Tuesday, October 21

Justice required Madam President

The Honorable President of India,
Subject: Submission of request for inquiry against Madhya Pradesh Director Culture (Indian Police Service Officer) who's harassing me for the past two years.
Honorable Madam,
I'm a law abiding citizen of the country who is trying to make a living by honest means. The director culture somehow is not letting me make a living. I run an event management company and for the past 10 years have been organizing events in the state of Madhya Pradesh.Ever since Mr. Pawan Shrivastava-- an IPS officer- was handpicked by the chief minister to run the culture department of Madhya Pradesh he has been demanding favors for releasing payments for work done by my company. He did not remain satisfied doing this he blacklisted my company before giving any explanation and without any reason.
I have all the evidence about his unjust and unlawful demands and have submitted the same to his superiors. I have complained about the same to every office including that of the chief minister but he has some how managed things in his favor.
Madam this complaint to you is in hope that an impartial enquiry would be ordered against the corrupt and unlawful deeds of Mr. Pawan Shrivastava .
In anticipation of justice.

Shehla Masood
Places where I have complained in the last 15 months
Complaint to Lokayukt DATE 22/2/2008 Complaint No 21362
EOW 1 date 7/3/2008 no 28/3/2008 17/6/2006 1142-A3
MP Human right commission 3/4/2008 3/9/3008 23/9/2008 complaint no 2304
GAD -25/4/2008 complaint no PG9345605
Home dep't 15/2/2008 21/10/2008 complaint no 28146
DG POLICE 27/2/2008 7
Governor 24/4/2008 8
CM 31/3/2008 2/2/20089
CHIEF SECRETARY 14/2/2008 10
BJP National President Rjnath Singh 2/2/2008 11
BJP President Madhya Pradesh Tomar 2/2/2008 12
BJP Vice President Madhya Pradesh Anil Dave 2/2/200831/1/2008
Vidhan sabah-Narayan tripati -6/2/20087125
Cultural Minster 2/2/2008 23/11/2008 19/6/2007 13/6/2007 2/2/2008 14
RTI Commissioner 13/2/2008 15
Secretary -Cultural Manoj Shrivastava
on dates 28/12/200826/12/20082/2/200819/1/200830/1/20086/2/200813/6/2007
Minority Commission-10/10/2008
Pawan Shrivastava Director cultural on dates