Monday, May 31

Press Conference on Tiger Deaths in MADHYA PRADESH. Sensational disclosures on 1st June 3 PM at Press Club Of India. Raisina Road New Delhi.
NTCA Dr. Rajesh Gopal head on way to Bandhavgarh . As promised MR Jairam Ramesh Minister for Forest and Environment has appointed him to check the status of Jhurjhuria murder due to no result from MP officers.

Sunday, May 30

Poachers caught in Madhya Pradesh

Ok Friends .. a gud news.. Four people have been caught for the Poaching of Panther in Panchmari.

Female Panther was found dead just two kilometers from Panchmari in the Satpura Tiger Reserve On 22 May 2010. She was killed using a snare.

Friends this is all happening because the pressure is on from all of us all around the world on the Forest Department of Madhya Pradesh.

Build good network. Act as a watchdog and share information as soon as possible.

Wednesday, May 26

who is the murderer of the Bhandhavgarh Tigress?

A classic example of a police officer abusing his influence and contacts to escape punishment

Tainted former Haryana police chief Shambhu Pratap Rathore, convicted and sentenced to 18 months in jail for molesting teenager Ruchika Girhotra in 1990, would share a cell with at least seven other prisoners, most of whom are convicted cops.

Rathore, former police chief of Haryana state, was found guilty last December of molesting Ruchika Girhotra in 1990.She killed herself three years later."Two decades after he molested a teenage girl"

Some justice atleast ! Shambhu Pratap Singh Rathore, the former police chief in the state of Haryana, had his bail revoked and finallysentenced to 18 months in prison.

The criminal had petitioned the court to dismiss his conviction last December, but instead the judges tripled the length of his original six-month conviction.

He was chief of the local tennis association and called Ruchika into his office on the pretext of offering her coaching advice. A friend of Ruchika witnessed the molestation.

Disgraced former Haryana police chief S.P.S Rathore was arrested. Shame on Police!

Sunday, May 23

If not Forest Department than who has the clue of the last sighted Tiger in Panna ?

The Panna report which is not made public till date. I used RTI Act to gather the Panna Committee Report by MP Govt and WII still not signed by NTCA Head. If the Forest Officers are not responsible than who is responsible? After making paper tigers finally they say that the last tiger was seen in between Nov 2008 and March 2009. Still they do not know where is the Tigers. Has it been poached? We still have no CID inquiry on the cases. The officers in charge are promoted, the expenditure incurred is mind-blowing and when the Tigers were zero where in the name of conservation did they spend on?
Report is available and can be obtained at

Female Panther Poached in Satpura Tiger Reserve

Female Panther was found dead just two kilometers from Panchmari in the Satpura Tiger Reserve. She was killed using a snare.

Satpura Tiger Reserve is  traditionally rich area in wildlife. Upto about 19th century, the area  had a rich population of major animals like panthers, tiger, elephants, bison, wild buffaloes and barasingha. But fast deterioration of wildlife habitat led to the disappearance of many of these species, most of the areas of Satpura Tiger Reserve are covered with dense forests. However, there are several open patches and grasslands providing Ideal habitat for the wild animals.

 Tiger, the main species is found in the Tiger Reserve in good numbers but remains confined in good forest areas. Panthers are found all over the reserve. Gaurs the largest herbivore, are in large number but are largely localized in moist and semi-moist forests of Bori WLS and Satpura NP.Sambar, Chital, barking deer, chin Kara and mouse deer are distributed all over the reserve. Chausingha or four horned antelope and nilgai are found throughout the area. However, the sighting of barking deer and four horned antelope are not common. Nilgai are found concentrated in drier parts of the Reserve. Sloth bear is also frequently seen in forests rich in fruit trees particularly mahua, tendu and achar. These animals are more frequently seen in Sonbhadravalley. Langurs are common throughout the Reserve. Rhesus monkeys are localized at Pachmarhi particularly close to habitation. Wild dog or  dhole and wolf are also found in the  Reserve. Civet, common fox, jackal and jungle cat are found throughout the Reserve. Wild boars are seen in plenty throughout the Reserve. Giant squirrels and flying squirrels are also seen in the Reserve. Giant squirrels are found all along the nala and rivers around Pachmarhi, Bori, Dhain and Churna. Among reptiles, cobra, Russel viper, python, chameleon and common Indian monitor are found in large numbers throughout the Park. Crocodiles are also found  in water bodies of the Reserve.

The Tiger Reserve is located between 22º 15’ and 22º 45’ N latitudes and 77º 50’ and 78º 30’ E longitudes. Pachmarhi is an important hill station of the state and is located within the area of Pachmarhi WLS. The area is important from the stand point of bio-aesthetic, cultural and social values. The access to the area is easy, the reserve is easily approachable by road from Bhopal (210 km), Jabalpur (240 km), Chhindwara (85 km) and Nagpur (250 km). Pipariya (52 km) and Itarsi are the nearest railhead and rail junction respectively. The Pachmarhi town is accessible all the yea round, but the interior areas are approachable only during the fair weather.

The area is known as a part of the Gondwana tract after the Gond tribe, who chiefly inhabited in this area and practiced shifting cultivation. In the fourteenth and fifteenth century, this area of Gonds was infiltrated by Rajputs and who, by the time of Mougals, had succeeded in reclaiming several parts of the Narmada valley for agriculture. The Gonds were pushed to higher plateaus and slopes to continue hunting and their shifting cultivation. This area saw unrest due to the tension between the Marathas and the Mougals during the seventeenth and eighteenth century.

During the year 1818, the area saw the advent of British rule. In the year 1861, the forest Department was set up in the central provinces under Captain GF Pearson of the Madras Army, with Captain J. Forsyth of Bengal staff Corps, as one of his assistants. In 1862, the forest Department of the central provinces started in a building named Bison Lodge in Pachmarhi. The original house no longer exists, but at the same spot, another building has been constructed, which is also called Bison lodge and has been converted into a forest museum under the Satpura NP.

Wednesday, May 19

Madhya Pradesh State Wild life board

The directive principles call for the state to endeavour to protect and improve the environment and safeguard the forests and wildlife of the country.

Friends you all will be surprised that Madhya Pradesh State Wild life board never had a meeting for 2 years and three months. I had sought details on 12/6/2009 through RTI Act. Till date complete information is withheld by the Chief Wild Life Warden Office.

I had written a letter dated 14th may 2010 to the Chief Minister and marked a cc copy to Chief Wild Life Warden Madhya Pradesh to dissolve the Board and suspend the officers who did not abide the rules. Simply because they are too careless and unconcerned. There is no accountability. The Inept administration. The inefficient Babus.

The board should stand dissolved due to no meetings held as prescribed in the act. The act says to hold 3 meeting in a year. There were no meetings held since 2008.Confirmed by the Wild life office.

Pl read the statement in the Hindustan Times May 14th 2010.

The Forest department had given a press release when a letter was sent by me to dissolve the board as it did not follow the rules Section 7 (2) clearly states the board to meet thrice a year. The Board never met due to Code of conduct as released in the news paper. (Irrelevant excuse )

In a hurry on 17th May the meeting was Today 19 May 2010 again a news is published in Hindustan Times.

I am sad. Wake up Friends. Today another tigress died in Bandhavgarh. :( for letters pl check.

I will make sure Madhya Pradesh Remains a Tiger State. Will you?
Shehla Masood

Saturday, May 15

Medical cleansing

President Pratibha Patil signed an ordinance dissolving the Medical Council of India (MCI).The decision came after its president Ketan Desai was arrested April 22 by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for allegedly accepting a bribe of Rs two crore in exchange for giving recognition to a medical college in Punjab.

Guess how many colleges are recognized all over India through bribes?

The MCI was a statutory body with the responsibility of overseeing maintenance of to oversee the standards of medical education in India, grant recognition to medical degrees, give accreditation to medical colleges, registers medical practitioners and monitoring medical practice in the country.

The MCI was established in 1934 under the Indian Medical Council Act, 1933, now repealed, with the main function of establishing uniform standards of higher qualifications in medicine and recognition of medical qualifications in India and abroad. In 1956, the old Act was repealed and a new one was enacted. This was further modified in 1964, 1993 and 2001. The objectives of the Council include maintenance of uniform standards of medical education, both undergraduate and postgraduate and recommendation for recognition or de-recognition of medical qualifications of medical institutions of India or foreign countries.

Next time u visit a medical practitioners please check whether he is has a fake degree or degree through bribe. lol

And as expected Union Health and Family Secretary Sujatha Rao told reporters that the government would soon bring in law for the formation of an over-arching body to regulate medical education in the country.

Friday, May 14

The demolition man in Bhopal. Shri Babulal Gaur

The Bhopal Heritage Foundation called for a reactionary protest against the order of the urban development minister Babulal Gaur who on April 1 announced that three old buildings of the city (Sheesh Mahal, Old post Office and Jumerati Gate) will be demolished to make way for parking area in the market. The member demanded the calling of the orders, realizing the historicity of these buildings to save them is much easy then destroying them with better options. The foundation gathered with locals and the shop owners who were around 200 in number together.

The Sheesh Mahal is part of the khirniwala maidan complex. It was constructed in times of Nawab Sikander Begum of Bhopal to accommodate the state guests who visited Bhopal on royal visits. It is the building where Iqbal the poet wrote his masterpieces dedicated to the nation. This royal guest house was the residence of celebrated poet Fazal Tabhish of Bhopal. The building houses the old art school of Bhopal of Zari Zardosi established by Nawab Sultan Jahan Begum of Bhopal. The producer Ismail Merchant used the city palace complex for the incustody movie. The unique blend of Indo-French architecture is a example of architectural heritage.

The old post office was a part of the unique postal system of Bhopal that was modernized by the Begum of Bhopal Nawab Sikander Begum. Later the postal services were consolidated in times of Nawab Shahjehan Begum and consolidated postal services were introduced in the former Bhopal state. This building is now in a dilipidated state due to negligence.
Jumerati gate was one among the several gates that were erected by Sardar Dost Muhammad khan the founder of Bhopal. This gate is a living legend of city’s history built around 1720. It defended the Bhopal city during the siege of Bhopal. The gate is the only part of the Sher-i-khas which is curbed by the rising encroachments and is facing the brunt of the insane authorities.

Protests  were on
The protest went on for a week. Letters were sent to the PM and Mr Advani to intervene.RTI application were files at the PWD office and Nagar Nigam office to get the Facts to produce in court.  Shri Babulal Gaur  message was written in City Bhaskar on April 9th . An alternative will be sen for parking and the old heritage properties will not be demolished.

April 19th The Nagar Nigam Officers misbehaved with women of Zari Center (Sheesh Mahal) They Forcibly entered and Vandalized the center. Had to run away after the Activists leading the  anti demolition campaign  reached and asked to produce written orders along with media.

A Complaint was lodged in Madhya Pradesh Women Commission against Nagar Nigam Team

Meanwhile an appeal was made in the High Court and a notice was served to Govt.
The Latest update 

In the Parking lott a Madir has been raised.

Will some one say something?

Even the Prime Minister is not serious on Saving Tiger!/group.php?gid=309989262232&ref=ts

While the tiger will most likely not go extinct in the next half-century, its current trajectory is catastrophic. A combination of poor governance, bureaucratic sloth and lack of leadership is leading us towards an ecological disaster, argues wildlife activist Shehla Masood.
Union Minster for Environment and Forests Jairam Ramesh [ Images ] roared in Beijing [ Images ] to support Chinese companies like Huawei. I wish he had shown even a hundredth of that zeal to save tigers back home. Ramesh should have addressed the issue; he is given the responsibility to do so by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh [ Images ]. He loved to do everything else except this.
I got the shock of my life what I recently went to his ministry as a wildlife activist working for tiger conservation through public awareness and collecting information through the Right to Information Act.
I always thought India would be proud of this minister and the prime minister -- both above board, sincere and cool. And what else can be the test except the attitude leaders shows towards those who can't speak or send applications to South Block yet suffer immeasurably at the hands of humans.
The sense of fairness we find so dearest when it comes to humans should be extended to all living creatures. The prime minister showed interest to help animals and committed himself to help tiger conservation vigorously. We were happy. Till we got to the bottom of the truth. His men and office have done nothing and will hardly do anything except showing extraordinary interest in Huawei or the Indian Premier League [ Images ].
The story of our struggle and the prime minister's lethargic attitude coupled with a strange work culture in Ramesh's office has disillusioned hundreds of workers like us.
When I refer to the animals I mean those who are tortured and poached by humans. There is a national-level committee, a high-powered body, to take care of this aspect and it was considered so important and Constitutionally significant that the government thought it befitting to have it headed by the country's chief executive officer -- the prime minister.
It is called the National Board for Wildlife. The prime minister is the chairman. It has 45 members, including Ramesh. There are 15 non-official members. Four of the non-official members are also part of the NBWL's 12-member standing committee. It is an apex policy making and monitoring board which has statutory status.
Its mandate to ensure the safety and protection of India's wildlife and to effect changes. Since it is headed by the one who is responsible to lead the country's governance, it is but natural to expect that this kind of a government agency would be working brilliantly under the eyes and supervision of the paraphernalia the country's public provides to the prime minister making its decisions effective and precise. But that has not happened.
The paradigm of conservation has drastically changed from pre-Independence to date. The reasons for tiger deaths in the country are beginning to show. Their presence is something majestic and powerful, but who cares?
Concerned over the increasing incidents of unnatural deaths of tigers in various reserves in the country, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh decided to personally take up the matter with the concerned state governments. He chaired the NBWL's 5th meeting on March 18.
A proposal for a separate lion conservation project and the idea of a separate cadre for wildlife veterinary officers, among other topics, were discussed. Among others, Indian Council for Cultural Relations President Karan Singh and T K A Nair, the principal secretary to the prime minister, attended the meeting. The meeting discussed population control of spotted deer, delisting of corals from schedule I of the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972, and the accidental deaths of wild elephants when they are hit by trains passing through national parks and sanctuaries.
The meeting was also due to consider convening of a park managers' congress, instituting awards for the best managed protected areas and restriction of central funding to protected areas directly under the wildlife wing and managed by trained officers.
It is shockingly sad to know, the information I received through RTI that in the last seven years the NBWL has met only five times. It is more shocking that till now no records -- minutes they call it -- of the deliberations held in all such meetings have been properly prepared and authenticated.
That means so far whatever was deliberated at the last five meetings has not been even put in the files as approved and done. The follow-up can begin only when the records of the last meetings have been approved. Nothing has been done so far. The board has 15 independent members who say that a sub-committee formed to look into the issue of tiger conservation has not actually been formed.
The NBWL is failing the nation as the minutes of meetings are being erroneously recorded awaiting official approval. This is confirmed by the principal information officer in his response to my letter. The prime minister has agreed to lend weight of his office for monitoring state governments, but to what avail and effectiveness?
What we are seeing is a species slipping through our fingers because of insensitiveness and carelessness of our bureaucrats. Their attitude is appalling and tragic.
India only has 1,000 tigers left, despite strenuous efforts to protect an animal that in the country is a symbol of national pride. More than 100,000 tigers prowled India's forests 100 years ago, but decades of hunting and habitat encroachment meant that by the 1970s the number had been drastically reduced.
India has failed miserably in protecting tigers in the wild. The animal that is a symbol for many cultures and religions is on the verge of extinction.
When I wanted to inspect the files pertaining the last meetings, the government officers refused and put me under great stress. It was after a lot of hurdles that I could come to see the officers at the ministry of environment in New Delhi [ Images ]. It is not as easy for the common citizen who lives at a distance from the national capital to come to the political centre of the nation and find his or her way to the great jungle of babudom. When I reached Paryavaran Bhawan, where the ministry is situated, many interesting experiences awaited me.
I found staff in the central ministry haywire, some gossiping, some sleeping on their tables, right in the middle of the office, with legs stretched. Some were smoking in the office.
I waited for 40 minutes as the principal information officer (deputy inspector general, wildlife) was not reachable. His phone kept ringing as the number dialed by the receptionist was not updated. The information on the public information officers was not mentioned/written as directed under the RTI Act.
When I finally traced and met the DIG, I requested him for more details. He was shocked at my disclosures about his staff, felt hesitant to share information, but at my unrelenting reference to the RTI Act he gave up and promised to allow me inspection of files containing NBWL deliberations meetings at a later appointment. But this too, which should have been a smooth procedure, could happen after I gave him a short lesson on the RTI and urged sincerity towards his job.
There are 37 project tiger reserves in the country and 663 protected areas. But what purpose are they serving?
Despite 20 years of international conservation efforts, the ground has been lost to save the tiger because of the government's inattentive attitude. All sub-species of tigers are declared critically endangered species by wildlife organisations and the United Nations.
Of the eight original sub-species of tigers, three have become extinct in the last 60 years, an average of one every 20 years. The Bali tiger became extinct in the 1930s. The Caspian tiger was forced into extinction in the 1970s. And the Javan tiger followed in the 1980s.
The number of tigers in the 1900s -- over 100,000 -- dropped to 4,000 in the 1970s. Today, they are a critically endangered species with the total of all the wild populations of the five remaining subspecies (Bengal tigers, Indo-Chinese tigers, Siberian tigers, South China tigers, and Sumatran tigers) to be roughly estimated anything between 4,600 and 7,700.
The statistics are fudged, the information is falsely recorded, inquiries are withheld and culprit officers are promoted (the Panna reservation case -- out of 40 tigers six years before, we have none today).
Just a lot of rhetoric and no action. With this kind of governance, which extends to all parties and shades, can we hope to conserve even the last of the tigers?
According to the Wildlife Protection Act, the maximum sentence for poaching is seven years imprisonment along with a fine. I have not come across any case where the accused has been given the maximum sentence. We have a miserable system. There is no governance to speak of. Bureaucratic indifference is the norm.
Poachers have emptied two of India's 37 protected tiger reserves. In India, isolated populations now occupy just seven per cent of the territory they enjoyed a century ago as a result of inadequately implementing conservation policies and mismanaging funds. While the tiger as a wild species will most likely not go extinct within the next half-century, its current trajectory is catastrophic.
If this trend continues, the current range will shrink even further, and wild populations will disappear from many more places, or dwindle to the point of ecological extinction. None other than due to a combination of increased poaching, habitat destruction, the attitude of the babus and poor conservation efforts by governments.
I will make sure Madhya Pradesh [ Images ] remains a tiger state.

Wednesday, May 12

The Nationalized IPL

Got it through a mail

( sounds a bit like what we have done to Air India !!)

Major Changes Contemplated in IPL!

An IAS officer of 1978 batch transferred from FCI will be the new Commissioner of IPL.

The IPL franchises will be owned by political parties...BJP Brawlers, Congress Chargers,
Left Lighters, etc. Mayawati's team will be led by a guy called Dalit Modi.

CSK shall be divided into 2 teams CSK(DMK) and CSK(AIADMK).

Mumbai Indians will be called Mumbai Manus! only Marathis in it. Other state players will be stoned.

Retired Air-India flight attendants will be employed as cheer girls.

Adam Gilchrist will go on hunger strike to demand a separate team for Telangana.

Teams will no longer have to buy players - one will have to get in to a team only by paying money.

Alternatively, player auctions will be replaced by teams calling for tenders for players - lowest priced players will be picked.

Lalit Modi may upload his resume at

Cheerleaders would perform only the cultural dance of the state they represent.

For every foreign player , a SC/ST and OBC player must be bought for the same amount.

There will be no matches on weekends or on national/regional holidays.

Third Umpire requests will be duly notarized & filled in triplicate.

Sidhuisms will be in Hindi.

IPL games will start two hours behind schedule and close two hours ahead.

IPL tickets will be available in all post offices and BSNL centers from 9 to 1 am.

The retirement age of players will be fixed at 60 years!

Strategic timeout requests will have to be submitted in triplicate.

Kolkata games would need an additional waybill.

Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra will be awarded Padma Bhushan for services rendered to the Nation.

Players will have to be certified by a censor board. Harbhajan Singh will be IPLs first "Adult" rated player.

Pakistan will ask for donations from the US to set up PPL. Much to US's anger they will allow Taliban to field one team.

Salaries of players will be as per "Pay Commission" recommendations.

The three stumps will be painted in saffron, white and green with a chakra in the middle.

DD Sports will telecast IPL.

People who do not call Sachin "God" will be termed pseudosecular.

All 3rd umpire decisions will be referred to the Liberhan Commission.

30% of the team named should be women but their husbands can play instead.

Between innings, Doordarshan will telecast news in Hindi, followed by
news for hearing impaired.

In case you have any suggestion,please send it to concerned authorities "To who so ever it may concern"

Muslim man's wedding void if woman fails to convert, says HC

Times of India, 12 May, 2010 (PTI, May 11, 2010, 07.38pm IST)

ALLAHABAD: The Allahabad High Court has held that a Muslim man's marriage to a woman of another religion shall be considered void and against the tenets of Islam if he fails to get her converted to the religion before wedlock.

In its order, a division bench comprising Justices Vinod Prasad and Rajesh Chandra also ruled that remarriage of a Muslim man shall be held void if he abandons his first wife without divorcing her and fails to treat children born of the marriage in a fair and just manner.

The order was passed on Monday when the bench dismissed a writ petition of one Dilbar Habib Siddiqui, a resident of Allahabad, who had married a Hindu girl named Khushboo on December 29, last year.

Siddiqui had moved the court with the plea to quash the FIR lodged against him by Khushboo's mother Sunita Jaiswal alleging that he had kidnapped her daughter, a minor at that time, and had compelled her to marry him.

Refuting the charges levelled against him in the FIR, Siddiqui produced a copy of Khushboo's high school certificate to prove that she was a major at the time of marriage and her (Khushboo's) representations to higher authorities, upon learning about the FIR, that the marriage was a result of mutual consent.

While holding that having more than one wife is permissible under Islam, the court, however, took strong note of the fact that before tying the knot with Khushboo, Siddiqui had not disclosed to her that he was already married and was the father of three children.

His first wife had appeared before the court during the course of the hearing and alleged that Siddiqui had abandoned her and their three children, compelling them to "live like destitutes".

The court noted that Siddiqui "albeit married, had deceived Khushboo Jaiswal, who did not intimate us that she was in the knowledge of the petitioner's first marriage".

"For a valid Muslim marriage, both the spouses have to be Muslim. In the present writ petition, this condition is not satisfied", the court remarked and quoted from a verse in the Holy Quran which says, "Do not marry unbelieving women until they believe... Nor marry your girls to unbelievers until they believe".

Besides, the petitioner's marriage to Khushboo without divorcing his first wife and not dealing with his three children in a fair and just manner was "against the tenets of the Holy Quran" and hence "cannot be legally sanctified", the court said.

The bench quoted the following verse from the holy book while making the above observation - "Marry woman of your choice, two, three or four; But if you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly (with them), then only one... that would be more suitable to prevent you from doing injustice".

Dismissing the petition, the court directed that investigations in the impugned FIR be conducted expeditiously and authorities of the Nari Niketan, where Khushboo is currently housed, hand her over to her parents.

Tuesday, May 11

India's sanitation report card is out! whats the Grade of your city?
Outgoing Chief Justice KG Balakrishnan says Corruption in judiciary was a cause of concern but the situation was "not very serious" and that it was actually "miniscule" considering the number of cases and judges.
Will somebody knock him with the facts..??

Thursday, May 6

Death sentence to Ajmal Amir Kasab is not the solution to counter terrorism

India and Pakistan must address the conditions that drive men like Mohammed Ajmal Kasab to inhuman acts. Legally as well as physically, this is the maximum punishment that can be given to him.

Death sentence is not the answer to the solution of the problem. He is the lone survivor of the terrorists who attacked the Mumbaites with a vengeance, killing 166 people, including 23 foreigners in the process. The other nine terrorists died due to gun attack by the police.

Many unanswered questions hang over the investigation process. Can anybody answers why the bullet pierced the bullet proof jackets? Who knows about the assassinations during the shootings?

The shameless politicians and bureaucrat are still mulling over the investigations.Unless misplaced political or diplomatic considerations intervene, once the legal processes run their course, the civilised world will no longer have to bear the burden of this beast after a few months.

Why Hemant Karkare was shot? A counter-terrorism …who was investigating Hindu terrorist networks.

This is where the politics begin.. And the citizens are being fooled.

So far we were waiting for the execution of the death sentence of Afjal Guru, now one more name has been added in this list. Last year Surinder Koli, the man whose death sentence in the Nithari case was confirmed by the Allahabad High Court, went in appeal to the Supreme Court. His petition is still pending. Similarly, Kasab's appeal too would be considered.

We need to ask more fundamental questions about the moral implications of visiting violence on others whether through terror attacks, the death penalty or abuse of military force.True closure will come only when we as a people, as a civilisation, can relax in crowded, public places without fear.

Kasab was found guilty of 80 offences, including waging war against the nation, which is punishable with the death penalty.

After the Supreme Court too gives assent to the death sentence, Kasab will have the legal right to file a mercy petition before the President of India under article 72 of the Constitution. And there it will suspended for decades. As there is no time limit for the consultation given for aid of the council of ministers. The President's powers under Article 72 are always exercised with the aid and advice of the Council of Ministers.

Shouldn’t this be the priority of the Politicians who bother about the country? To out rightly challenge and make amendments? India is possibly the only nation in the world that has the death sentence on its statute but is reluctant to enforce it.

Immediately after pronouncement of the death sentence judge Tahaliyani will have to send his order for confirmation to the Bombay HC. He is bound by the Section 366 of the Criminal Procedure Code to do so. In normal cases it is the convicted man who goes in appeal to the HC but where it is the case of his life being taken away, the trial court must send the case papers to the high court.

Friend you will be surprised to know that at present mercy petitions of 32 death row convicts are pending with the President for over five years for decisions and the oldest mercy petition dates back to 1998.

We don’t have a political will for peace as the politicians and bureaucrats are happy to rule the duds like us who do not react.yatha praja, tatha raja!

India and Pakistan Government should do peace work sincerely or we will keep seeing many Kasbas and death of innocents. There is nothing official about terrorism. Inspite of evidences India couldn’t isolate Pakistan diplomatically. Infact produced a diplomat spy in the name of Mrs. Gupta. Obama said in Dec that India has a right to attack terror camps if there is "actionable evidence" and Islamabad refuses to act on it. But then again, what but think American. US does not want an Indo-Pak confrontation because it seeks Pakistani help on Pak-Afghan porous border. If Pak removes its 1 lakh army from there and shift towards India it will severely undermine the strategic interests of US in the region. Unlike US attack on terror camps in Afghanistan way be in 1998, India cannot do is practically impossible since Pak is a nuke state and surely goanna retaliate. Obama may publicly lambast Pak and be titled towards India but in practice it will do a fine balancing act. Don’t you all remember what Condi did by visiting Pakistan and than landed in our country?

But both Hindu and Muslim fundamentalists have to be given a blow. We must make a determined effort to segregate religion from politics.We continue to vote in the same people election after election, and bemoan the lack of choice we have. If we don't change our stripes, there's no point in expecting those we elect to change their stripes.?? The bottom line is that carrying out Kasab's death sentence is not going to bring closure to the 26/11 case.

Both the countries have a common enemy..

And both lack confidence..

There is no inclination...

point me wrong if i am....

Invent India.!/group.php?gid=117088021659140&ref=mf