Friday, March 23

"Water, water, every where, Nor any drop to drink".

"Water, water, every where, Nor any drop to drink".
Well not exactly, but this is how I feed today on the world water day.

We are all aware that Water is one of most important elements on this earth. Plants, animals and humans would not have survived without this precious natural resource. From morning till we go to bed we use water for so many purposes. We brush our teeth, take bath, cook food, wash our clothes & utensils, wash our vehicles, water the plants and drink it whenever we are thirsty. Water is a fundamental part of our lives. It is easy to forget how completely we depend on it.

Imagine living in a house without running water or modern washing appliances... For some this might be utopian paradise but for most it would be a nightmare. Running water is an incredibly valuable resource with an almost endless list of applications and uses in and around the home.

Of all water consumed in the home, approximately 10% is attributed to water use in the kitchen. Of all water consumed in the home, about 15 - 20% is used in the laundry. This high utility room is major consumer of not only water, but also energy and detergents. In the absence of beaches, rivers and lakes for leisure, we rely on swimming pools, spas and general water play to cool down during warmer months. Grey water is the water is charged from showers, washing machines and dishwashers. Find out how to re-use grey water in the garden, or even set it up to flush the toilet. Collecting rainwater locally can help us reduce our need to consume precious drinking water in our gardens, laundries and toilets.

Similarly in agriculture, lot of water is used to produce food that we consume. And in the industries, a lot of water is used to produce several goods that we use everyday such as paper, plastic, sugar, rubber, etc., all these products require a lot of water in their production.

But from where are we getting all our water from? It is from our lakes, rivers and underground water resources. But this water is very limited. However, we are loosing our lakes by polluting them and constructing buildings, complexes, shops, roads, etc., around them. Due to population pressure and increased demand for food and other products, we are drawing more water from rivers and underground water resources. And more and more people are coming into the city for jobs and setting up businesses. We have lost most of our lakes and the underground water table is rapidly depleting due to over-exploitation of this water resource.

Despite the importance of water in the home and its value as a natural resource, there is much more we can do to use it more efficiently. As government, industry and community attitudes towards environmental issues continue to grow, it has become evident that water conservation is a critical factor in reducing our overall burden.

How long will the resource provide water to all of us? Many parts of Bhopal are not getting enough water. So let us not use more than what we need & waste water and deprive others of their share.

Think when you use water and before you waste it too.
Campaign to create massive awareness among each other
Teach Children the Importance of Water Safety This Summer .

This is an appeal from Miracles to all and we sincerely feel you will take care of this precious natural resource…..