Monday, September 27

Friends, the Signature Campaign Justice for Jhurhura Tigress murdered on May 18th is on. Pl spread the word in the world. Get as many signatures as you can and send it to

Friday, September 24

Who is responsible for making of the Corridor for Elephants?

Who is responsible for making of the Corridor for Elephants?

I agree its easy to blame than to give a solution. But why are solutions being ignored? Unfortunately in a country where animals are worshiped they are murdered in the broad day light. And the murderers are the administration and people who rule the country.

The recent example is of the gross negligence of the two departments the forest Department and the Railways.

Why forest area was not considered an elephant corridor and a railway route was converted into broad gauge from meter gauge. The administration should realize that the elephants do not understand administrative demarcations. We should not ignore a fact that there are two distinct elephant corridors in the zone.

The incident took place Wednesday night near Binnaguri in Jalpaiguri district. Three months ago; another elephant was run over and killed by a train near the same spot.

Debating on the speed of the train will not get the four of the elephants who died on the spot, while the other three who succumbed to their injuries the next day of the incident. Three of the elephants killed were baby elephants and three were females.

According to various reports, a herd of elephants were crossing the railway track when two baby elephants got trapped. As some other elephants were trying to help them, the speeding train crashed into them.

This is the highest number of elephant deaths in a single railway accident in the country.According to the latest report of the Elephant Task Force (ETF) of the Environment Ministry, after Assam, West Bengal, where the tragedy occurred on Wednesday, is in second position in terms of elephant casualties due to train movements.

Percentage wise, out of 150 jumbo deaths due to train hits since 1987 across the states, Assam's share is a staggering 36 per cent, while West Bengal stood second recording 26 per cent of the casualties, the ETF said.

18 States have estimated population of 26,000  and the 3,500 in captivity.Researchers have found out the  factors for the tragedies are  dispersed water sources, steep embankments along rail tracks, sharp turnings, and sheer speed of trains. Scientists have empirically tested the evidence in Rajaji National Park, Uttarakhand, and achieved excellent results in saving elephants.

But the questions remain unanswered are-

Why are the decisions, laws, orders not implemented?

What is the role of the wildlife department?

Why there is lack of coordination between various departments?

Why don't we have strict laws?

When will we have teeth in the Wild Life (Protection) Act 1972

Why should the goods train pass through the prime forest area at odd hours, including the period after evening when elephants go out foraging for food?

Why is it not mandatory for trains to slow down near known elephant routes?

In 18 kilometer stretch, elephant death by trains were frequent than why no decision?

Earlier this month India's Environment Ministry declared elephants a "national heritage animal" that should be given the same protection as the endangered tiger.

India has up to 33,000 wild elephants and, as their habitats are encroached by humans, and vast swaths of jungle are cleared for mining projects, confrontations are becoming more common.

Thursday, September 23

Can u join the campaign ON International Tiger Day on 26 September-I will start a campaign along with you all to bring justice for the Jhujhura tigress and her little cubs. Its now 18 weeks since she was killed and still we are waiting for the perpetrators of the crime to be apprehended and arrested.
Take her picture and the writeup from the link.
Get Signatures as many as you can along with your friends and send it to me.The signatures will be sent to the CM Forest Minister(MOEF)and Prime Minister.
A single step is a leap forward

Wednesday, September 22

" There are people in this world whose sole purpose in life is to simply serve as a warning to others "

Tuesday, September 21

Foot over-bridge near Nehru stadium collapses... Common wealth games ki Jai ho..

Sunday, September 19

Madhya Pradesh Government deliberately delaying the formation of Eco sensitive Zones to help the land and Tourism Mafia in-spite of Supreme Court Orders

Friday, September 17

What will u call this? Pakistan asks India to stop 'gross and systematic abuse of human rights' in Jammu and Kashmir and "exercise restraint" while dealing with protesters in the state.

Wednesday, September 15

Having learnt no lesson from the past, two more tigresses are to be translocated in Panna reserve Ready for Hit and trial method!

Monday, September 13

3 cubs born after translocation are missing in Panna

India’s Panna Tiger Reserve is famous for making global headlines. First when all of its tigers were lost to poachers. Second for the making of Tigers on Papers by Dr. H.S  Pabla.

Last spring  it was in news for good reasons..Trio of cubs were photographed with their mother, marking the very first time in recent conservation history that a ranslocated tiger has given birth in the wild.

Today India's first successful relocated tiger birth is in jeopardy because of the carelessness of the Forest Officials.Two tigresses-one from Kanha Tiger Reserve and another from Bandhavgarh National Park were Tran located in a bid to revive the big-cat population in Panna. It was the tigress from Kanha that gave birth to the cubs.

The  litters of four cubs were born on April  15 and  were spotted on May 7th.But two are missing since 18 days.Its is suspicious!

Panna witnessed the big cat once again after it was declared tigerless in May 2009.Panna has lost all its tigers in the last decade due to the official’s attitude. And translocating tigers were the idea of the Officers responsible for the Panna Genocide.

It has become a habit in Madhya Pradesh it seems. The lame excuses given before media are deliberate. To hide the sorry state of affairs the forest department goes to unscientific reasoning and try to make us believe so.nLast year, a male tiger from Pench and two females from Bandhavgarh and Kanha Tiger Reserves were Tran located to Panna with the help of the expertise of the Wildlife Institute of India. WWF lent technical support to these historic efforts through state-of-the-art radio collars along with remote surveillance systems to monitor the Tran located tigers. The process has not been without incident. A female tiger frequently left the reserve until she marked her territory in the core habitat of the protected area. The lone male travelled over 190 miles until it was captured and brought back to the reserve on December 25, 2009.

But even at the time of Translocation I had raised certain questions, which were unanswered.
  • Are the forest staffs trained?
  • Are they well quipped to re locate tigers from one reserve to another?
  • Are they not there to save them from intruders and poachers?
  • Is the government only spending money to send them from one place to another?
  • Is relocation some kind of a joke to the officials?
  • Who are the experts responsible for Translocation in Madhya Pradesh?
  • Do they follow the correct procedures?
According to the field officials the cubs went missing from the Bhaddad beat in the Hinnoti Range within the reserve. They were last seen about 8 am on September 8, a field official said.On September 10, the tigress was spotted again in the Khoraiyee beat of Hinnoti Range.

But this time only the female cub was spotted with her, the officials said.So Panna is again in news and Madhya Pradesh Government will have there lame excuses ready.

Its high time a CBI inquiry is done or we will loose all the tigers because of the insensitive attitude of the Forest officers.

Saturday, September 11

Minister Jairam Ramesh bats for anti-dam activists

After vetoing Vedanta Group's bauxite mining project in Orissa last month, Minister Jairam Ramesh bats for anti-dam activists. He is putting the brakes on mega hydel projects in Andra Pradesh.
An expert committee report in June had confirmed the dam was not environmentally feasible.The Lower Subansiri Project, being developed by NHPC Ltd, has been under attack from various circles in Assam for the perceived threat to downstream areas in the state and also for the degrade of surrounding ecology. Even the Assam government had voiced its concern at several platforms over construction of mega dams in Arunachal Pradesh.
An EIGHT-MEMBER expert committee had recommended a thorough review and redesign of the 115-metre high dam on the Subansiri river, a tributary of the Brahmaputra.

In its final report submitted on June 29 to NHPC, the committee expressed reservations over the dam, saying it could adversely impact downstream areas. The report revealed inadequacies in the dam’s design. The spillway for releasing floodwaters has been designed incorrectly, it said. The spillway is designed for a maximum discharge of 12,024 cumec, whereas the maximum discharge recorded on July 11, 1971, was more than 21,230 cumec.

“Clearly the dam has not been designed for the highest discharge,” said Chandan Mahanta of IIT Guwahati, a panel member.

Wednesday, September 8

The Indian round, at a circuit being built near New Delhi, is due to be the 18th of the championship on Oct. 30. 2011 subject to the facility passing a final inspection by (FIA).