'Foolproof' security failed BhuttoNational Post, Canada - John Moore/Getty ImagesSupporters of Benazir Bhutto gather at a rally held at Liaquat Park in Rawalpindi. The rally would become the scene of Bhutto's ...

Bhutto Assassinated in Attack on RallyNew York Times, United States - By SALMAN MASOOD and GRAHAM BOWLEY RAWALPINDI, Pakistan — The Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto was assassinated near the capital, Islamabad, ...

FACTBOX-Bhutto latest victim of renowned Pakistan dynastyReuters - (Reuters) - Benazir Bhutto, who was killed on Thursday, came from a powerful political dynasty and said after she returned home from exile in October she ...

Last day of BhuttoXinhua, China - Former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto waves to her supporters at Liaquat Bagh in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, Dec. 27, 2007. Bhutto died Thursday as Party ...

Pakistani opposition leader Bhutto among 20 dead in suicide attackMalaysia Star, Malaysia - RAWALPINDI: Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto was killed yesterday in a suicide attack as she drove away from a campaign rally just minutes after ...

Benazir Bhutto and the danger in, United Kingdom - Pakistani politics was already in a state of febrile transition between the dictatorship of President Pervez Musharraf and the restoration of democracy. ...

Bhutto's love-hate relationship with the, United Kingdom - By Isambard Wilkinson Benazir Bhutto's relationship with the UK oscillated between enjoying the warmth of Establishment approval to being shunned over ...

What now for Pakistan?Independent, UK - By Peter Popham and Saeed Shah in Rawalpindi Benazir Bhutto, twice prime minister of Pakistan and the leading contender to win a third term in the coming ...

A Career of Personal, National TragedyWashington Post, United States By Molly Moore On a hazy winter day in 1994, I drove with then-Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto to the dedication of Pakistan's first women's police station. ...

tragedy born of military despotism and anarchyGuardian Unlimited, UK - The assassination of Benazir Bhutto heaps despair upon Pakistan. Now her party must be democratically rebuilt Even those of us sharply critical of Benazir ...

Killed Bhutto's body flown homeCNN International - RAWALPINDI, Pakistan (CNN) -- The body of Pakistan's assassinated former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was being flown home Friday, as sporadic violence was ...

BENAZIR BHUTTO ASSASSINATEDTimes of India, India KARACHI: Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto was assassinated in a terror attack in Rawalpindi near Islamabad on Thursday. Bhutto, 54, was fired upon ...

The death of a daughterTimes of India, India - Benazir Bhutto could still manage a smile. She knew that they were chasing her with bombs and guns. She knew that determined assassins were lurking on the ...

Bhutto Supporters Blame MusharrafForbes, NY - Supporters of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan are blaming the government of President Pervez Musharraf for her assassination on Thursday, ...

End of a political eraDaily Times, Pakistan - By Rana Qaisar ISLAMABAD: An extra-ordinary political era spanning over two decades ended on Thursday with the death of former prime minister Benazir Bhutto ...

Reflection on a woman who wanted to restore democracyDaily Times, Pakistan - LAHORE: Former premier Benazir Bhutto, who was assassinated in a suicide attack in Rawalpindi on Thursday aged 54, restored democracy to her country in 1988 ...

Together we’ll save Pakistan, Benazir said at last rallyHindu, India - MOMENTS BEFORE DEATH: The former Pakistan Premier, Benazir Bhutto, leaves the stage after her last election campaign rally in Rawalpindi on Thursday. ...

Nordic country leaders condemn Bhutto killingXinhua, China - STOCKHOLM, Dec. 27 (Xinhua) -- The leaders from Nordic countries strongly condemned on Thursday the terrorist attack in Pakistan that killed the country's ...

Bhutto photographer: 'She was clearly in her element'CNN International - (CNN) -- The photographer who took the last known images of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto before her assassination Thursday told CNN he was ...

Pakistan’s darkest hourHindustan Times, India - The foot soldiers of Pakistan's state-spawned Bhindranwales have snuffed out the life of Benazir Bhutto. The spectre of extremism, haunting Pakistan since ...

Bhutto's assassination may plunge Pakistan into more perilChicago Tribune, United States - By Kim Barker Tribune foreign correspondent 1:34 PM CST, December 27, 2007 KARACHI, Pakistan – The assassination Thursday of opposition leader Benazir ...

Benazir’s family leaves Dubai for KarachiHindu, India - DUBAI: The family of Ms. Bhutto left Dubai for Pakistan. Asif Zardari, husband and the children flew first to Karachi from where they will head for ...

Benazir Bhutto: Hope DeniedForbes, NY - Any chance of a peaceful transition to a semblance of democratic rule in Pakistan died Thursday with Benazir Bhutto. Bhutto possessed enormous reserves of ...

Riots break out in aftermath of Bhutto's, Canada - KARACHI, Pakistan -- The major cities in Pakistan, including the garrison city of Rawalpindi, have all broken out in chaos after the assassination of ...

Online, Emotion Palpable After Bhutto DeathCBS News, NY - As news broke that Pakistani opposition party leader Benazir Bhutto had been assassinated, supporters erupted in anger and tears, smashing the glass doors ...

Benazir Bhutto - another martyr for PakistanRadio Netherlands, Netherlands - by Perro de Jong* Benazir Bhutto has become a martyr, said a spokesperson for her Pakistan People's Party (PPP) when it was announced that the opposition ...

Bhutto Campaigned Despite Risk of AttackNPR - by Eric Weiner, December 27, 2007 · An explosion, gunshots, a frantic rush to the hospital. At first, details of the events surrounding the ...

Britain calls for unity after Bhutto deathAFP - LONDON (AFP) — Foreign Secretary David Miliband said on Thursday he was "deeply shocked" by Benazir Bhutto's assassination and called for "restraint but ...

The Bhutto family tragedy explainedTimes Online, UK - *Benazir Bhutto's father, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, was dismissed as Pakistan Prime Minister in 1975 and executed by hanging for conspiracy to murder a political ...

Global outrage over, Qatar - Supporters and rivals alike of Benazir Bhutto, the Pakistani opposition leader, have condemned the gun and bomb attack that claimed her life at an election ...

Profile: Former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir BhuttoXinhua, China - ISLAMABAD, Dec. 27 (Xinhua) -- Former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto died Thursday evening after being seriously injured in a bomb attack near the ...

"A well planned assassination", Austria - 12 days before a general election, Pakistan's leading opposition leader Benazir Bhutto was killed this afternoon after holding a campaign ralley in the city ...

A life steeped in turbulent, Qatar - Benazir Bhutto's life has been largely affected by her father's role in Pakistani politics. As the founder of the Pakistan People's Party and the country's ...

Reactions to Bhutto assassinationBBC News, UK - The killing of Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto in a presumed suicide attack at an election rally in Rawalpindi has drawn widespread national and ...

Benazir Bhutto killing: Reaction in, United Kingdom - World leaders have rushed to condemn the assassination of Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto in a gun and suicide bomb attack at a political rally ...

Benazir Bhutto killed in attackChristian Science Monitor, MA - By Sadaqat Jan and Zarar Khan AP On Dec. 9, opinion editor Josh Burek spoke with former prime minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto. ...

Making a Martyr of BhuttoTIME - Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto waves to supporters after an election rally in Rawalpindi December 27, 2007, shortly before she was killed in a ...

Site of attack a signpost to Pakistan's troublesToronto Star, Canada - The setting of Benazir Bhutto's assassination comes with its own sick symmetry: the once and future prime minister of Pakistan was slain today at the very ...

PAKISTAN: BHUTTO'S HUSBAND, "SHE IS SERIOUSLY WOUNDED"Agenzia Giornalistica Italia, Italy - (AGI) - Rawalpindi (Pakistan), 27th December - Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto has been gravely wounded in an assassination attempt which came at ...

Pakistani Opposition Leader Benazir Bhutto Killed in Suicide - By Gil Kaufman Just months after returning to Pakistan with hopes of assuming the leadership of the country for a third time, opposition leader Benazir ...

Miliband condemns Bhutto killingBBC News, UK - The killing of Pakistan opposition leader Benazir Bhutto was a "senseless attack", UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband has said. ...

Pakistani opposition leader Bhutto killed: reportsMarketWatch - By MarketWatch NEW YORK (MarketWatch) -- Pakistani opposition leader and former prime minister Benazir Bhutto was killed following a suicide bombing that ...

Bhutto Assassinated by Suicide AttackerABC News - Benazir Bhutto was among at least 20 killed in a coordinated suicide attack. A party security adviser said Bhutto was shot in the neck and chest as she got ...

Benazir Bhutto Killed in - By TSC Staff Benazir Bhutto, the leader of Pakistan's opposition, has died from injuries she suffered in a bombing and gun attack that targeted a political ...

Bhutto Killed in Attack on Political RallyNew York Times, United States - By SALMAN MASOOD and GRAHAM BOWLEY RAWALPINDI, Islamabad — An attack on a political rally killed the Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto near the ...

Benazir Bhutto 'killed in blast'BBC News, UK - former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto has been killed in a presumed suicide attack, a spokesman for the Pakistan People's Party (PPP) says. ...

Pindi set to welcome Benazir, NawazDaily Times, Pakistan By Aamir Yasin RAWALPINDI: The city is all set to host two former prime ministers - Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairwoman Benazir Bhutto and Pakistan ...

Security plan for BB’s address in Pindi finalisedDaily Times, Pakistan - RAWALPINDI: The Rawalpindi District Police have finalised a security plan to ensure maintenance of peace during the public rally address of Pakistan Peoples ...

Benazir Bhutto: A profileZee News, India - One of the most influential leaders in Pakistan democracy, Benazir Bhutto (June 21, 1953 - December 27, 2007) was the first woman elected to lead a ...

Mourners stream in for Bhutto funeralRadio New Zealand, New Zealand - Thousands of mourners have arrived at the ancestral home of former Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto for her burial later on Friday evening. ...

Scion of political dynasty led tumultous lifeAustin American-Statesman, TX - By Matthew Pennington and Jerry Schwartz AP ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Benazir Bhutto was many things: zealous guardian of her dead father's legacy, ...

Loss in Pakistan - Former prime minister Bhutto shot, killed after ...New Philadelphia Times Reporter, OH - By SADAQAT JAN and ZARAR KHAN, AP Writers RAWALPINDI, Pakistan – Moments after a euphoric crowd stretched its arms toward Benazir Bhutto, moments after the ...

Assassin fires shots at Bhutto and then blows himself upIrish Independent, Ireland - By Jeremy Page Benazir Bhutto was waving from the sunroof of her bullet-proof Land Cruiser when the assassin struck, first firing shots and then blowing ...

Pak could enter an unstable phaseDaily News & Analysis, India - With the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, Pakistan enters a new phase of uncertainty and instability. It is today a country in the throes of a deep ...

Koirala stunned by Bhutto's killingGorkhapatra, Nepal - Kathmandu, Dec. 27: Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala has been stunned by the tragic death of president of the Pakistan People's Party (PPP) and former ...

Iranian FM strongly condemns Bhutto's assassinationIslamic Republic News Agency, Iran - Iranian foreign minister vehemently condemned the assassination of Pakistan's former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto in an election rally in Rawalpindi on ...

Pakistan Remains Tense; 11 Dead In Thursday Clashes Following ...AHN - Rawalpindi, Pakistan (AHN) - All schools, businesses and banks in Pakistan are closed for three days after violence broke out following the assassination of ...

Pakistan opposition leader Bhutto assassinated (2nd Roundup)Monsters and, UK - Islamabad - Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto was assassinated Thursday as she left an election campaign rally in the city of Rawalpindi, ...

Bhutto assassinated in PakistanNew York Daily News, NY - AP (Warning: Gallery contains graphic images.) Moments before she was assassinated, Pakistan's opposition leader Benazir Bhutto waves to her supporters. ...

Pakistan: UnravelingPacific Free Press, Canada - by Mona Eltahawy At a conference on radicalization in The Hague in October, a former Pakistani foreign minister told a small group of us that he had ...

Turmoil after Bhutto, Ireland - By Dan Collins WORLD leaders have expressed their condemnation of the killing of Benazir Bhutto as last night nuclear-armed Pakistan was facing political ...

KILLING THAT MAY START A CIVIL WARUK Express, UK - By Jo Macfarlane THE assassination of Benazir Bhutto yesterday raised fears of a surge in terror attacks around the world and the prospect of civil war in ...

With Benazir Bhutto Killed, What Next For Pakistan ?Family Security Matters, NJ - Shortly after 5 pm local time on December 27 th , Benazir Bhutto was killed in the city of Rawalpindi , northern Pakistan . She had been attending a rally ...

Benazir Bhutto assassinated in shooting, suicide bomb attackTODAYonline, Singapore - RAWALPINDI — An attack on a political rally killed the Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto near the capital, Islamabad, yesterday. ...

Bhutto - a "liberal" - assassinatedOpEdNews, PA - by Rowan Wolf Page 1 of 1 page(s) It is all over the news that Benazir Bhutto was assassinated as she was leaving a political rally in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. ...

Local Pakistani says Bhutto was the 'best leader'Bradenton Herald, United States - Pakistan's former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto gets ready for her last public rally in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, Thursday, Dec. 27, 2007. ...

At the Precipice by Joshua KurlantzickNew Republic (subscription), DC - The killing today of Benazir Bhutto was tragic for many reasons. Most obviously, it was another senseless death, adding to the spiraling extremist violence ...

Benazir Bhutto Assassination Sparks Riots in PakistanTransWorldNews (press release), GA - Pakistan ’s military has been placed on red alert following the assassination of opposition leader Benazir Bhutto Thursday afternoon. ...

After Bhutto: Pakistani Blogs Chime InRadar Online, NY - Following the assassination of Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto Thursday, bloggers, defiantly active despite President Musharraf-sponsored press ...

BHUTTO KILLED IN SUSPECTED AL QAIDA ATTACKDaily Echo, UK - By Echo Reporter Pakistan opposition leader Benazir Bhutto was assassinated in a suspected al Qaida attack as she left an election rally today, throwing the ...

Seconds from death: The final image of Benazir Bhutto moments ...This is London, UK - These haunting images show the final moments of Benazir Bhutto seconds before she was shot dead by a suicide bomber. Wearing garlands of flowers, ...

Bhutto: Standing up for beliefsUnited Press International - WASHINGTON, Dec. 27 (UPI) -- Former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto said she recognized the danger she faced in returning to Pakistan. ...

Britain condemns murderManchester Evening News, UK - Britain joined international condemnation of the murder, which looks certain to cause the postponement of elections next month, something many hoped would ...

I can't believe she is dead, says Bhutto's husbandGulfNews, United Arab Emirates - By Ashfaq Ahmed, Staff Reporter Dubai: “I can’t believe she is dead. I will only believe it once I verify it myself,” said a shocked Asif Ali Zardari, ...

Tuesday, December 25

Law is a shield not a weapon.

One Indian woman committs suicide every four hours over a dowry distpute. This appaling detail was disclosed by the National Crime Record Bureau on Tuesday December 24.
Just can't help juxtaposing this with the phrase "legal terrorism" that i have often heard from my friends and seen in various news stories.
According to the data complied by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), a total of 2,276 women committed suicide because of dowry related disputes in 2006. comes down to six women ending their lives everyday. In 2005, 2,305 women committed suicide while in 2004, at least 2,585 such cases were registered across the country.
Statistics suggest that Madhya Pradesh topped the list for the fourth time with 585 cases, accounting for one-fourth of the total number of such suicides last year in the country.
Along with working on ways to eradicate this social malice can we not look at the misuse of the law to curb the women suicide rate
No doubt that dowry is a social evil but it continues to be a common practice in every strata of our society. The guilty should be punished but the law should not be allowed wreak personal vendetta. It should not lead to of the inncoent which sadly is a case on many occassions.
A court ruling while Describing such misuse of law as “legal terrorism”, said in 2005 that no one can be allowed to unleash frivolous proceedings as the provisions of Section 498A “are intended shield the woman against harassment. Not as an assassin’s weapon.”
Can we not have a check on the cases with the other perspective as well to empower women? When civilizations clash, it is certain that the laws, which run these civilizations, will also clash.

How stories can help

Five days back a friend of mine broke a story abut a village which does not have electricity in Madhya Pradesh but also mentioned that the villagers own mobile sets in the same place. Another friend of mine said “big deal” that’s not a chronicle. I got an anecdote and another friend of mine already had a yarn to unearth.

The story came back through different windows. We heard and read on channels, newspapers, news sites, personal sites, blogs etc etc
Village without an electricity but mobile penetration is there.
Village without electricity but they go for charging their mobiles to 35 km away
Village without electricity but handsets enable the aforementioned denizens to contact outsiders in case of emergency (or to pass along the latest gossip.
Village who lives on a below poverty line and do not have electricity have cell phones.
Telecom revolution has reached a dalit village
In this powerless village called Kajrai in Sagar district of Madhya Pradesh, it is the Mobile Phone that's lighting up the otherwise dark lives of people.
Mobiles have proved to be lifesavers in times of emergency.
India mobilizes for a rural revolution
Village without an electricity but can be contacted by politicians through sms.

Mobile phones have given the people in this powerless village a recognition and attention. It was a story unearthed about 30 to 40 individuals living in a Dalit village some 50 miles from Sagar in Madhya Pradesh who walk around 12 miles per day just to get their mobile phones charged for the next 24 hours for yapping. In villages like Kajrai, it is not the government's ambitious universal broadband connectivity, but electricity that people need to ease the daily grind.

Monday, December 24

Royal Mart

There is an awe-inspiring charisma concealed in the sleeves of Madhya Pradesh which needs to be explored by tourists and the department as well. Madhya Pradesh is called the heart of India, not only because of its location in the centre of the country, but also because it has been home to a rich cultural heritage in the form of innumerable monuments, exquisite temples, palaces, magnificent Stupas that doll up the lush landscape of MP. Bordered by six states, it is equally close to major tourist destinations from the North, South, East and West. Seeing the tourist preferences and comparison to other states the department is gearing for the mode which has been missing since inception but still without a blueprint.

A good initiative but not at all planned with time and market sense was witnessed in the first heritage buyers and sellers meet on Dec 18 2007.It was organised at Hotel Jhenuma not run by Tourist department. Bearing in mind the interest of tourists, neighbors and across the world the tourism department took a step to explore the possibilities in developing heritage buildings. Invitations were sent to the owners of their palaces, havelis and garhis, old houses and at the same time buyers were approached to take up these properties. More than 70 former Nawabs, Maharajas, Maharanis, Begums, Zamindars came to sell /joint venture their properties to the buyers like Taj, orchid, Park, Kama and Welcome groups who participated.
The presentation made on the basis of survey done of state 726 heritage buildings — 35 with the ASI, 103 with the state archaeology department, 313 (not protected monuments) with the state government and 275 in private hands were faulty which raised eyebrows and bad taste with the owners and the buyers.
Only few of the participants came with proper presentations rest were clueless how to sell their properties as they were not informed well in advance.Madhya Pradesh is richer than any other state in India as far as heritages and history are concerned. Due to lack of adequate facilities and infrastructure and evocative initiative the heritage buildings have not been tapped so far. But with the methodological and conventional approach something better can be seen in the future.

Tuesday, December 18

Vietnam war in “Goodnight Saigon” Iran & Afghanistan in "It's Christmas in Fallujah”

The pop legend gave an opportunity to Cass Dillon, a 21-year-old upstart singer-songwriter from his native Long Island."We came with the crusaders to save the Holy Land," goes one verse. "It's Christmas in Fallujah, and no one gives a damn." Sang Cass Dillon a 21-year-old upstart singer-songwriter. The living pop legend Billy Joel gave a n opportunity to sing this song to Cass- .the song was a song from his native Long Island. Christmas in Fallujah is the second tune he's written in the past year.
"I thought it should be [sung by] somebody young, about a soldier's age," the 58-year-old Joel said. "I wanted to help somebody else's career. I've had plenty of hits. I've had plenty of airplay. I've had my time in the sun. I think it's time for somebody else, maybe, to benefit from my own experience."
Net proceeds generated from downloads of "Christmas in Fallujah" will be donated to Home for Troops, a nonprofit that builds specially adapted homes for disabled veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.
Billy Joel took on the Vietnam War in "Goodnight Saigon” which is memorable. The Piano Man is ready to hold the emotions of the soldier with his consciousness in the songs by him. He wants to fight a battle with them…………..

The legacy of the Bali meeting will be judged in the coming year.

It is great to see awareness growing so quickly about the challenge facing the world. But! nothing than a bid to break the deadlock is seen in the 12 day negotiations under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). What we saw was row between the United States on one side and the EU and developing countries on the other in the conference on the Indonesian resort island of Bali.
The conference swung into an extra day to reproduce a new strategy against climate change .It watered down previous draft commitments on tackling greenhouse gases leaving small group exhausted to craft a draft compromise.
The aim of the 190 nation gathering was to agree on parameters for tackling the pollution that is warming the Earth's surface and driving hazardous changes to its climate system. It ditched future emissions cuts that the European Union had previously declared were essential and made America victorious. America will keep on wrecking climate talks as long as those with vested interests in oil and gas fund its political system. The draft has no mention of the figures which UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued earlier this year for the emissions ceiling. It ignored the airplane emissions which benefits the UK on one hand.
The legacy of the Bali meeting will be judged in the coming year in Copenhagen in December 2009 to provide replacement of treaty for Kyoto as agreed by the nations of the world.
The only good news is that for the first time both the industrialized and developing countries have jointly signed a task to act jointly to manage their emissions as global cooperation is the only way to tackle this issue largely. But we must not be tempted to sit back now that it looks as though the world's leaders are on the mission. There is much for all of us to do if we are to secure our joint future like switching off lights, fans, computers, air conditioning when not in use.


Relentless efforts in promoting Rewa as a viable destination spelling out the mystical charm of the 6th –16th century A.D. have now begun to reap harvest.

A book on BANDHAVGARH written by Mr. Bittu Sahgal & Maharaja Pushpraj Singh is to be launched in Delhi on the 18th Nov. 2007! The book will carry exclusive pictures showing the Royal hunting, camping & other pictures of the Rewa Royal dynasty that once lived on the top. A chapter from the Maharaja about the family’s history further adds taste to this glorious effort from Bittu!

Prior to becoming a National park, the forest around Bandhavgarh had long been maintained as a Shikargah, or game preserve, of the Maharajahs of Rewa. Hunting was carried out by the Maharajahs and their guests - otherwise the wildlife was relatively well-protected.
It was considered a good omen for a Maharajah of Rewa to shoot 109 Tigers. His highness Maharajah Venkat Raman Singh shot 111 Tigers by 1914

Congratulations to my dear friend for his effort.

Friday, December 14

Rashtrapati Bhawan makes ceremonial change of guard open for public.

The decision of the Rashtrapati Bhawan to make the ceremonial change of guard open for public comes at a time when security concerns and repeated threats from terrorists are making it tough for public to visit premises of historic institution as well.

It’s great news for all. Be it the foreign tourist, local people and the country. The President’s secretariat is hoping to woo domestic tourists through a campaign jointly with the Delhi tourism.
The decision to allow public to watch the famous ceremonial change of guard every Saturday will boost the tourism of the country. The magnificent ceremony, which is similar to the more famous demonstration in Buckingham Palace in London, can be witnessed by plenty of inbound and outbound tourist/visitors. The only difference between the change of guard in London and India is that while Rashtrapati Bhawan sees the change every week, the ceremonial change takes place every third day at Buckingham Palace.

The ceremonial change of guard was open always to public but there were a few or none witnessing this apart from for foreign tourists.A ceremonial change of guard is held at the President of India's official place of residence The Rashtrapati Bhavan. The Changing of Guard is generally held every Saturday at 6am. The old and new guard consists of a troop from the President's Body Guard (PBG) and another platoon from one of the numerous regiments of the Indian Army. A military band is also present as an accompaniment

Mother kills her chidren due to poverty

Parents in two separate incidents in Madhya Pradesh have killed their children. In one incident woman “the mother” burned alive her six-month-old son and daughter aged two on a stove at their home in Harda district's Diwip Kala village.
Although she’s been arrested but claimed to take this extreme step because her husband did not pay any attention to the family and she was unable to feed the children.
In another case, a resident of Pipariya town in Hoshangabad district threw his nine-month-old son and two-year-old daughter on a railway track because he believed they were borne out of his wife's illicit relationship the son died on the spot and the girls is fighting for live.
The social as well as health condition in the rural areas of India is not good as glorified in the statistics given by government and organisations .The govt. has been claiming to launch policies for the women and child. If so than why a mother was forced to kill their children because of poverty?
Why the children in that district were not registered for free meal which is given in the policy? The officials are shedding crocodile tears. The district administration of Harda should be questioned.

In 2006, for the first time in the world, the number of children dying before their fifth birthday fell below 10 million to 9.7 million, the report said.India with 2.1 million under-five child deaths, contributes to about 21 percent of the Global burden of child deaths.About 25 percent of children under-five world-over are underweight. One-third of the world’s underweight children in under-five age-group are in India.The states with the highest number of children underweight area Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand and Bihar, followed by Gujarat, Orissa, Chattisgarh,Uttar Pradesh and Meghalaya.India has the largest pool of 9.4 million children, who have never been immunised in the world.With 20 per cent of the world’s children under age of five years, India needs at least 20 percent of the world’s attention. Which is claimed by UNICEF.
The latest UNICEF report titled ‘Progress for Children’ has highlighted the poor condition of children living in developing countries, particularly in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa.
The report in its findings has stated that among the 143 million children under the age of five who suffer from under nutrition and hunger, more than half of them live in South Asia.“There are many countries that still have unacceptably high levels of child mortality, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, and have made little or no progress in reducing the number of child deaths in recent years,” the report states.“Many of these countries have been affected by conflict or ravaged by the AIDS epidemic,” it adds.
The report states that over 19 million infants in the developing world are born with low birth weight, among which 8.3 million are in India. The latest report, which is the UNICEF’s sixth report in last three years, however, also highlights ‘considerable progress’ made in improving the condition of children across the world, but adds that still “much more remains to be done” to achieve the targets laid down in the 2015 Millennium Development Goals.

A big blow to the devoted enthusiasts

We will miss Tiger Woods and Motocross event

World number one Tiger Woods will not take part in the European Tour's end-of-season tournament. The Dubai World Championship is open to the top 60 golfers on the European Order of Merit but the American says he is too busy to take part although he has been participation since 1999. Woods said being part of the European Tour was always on his mind but that he could not justify playing enough tournaments to ensure he retained membership. Although he this week in the Target World Challenge at Thousand Oaks in California, the 16-player event he hosts each December to raise money for charities.
Another major motocross event is called off which was due to be staged next September, are now looking for an alternative nation to host the annual motocross spectacular. The team competition is regarded as the most prestigious off-road motorcycle race in the world. The 2007 event, held in the United States, had 31 countries represented and similar number of nations were expected to take part next year and at least 50,000 spectators were likely to attend.
A big blow to the devoted enthusiasts.

Wednesday, December 12

Booking fee extra for Led Zeppelin show

The surviving members of Led Zeppelin took to the stage at The O2 in London, on December 10, 2007.Robert Plant ,59, Jimmy Page, 63, and John Paul Jones, 61. performed after nineteen years since they last performed but the event melted away within minutes .The event was organised as a tribute to the late Ahmet Ertegun, co-founder of Atlantic Records, the label Zeppelin were signed on to decades ago for this gig.

The event also featured performances by former Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman's band Rhythm Kings, Paolo Nutini, Paul Rodgers and Foreigner. Interestingly, former Zeppelin drummer John Bonham's son, Jason, is now a drummer with Foreigner.

This English rock band comprised Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and John Bonham. They were supposedly a rock band, but managed to sound heavier, reintroduced the blues to their audience, dabbled in rockabilly and reggae, and even turned to the East in a quest for new sounds. The experimentation worked well enough to boost Led Zepp to the top of VH1's 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock. They sold over 300 million albums worldwide along the way, and are still the only band to have had all albums reach the US Billboard Top 10.

The greatest reunion in rock was on Monday 10 dec 2007. They were the biggest, the best, the loudest, the most popular, the least compromising, the most influential, and the most commercially successful band in the history of recorded music.

Led Zeppelin were always about extremes, from the mind-boggling album sales and tour receipts racked up by the band through their Seventies heyday, to the unparalleled excesses in which their private lives and public image were steeped. So it's no real surprise that their imminent reunion for the Ahmet Ertegun Tribute Concert at London's 02 Arena on Monday should have triggered an unprecedented clamour for tickets – depending on which report one consults, anywhere between 20 million and a billion requests for the 18,000 available seats, at £125 per seat (booking fee extra).

Beware ! children.

Day before yesterday we all saw Union minister's brother using children to plough fields in Bihar , yesterday we saw a shocking shootout inside a school never heard in India, and is perhaps the first such incident reported in the country where a 14 year old boy smuggles a gun in the school to take a revenge from his classmate by firing 5 bullets from a licensed pistol of his father.
A shocking incident that leaves everybody speechless. The future with guns, destructive mind because of parenting problems, problems of the surrounding etc. who should we blame for this behaviour? Are kids not safe with parents anymore? Are the schools safe? Are parents not guiding enough? Should there be security check in schools? Should along with the rights of child as a compulsory policy of education the duties of the child also be taught at the very young age to keep a check on the kids ? Is moral education in school not sufficient .
The tragedy points to lapses on the part of parents, schools, policy makers in the government and the society.
We also come across a film with brilliant message for children in the same week with a beautiful message for all along with very sensitive lyrics by Prasun Joshi for all.

देखों इन्हे ये है ओस की बूंदे
पत्तो की गौद मैं ये असमान से कूदे
अंगडाई ले फिर करवट बदलकर
नाज़ुक से मोती ,हस दे फिसलकर
खो न जाए ये कहीं, तारे ज़मीन पर
तारे ज़मीन पर

Monday, December 10

Life is hard

‘Life is hard’

A good concept for the brand where a TVC that not only sponge freely from Bollywood’s formulas, but also works around a basic human insight: Life is tough.

Mintrox being a hard mint with a rock like shape was associated with human insight. The hardness of the mint is connected to a human insight: ‘Life is hard’.

A good quality advertisement, a spoof on Bollywood’s tried and tested formulas with fun and drama that works in our country.

Sunday, December 9

Mr Narendar Modi.The He Man

The stakes are quiet high for the most bitterly fought elections to the Gujarat assembly for the He Man.Just ahead of poll in Gujarat, strategy of using ‘anti-Muslim sentiments’ was back on Modi’s agenda as usual. Wooing voters in his agenda on Dec4 he justified the killing of Sohrabuddin in a police encounter in his campaign speech at Mangrol. Least realizing the repercussions from his own party men, Senior Supreme Court advocate K.T.S Tulsi counsel in Sohrabuddin case,revulsion in media and in the middle class as well.
His recent controversial remarks on the fake encounter has made the Election Commission state that by linking the name of Sohrabuddin to terrorism amounts to indulging in activity which may aggravate existing differences, creating mutual hatred and causing tension between different communities.
Seeing the wind blowing in a different direction he claimed his references to Sohrabuddin were in the context of terrorism which is a major national issue forgetting that he is campaigning for the state not for the country. He did not even spare media. He blamed it as journalistic invention intended to engineer a “Hate Modi” campaign.
Campaign on development issues ended by charges over communalism and terrorism for the common man.
The tallest Hindutava politician of Gujarat now has made a request to the EC to withdraw its notice against him as it was based on false and motivated media reports and also made clear if Election Commission imposes any such regulation, it would offend our constitutional values and my right of free speech.
While violation of provisions of model code of conduct by EC blames Sonia Gandhi and ask her to reply by Tuesday noon for considering further action in the matter.Not to miss the comments by Mr Singhvi and Mr Sibbal from Bali.
Will somebody tell him and Madam the meaning of freedom of speech, peaceful co-existence, secularism and growth.

Bhopal British library

'A bolt out of the blue'

The British Library in Bhopal, established in 1965 will get closed on feb 29th 2008. The sudden decision of the British Council management to close down its library here has taken not only the staff by surprise but the members as well. A living embodiment of cultural tolerance will be closed after 4 decades where the students of yester years and the present generation gained knowledge and exposure.

Same reason as given in Kerala was announced ‘reduce its physical presence’ in the country and to divert funds to mega projects in the fields of culture, education, science and research. With the closure of the two centres, the number of British libraries in the country would also be reduced.

Given the sorry state in which our libraries are in, the closure of the British Library is terrible. It was a professionally managed, well guarded and had an assortment of books. It was an important academic foundation, an opportunity for book lovers for interaction as well.
The questions remain unanswered are?
Why is it closing?
If, it’s closing. Will the protest from the library lovers change the mind of the British council?
Why did ICCSR refuse to take the responsibility of the library earlier?
Will the government own up the responsibility for running the library on its own?
Will the government succumb to the pressures of the pressure groups for the library?
Will an NGO come up to own the library?
Will the scholars come together for the library?
Can any other library counterbalance the loss of this library?

Saturday, December 8

The funny placard around

A doctor family above my office wants to sell their property.This is how they plan to advertise the commercial property - through a humorous placard which is installed near the building parking.
Its been more than 6 months now and the advertisement has become a laughing corner of the area.
Makes almost no sense.
Zatz Not Funny! ...

Thursday, December 6

Freedom of speech

Read on "Ouch My Toe!"

Gentlemen are requested; servants are commanded, to keep off the grass.
- A sign in a London Park in 19th century.

Also read a conversation he overheard

Krishnamurthy: When somebody’s voice has the power to reach the public…one should be careful about what is being said.
Naeem: Does that mean celebrities can’t have freedom of speech?
Krishnamurthy: They can. But they can’t say everything that a common man can say.
Naeem: So, the celebrities can’t have freedom of speech?
Krishnamurthy: They have the freedom of speech. But as they said in Spiderman II, with powers of celebrity-dom come bigger responsibilities.
Naeem: Are you saying that Taslima shouldn’t have written about Islam the way she did?
Krishnamurthy: She definitely shouldn’t have. Taslima is the culprit.
Naeem: But I fought with my father when he blamed Taslima for writing ill about Islam.
Krishnamurthy: You did? Why?
Naeem: By writing ill about such a magnificent truth of life, Taslima showed that she didn’t know anything about Islam.
Krishnamurthy: I agree.
Naeem: Yeah…so why don’t we just laugh Taslima away and give her space to grow up and realize her folly?
Naeem’s suggestion hit me hard. That’s why, when my baby girl spit on me last evening, I didn’t spit back (which I usually do). Instead, I gave her some space to grow up…and start calling me: “Daddy!”


The Indian constitution guarantees freedom of speech to every citizen and there have been landmark cases in the Indian Supreme Court that have affirmed the nation's policy of allowing free press and freedom of expression to every citizen. In India, citizens are free to criticize politics, politicians, bureaucracy and policies. The freedoms are comparable to those in the United States and Western European democracies. Article 19 of the Indian constitution states that:
All citizens shall have the right —
to freedom of speech and expression;
to assemble peaceably and without arms;
to form associations or unions;
to move freely throughout the territory of India;
to reside and settle in any part of the territory of India; and
to practise any profession, or to carry on any occupation, trade or business.[12] These rights are limited so as not to effect:
The integrity of India
The security of the State
Friendly relations with foreign States
Public order
Decency or morality
Contempt of court
Defamation or incitement to an offence[13]
However, Indian citizens cannot criticize supreme court judgments (although they are given the right to challenge the courts decision under legal process) and is punishable by three month imprisonment in jail. Novelist, Arundhati Roy, was arrested and charged 2000 Rupees for criticizing court's judgment in the Sardar Sarover case. She was released after she paid the fine.[14]
than y so much trouble for Tsleema, M F Hussain and others?

must read-Counterpoint: The Taslima Controversy-

Saturday, December 1

Every disease can be conquered

”We don't see light at the end of the tunnel. There is no hope from any quarter. I am tired of the physical torture, the disease and unemployment, which is why I have appealed to the President for euthanasia. We want the President to grant the entire family mercy killing. Is better to die than live this disgraceful life,” Vijay Shanker Pandey, an HIV patient, appealed to the President for euthanasia.

Take the Lead.
People from over 65 countries have already made a commitment to lead on AIDS. If you haven't already, make your pledge NOW by signing up on the column.


Make your own pledge (any amount of words)
-or- Choose a pledge on of the following:
I will speak to my family and/or friends about AIDS
I will write a letter or join a rally demanding universal access
I will volunteer

Post it on the blog.

Full name…….............................................Email.....................................

Tuesday, November 27

We are becoming comfortably numb

It’s a shame for the country.

Shocking, humiliating pictures of a tribal woman being stripped and assaulted in India's northeastern state of Assam have showed an extreme limit of savageness and outrage. Atul Barman along with others should be prosecuted.
The footage showed the unidentified woman being chased through the streets by three men wielding wooden clubs was not only shocking but shook the sensibilities. A woman was stripped and assaulted in India's northeastern state of Assam, in our country in our homes. They tore off her clothes, beat her and kicked her as she tried to protect and protest. Terrified she was running naked for help through the streets but this insensitive society some photographed her; some took the video on the mobile but was rescued by some local people.
Although analyzing the TV footage, police arrested people for violence, including the three alleged attackers but the communication, inclination, proclivities are different. Communicating the incident was important in the society but at what cost? Showing on televions, blogs? It’s adding insult to her injury. To strip a woman naked and show her on the media showed their insensitivity to womanhood. Communicating such incidents in the society is important but at what cost? Not by showing a women naked just for the TRP,S.
There was a very weak attempt of morphing the lady. Before the story is telecasted with such videos/photos they should be analyzed or for that matter why a code not introduced till date when we have tallest of journalist in the country.How insensitive everybody can be by showing a women naked without her permission....adding more to this was a compensation of Rs 1.lakh from the CM to the lady.
An incident like this really gives us reason to reflect. Sentiments cannot be smothered when few are comfortably numb.

Saturday, November 24

Who is responsible for the security of the country?

The issue of national security and its dimensions has been a subject of discussion at different forums. As a citizen of the country I see the issue becoming complicated since 9/11. India as an emerging power has no options but to play a significant role in the new emerging world order. But within India lack of governance has an important bearing on national security which needs serious attention.
India is faced with a proxy war waged by antagonistic forces from across the border, whose aim is to destabilize the nation. Terrorism is the main instrument employed for this purpose. Terrorism has taken many forms and shapes. The danger from covert, proxy or limited war has increased and we cannot afford to be a smug. Protecting the nation from internal threats has now become the foremost responsibility of the government.Our successive governments in the past 60 years have failed to make India an internally strong country. Corruption has resulted in ill-governance. Fundamentalism and communalism in the name of religion is another biggest deterrent in paving the way for a secure country.
Political cooperation is the first step to combat terrorism in our country. India’s political system should stand united against terrorism than only thing can go forward. National parties have been accusing each other whenever an attach takes place instead of locating where the problem lies.
The absence of coordination within the intelligence agencies, para-military forces, the armed services, and between the para-military forces and armed forces is very well known. The lack of expertise in the management of national security is also well known. Lack of steps to remedy these deficiencies highlights the casual approach of the government-the people who run the government .
Party’s manifestos as promised to implement remain unfulfilled. Continued injustices cause schisms to widen, wounds to fester. Politicizing terrorism is not the solution. Matters of national security should be executed by professionals. Politicians should not have a greater access because they are the elected representatives. Today Politicians job is just to capture power on minority appeasement and vote bank politics.
The media roars with unsubstantiated debates instead. It is always a blame game and media discussions provoke more.
Indian system delivers justice for all crimes, especially mass crimes of unspeakable brutality but the lack of action against the perpetrators is also clear evidence of the operation of a double standard of justice. India and it systems of democracy, executive, judiciary and legislature, need to reflect.

I'm convinced that a solution can be found or we are doomed.
India must introduce identity cards in the border states, develop a national security policy that should also shape the country’s foreign policy and make the defence planning more strategic than just tactical.

Tuesday, November 20

India seems to be hooked to car racing.

Formula 1 has been growing hugely in popularity. The Indian GP announcement has already sparked an explosion of further interest to rival that of the traditional sport — cricket which is still by far the favorite Indian sport.
Formula 1 chief Bernie Ecclestone has confirmed reports that India will get its own Grand Prix race starting in 2010. The Indian firm Jaiprakash Associates and its JPSK Sports Private subsidiary have inked a 10-year deal with Formula 1 under which they will build a race circuit in the metropolitan area of India's capital city.
After finalising the track for Formula One Grand Prix in Greater Noida, the government is planning to lay a 15-km racing track in Madhya Pradesh. The track will be one of the largest in the world to host Grade-II races like Grand Prix 2, A1 and Formula V3.

The first Indian driver, Narain Karthikeyan, came to Formula 1 racing on the Jordan-Toyota team in 2005, and the Spyker team was purchased by Indian liquor magnate Vijay Mallya and is now known as Force India. And Indian GP2 driver Karun Chandhok made his test-driving debut in Spain, driving for the Red Bull Racing F1 team.

The state government will not only earn revenues by holding the racing events in the form of corporate advertisements but promote tourism aswell .MP could become the most favourite destination for racing events after Delhi. Probably it an become the favourite in Asia after Japan and Singapore.

It’s a pity on the country’s law enforcers.

In spite of growing economically or in the run-up to the 60th anniversary of India’s Independence we come across incidents, which are just bizarre, appalling, agonizing, unreasonable, scandalous, undemocratic and implausible. In recent past I can recall incidents, which were abnormal in their own way.
In one of India's worst human tragedies. It's been 11 months since the Nithari case first came to light. At least 20 bodies, most of them children were found murdered and dissected but still a judgment is awaited.
Take another shocking & painful instance where a 32 year old mother of a child decided to walk naked to register her protest, and to everybody’s disbelieve, her protest was registered in the police station by the same officers who hd earlier refused her report against her husband. What a shame!
The wacky one was a 33-year-old man of Tamil Nadu married a dog in a bid to ward off the ‘curse’ of a canine couple he had killed 15 years ago. Selva Kumar tied a mangal sutra on the animal, pet named Selvi, at a Ganesh temple in Manamadurai. After the incident, he suffered a stroke and could not move his left arm and legs and also turned deaf. He now walks with the help of a stick.
Another abnormal and unfair incident was witnessed in UP, when we saw politics mixed with sports. Kanpur police decided to ban people wearing black clothes in an effort to ensure that Chief Minister Mayawati, chief guest of the match, does not face protest from political rivals. To avoid greetings with black flags, the administration decided not to allow anyone wearing black enter the stadium.
In a recent incident in dhar a low-caste villager was lynched and possibly burnt to death because he beat cattle belonging to his neighbour, in a case of caste-violence. 40-year-old Kailash Bagri was burnt alive a remorseless group of 50 armed villagers on November 10, after he beat an ox belonging to his upper-caste neighbour that had strayed into his field. The accused are absconding.
In September, a Dalit woman was burnt alive by hardnosed upper-caste men in northern Uttar Pradesh state, after her son eloped with a girl from their caste. Earlier in August, a ruthless policeman in eastern Bihar state had drowned two low-caste girls by throwing them in a river for stealing firewood from his orchard.
Two Dalit women died after being thrown out of a government hospital in UP. An example of cold-blooded murder. The reason was poverty. They could not afford rs 1000. Although caste-based discrimination is banned, upper-caste Hindus still practice all forms of discrimination, including not allowing the low-caste to worship at temples and insisting that they drink from separate village wells. Dalit community members, who comprise about 160 million of India’s 1.2-billion population, also largely do the most menial jobs, including cleaning of sewers and night soil, often manually.
These incidents speak volumes about injustice, corruption, lawlessness, fanaticism, prejudices, racism, extremism, sadism, cruelness, narrow mindedness, torture, violent behaviour, sexual violence, and insanity of human beings with humans.

Any law is not binding them. They are not bothered of the law. For them law is a tool.

Monday, November 19

World's most expensive advertisement

This is the world's most costly Advertisement and the winner of thisyear's best Ad of the world.

It took 606 takes and re-takes to make this commercial and the totalcost was $ 6.2 Million for this 90 second commercial.

You could probably make a movie for that kind of money!

Everything is real with no graphics used and still look at the precision.

The team that made this commercial won many awards.

Saturday, November 17

You can never plan the future by the past

I can’t forget Feb 2 ,07 as was delighted after hearing his speech and vision. Chief Minister, Shri Shivraj Singh Chowan of my state -Madhya Pradesh was welcoming the delegates who came from all over the country and dwelt at length on the initiative taken by Madhya Pradesh government towards e-governance.
He was addressing the 10th National E-governance Conference in Vidhansabha Bhawan premise. He called for greater public awareness about e-governance to provide corruption-free and more efficient administration.
The attendance was unprecedented, as in previous nine conferences the number of delegates never crossed 350 but in MP 1350 delegates participated. Apart from making government official’s computer savvy he stressed and made essential to enhance awareness among people about corruption.Union Minister of State for Suresh Pachouri; MP Minister for IT Vijayvargiya; CS R.C. Sahni; PS, IT ; Special Secretary in the Union Ministry of IT and Additional Secretary in the Union Ministry of Personnel R.C. Chandrashekhar and Rahul Sareen were there on that occasion.
He informed about the revised IT policy by launching Samadhan Online and Cyber Treasury, he expreesed his views on the strengths of e-governance which was increasing the transparency as computerization network helps in better financial and budgetary control.
He had won hearts when he said"E-democracy is necessary for e-governance,Internet is a turning point in the history of human civilization and it is next only to writing in the list of human achievements.
Why a person of his vision gets caught under the charge of corruption for mere 4 dumpers ? Questions are being raised about the chief minister and his family amassing wealth disproportionate to their known sources of income. Has credibility taken a nosedive?
Lokayukta superintendent of police K.K. Lohani registered the case after Bhopal district judge R.K. Bhave yesterday directed the anti-corruption body to book the Madhya Pradesh leader, his wife Sadhna and four others under the Criminal Procedure Code.The order for the probe came after Ramesh Sahu, a “social worker”, urged the Lokayukta to register a case against Chauhan, his wife and the others for extending undue favours to cement company JP Associates in Rewa district by allotting prime land.

Thursday, November 15

A single negative encounter can undo our positive image

Trumpet lasted for 12 months.

Claiming too many visitors at the Sanchi circuit, Tourist bus from Bhopal to sanchi was launched with great fanfare 12 months back for Bhopal sanchi circuit with free lunch to the travelers. And now the bus service has discontinued without any information or notice by the tourism department lacking of tourists/visitors.

It was known only when few travelers from outiside the stae reached bhopal to catch the bus for sanchi. They not only felt cheated but were harassed by the behaviour of the officials who had not informed or intimated as claimed on their official sites for the sight seeing.
who will repair this sad state of affairs ? But, many do not care.
Proves only that the wheels of government move far too slowly.
How will the department attract tourism investments when they cant afford tourists. Was the news in the recent MADHYA PRADESH investors meet fake?
This all has happened after the tourism ministry announced to develop special buddhist tourism circuit in MP.
A single negative encounter can undo our positive image.
About Sanchi

The famous Sanchi stupa near Vidisha is a place of pilgrimage for Buddhists from all over the world. It comes under heart of heritage. This circuit is a pilgrim's passage through the palaces immortalized by the enlightened one.Sanchi is an important Buddhist pilgrim center of India. The site has no direct connection with the life of Buddha. It was Emperor Ashoka, the great patron and follower of Buddhism, who built the first Stupa here in the 3 rd century B.C., and a great number of Stupas and other religious structures were added over the succeeding centuries.

However with the revival of Hinduism, the monuments at Sanchi were forgotten and fell into a state of disrepair.It was in 1818 that the site was re-discovered through chance, by a British officer General Taylor. However, amateur archaeologists and treasure hunters, ravaged the site till 1881 when proper restoration work was initiated. One Ashokan pillar was used to build sugarcane press! Between 1912 and 1919 the structures were carefully repaired and restored to their present condition under the supervision of Sir John Marshall.

Sunday, November 11

Who is responsible for the pollution after Diwali

This is a cyber bom on diwali.

Isn’t it strange how the very connotation of Diwali — the festival of lights — has changed to a festival of pollution, noise, litter and nuisance over the years? Come Diwali and environment condition of the city or the country starts worsening. Thanks to the firecrackers emitting heavy clouds of smoke, debris, and chemicals harmful for health of human beings, animals and nature.

What's worse is that the smoke has its effect even days after the festival is over. The debris after the Diwali day is enormous which adds to problems like stagnation of sewage drains, if not cleared properly. A MENACE I THE LOCALITY.Noise levels cross-deafening limits. its sleepless night but a forcefull one.The situation gets normalised in a day or two.

It obviously affects human health but also impacts trees and plants that are covered with thick layer of Sulphur dust and suspended particulate matter. Trees are prevented from releasing oxygen and moisture into the air. Birds and animal have to cope with loud blasts and toxic smoke leading to their disappearance from city. Children are the biggest victims as their defense mechanisms are not fully developed to withstand the increased intensity of pollution. Others also suffer from respiratory disorders like asthma and even heart attacks Highly polluting nature of these firecrackers lead to a plethora of diseases………

Stranger is the fact that after burning up thousands of rupees for the fleeting fun of firecrackers, all you get in return is loads of pollution and perhaps even some hospital bills. Keeping religious and cultural values intact, perhaps what’s most required is a serious approach towards fireworks and a more controlled or licensed usage.

Political support, public awareness and if nothing else then at least a strict implementation of the rules to check the nuisance is needed in the country because im sure we cannot have a place especially for fireworks like Singapore has it. Certain directives under the Environment Protection Act sould be passed specifically for Diwali. Violation of which should cost the guilty a penalty because in india mostly people lack civic sense.

Environment gets affected in the following way

  1. Air Pollution affecting health especially to diseased persons, aged people, children & pregnant women.

  2. Water & land pollution will pollute our resources rivers, lakes.

  3. It takes several weeks to bring back normal air quality.

  4. Fire hazards causing heavy damages to life and property.

  5. Social nuisance leading to community disharmony.

  6. Sound pollution causes: Palpitation of heart Spasms of the digestive system Dilation of the pupils of eyes Emotional disturbances Continuous exposure to loud noise may lead to permanent deafness.

Pollutants Can lead to...Suspended Particulate MatterAsthma, cancer, restrictive lung diseases, pneumoconiosisRespirable Particulate MatterRespiratory illness (chronic bronchitis and asthma), heart diseasesSulpher Dioxide (SO2)Eye burning, headache, respiratory problems like pulmonary emphysema, cancer, heart diseasesNitrous OxidesLung irritation, chest tightness, viral infection, airway resistance.

Before you burst crackers to mark your cultural and religious rights, take a peep into the contents and its resultant health hazard. It’s just a synopsis... the details are even worse.

  1. High SPM exposure: Headache and reduced mental acuity.

  2. Sulphur Dioxide and Nitrogen Dioxide: Respiratory allergies like asthma High decibel sound: Restlessness, anger, anxiety, allergic bronchitis, acute exacerbation of bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis.

  3. Copper: Irritation in the respiratory tract Cadmium: Can damage kidneys, cause anaemia and increase blood pressure.

  4. Lead: After ingestion can affects central nervous system, can cause cancer of lungs and kidneys, young children can suffer mental retardation and semi-permanent brain damage by exposure. Zinc: Human skin irritant and effects pulmonary system. Large amounts taken by mouth may produce nausea, vomiting.

Saturday, September 29

Incredible India

Incredible India

What does incredible India campaign in New York and in MP Tourism function have in common?

At one end we have the a million dollar campaign by the CII and the Ministry of Tourism called Incredible India@60 to sell India to foreign investors and the American public with 41 events, 13 conferences and panel discussions, nine cultural performances, three dinners and seven receptions planned in 4 days.

At home in Bhopal the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation officials were buisy attending conferences outside the country and at a diminutive function held at the boat club the CM honoured 41 Kailash Mansarovar pilgrims by offering them coconut, shawl and Rs 30,000 in cash. Besides inaugurating airlines and rail ticketing kiosk and website at Boat Club, he also unveiled the 'Braille menu card' prepared for the hotels of Corporation which was managed by ARUSHI an Ngo. A new bus service was flagged off between Bhopal and Jaipur which was on hold for a very long time.

While at New York there’s salvo with an excess of Indian dance, craft, politicians, captains of industry, music and food for Americans .Our state witnessed nothing but CM bombardment of pronouncements for Multi-pronged action to develop Madhya Pradesh as a major tourist destination. Not to miss the grants to pilgrims proceeding to Pakistan-based Nankana Sahib -- birthplace of Guru Nanak -- and Hingraj Devi like Haj pilgrims and Mansarovar pilgrims.

The day is still an unfamiliar day to most officials and the citizens of the state of MP.

A setback……

Holding the Incredible India celebrations in New York alongside the United Nations general assembly is a gamble of millions. With the American media preoccupied with the Iranian president at the United Nations one can't help wonder whether the message of Incredible India@60 has reached it target audience. In Bhopal it was just advertisements in the newspapers with no proper message to suffice the celebration of world tourism day?
There was not one article other than the advertisements in both the places in spite of spending so much on the ads no editorial support or coverage was visible. No one is objecting to the million being spent in New York or lakhs going wasted on ads and printing by MPT.

All I am asking is will the objective be met OR they’ll keep promoting few agencies and officers and spending people hard earned money.Is there any body to review the campaign in New York and the money spent on the advertisement of MPT on world tourism day and other development activities? Both the heads of the department claims the objectives have more than been met. I wish ….they along with an expert, monitor and review marketing activities instead of trusting officials who are working without a vision on their whims and fancies. Who knows what the officials are up to? Hundreds of posters and banners and colorful advertisement also have a cost….

I wish they do a consumer assessment for every single advertisement and foresee the rise or the decline in the market coming from where the advertisements are released.

The question now is India at 60 is incredible but is it credible? India needs a strong brand image to lure foreign investors, but failing to deliver on promises can cause irreversible damage than do any good. Similarly MPT needs an image in its own state and country first.

If people don't live the brand promise... it's dead. We can advertise a bad product only once. India requires its creaking infrastructure to be set right for the experience to change, experts felt and so does the Chairman MPT feels.

The Taj Mahal, the Himalayas, the Stupas, Khajuraho Temple, they can be the sentinels of Incredible India, but what can make India credible is... progress in all areas. India should not be more incredible. It should be more credible.

Besides revamping urban and rural infrastructure, including roads, ports, airports, power sector, water, sanitation, corruption at various levels should also be checked upon.

Monday, August 20

Suffering has no class, caste or gender

On one hand Mobile health clinics are to come up in tribal areas of Madhya Pradesh to make up for the lack of basic medical care in the impoverished regions. Besides providing service at the doorsteps of tribal living in these blocks, the clinics will also render services during natural calamities. Sounds really concerned……..

But, what about the facilities in the capital -Bhopal?

Few days back while I was sitting with my crazy friend, waiting for the other friends to arrive at the newly spruced up MPT outlet Winds and Waves –the most picturesque milieu of the town. I was trying to juggle with the waiter for the order of ready-made tea .a tea bag in lukewarm water with an apathetic waiter was the only preference available.

Before I could even get a chance to ask why so/ I got a distressed call from my school mate to assist her in getting her unconscious mother admitted to a hospital in our own city Bhopal.
She expressed her annoyance for not getting through my mobile and than informed about her mothers accident. Her mother had fallen from stairs and suffered brain hemorrhage. Undergoing an operation to remove clots also did not give her consciousness.

The family wanted her to be relocated to Bhopal Memorial Hospital but the neurosurgeon at the hospital refused to admit her mother giving all horrendous reasons and defying all morals. He dreaded infection to other patients in the ICU, if this unconscious mother of my friend would be admitted. Before approaching me the family had arrange letters from the Minister in charge for the gas hospital, MLA, minority commission head, news paper editor and whoever they thought would facilitate.

Maliha wanted her mother to be shifted ahead of his brother’s departure date for US. The duo wanted their mother to be attended by the best doc and Hospital where facilities existed. Their mother was not being admitted because of the neurosurgeons lame explanation and the PRO boisterous behaviour. In spite of the fact, that the patient was a card holder of the hospital where privileges are given to the gas victims first. Nothing in the world can stop a patient being admitted in a hospital. But not to be understood by the few.

Meanwhile aloo paranthas with curd were ordered which were delicious as the order was repeated. The crazy champ wouldn’t have repeated the order, if the paranthas were not fresh and delicious. I left the restless soul with them and without displeasing others by my unavoidable conversation; I managed to move with my mobile and swung into action. Made calls to few doctors and lawyers for advice on this matter and reached a concord.

Although 9 am was fixed for the meeting in the hospital for us to make things swift. It was also decided that no hard talks, irritation or provocation would be met with, to avoid any kind of kind prejudice towards the patient. I was confident.

My bunch of friends had arrived and the champ was in a nasty mood by then. Steered near the lake and discussed the business plan and ended up listening FM mirchi becoz one of my friend is an RJ who happened to be with us. Some tips for programming and good conversation were chatted about. Finally the ending had to be with good house music for five of us for which my car sterio was used.

Both of us reached a bit earlier to discuss all the relevant details the Doc may ask. Discussed, assembled all the reports of the previous hospital and a NOC the Doctor for shifting her mother. Before approaching him we both waited for 40 minutes outside his cabin. The meeting was successful by gods grace after resentment; I did not loose an opportunity to make him agree to book the bed in the ICU.

It was not nepotism but presence of mind against societal attitude, sedate morals of few doctors who forget the meaning of their profession.

Monday, July 9

The Bhopal Mud Challenge

It was undeniably a challenge to bike through the mud said Asif who won the man of the meet award for speed 2007 Mud Challenge Dirt Track at the Kalia Sot Dam on July 8.

In its fifth year this annual event was slightly different though. We at Miracles thought what better way to draw attention towards water conservation than biking at the dam that once was full of water. In the past four events we had dig up artificial pits and create mud by pouring water it them. The idea was to have a race with challenges. We succeeded partially in creating the fun and adventure we had desired but this year it was nature at its best to present the icing on the cake. Two days before the event the monsoons arrived. The met department predicted heavy rainfall for July seven, eight and nine. We even thought of postponing the event. But than as they say whatever happens for the good. We decided to go ahead with the event after consultations with our bikers. Asif in particular said it would be a challenge. And challenge it was quote.

And this is what the Hindustan Times reported while Quoting Asif the next day. “The track was muddy and it was challenging to ride a bike on it. Gripping was bit of a problem.”

At Kalia Sot there was not a drop till the rains happened last year. The monsoons were a bit late and we had organized our rally a little earlier. Kali Sot even before the onset of the monsoon this year had sufficient evidence to show that there was good monsoon last year. Heavy rainfall is best desired by reservoirs and the August 14 rainfall in 2006 was just an indication of what happened last year.

This year for once as predicted by the met department it did not stop raining on the mud challenge day either. The Incessant rains had not stopped since the night before and but failed to dampen the spirits of the adventure seekers and nature lovers.

Natives started coming in by nine in the morning. The participants and organizers were there an hour before. The stage was set for the riders to burn the Tyres in this weather. The track of 16 km was irregular, clammy , sticky and waterlogged at 5 places. The passion to ride despite all odds, overtook everything and challenges thrown by the monsoon could not play spoil sport.

There is temple at an elevation in the midst of the dam and if sufficient water is there it surrounds the elevation from all sides thus making it like a crown on an island. Lacily for us this island is surrounded from three sides only and we had access to this place. From here it gave a view of a valley, encircled by people watching down the gorge-the stage which was clearly visible by the branding done- “this mud challenge”.

The track prepared in-between 2 natural lakes created by last year’s rains near the temple was bustling, at one corner you could hear the loud cheering for favorites, on other hooting sound as if the rider skipped and at the last corner of the triangle clapping sound for those who cleared the pass over the mud pit.

This went on for one and an half hour and finally 5 champions emerged. The competition was tough. It required strength agility, composure concentration and above all speed to be there at the top.
This year we had a new motto as well. As the rain gods were more than obliging we had thought of postponing the event as I wrote above. It was this motto that inspired us at miracles to carry on.
We should welcome the rain, we said and what better way to welcome rains in the city of lakes other than biking when it is raining.