Wednesday, May 19

Madhya Pradesh State Wild life board

The directive principles call for the state to endeavour to protect and improve the environment and safeguard the forests and wildlife of the country.

Friends you all will be surprised that Madhya Pradesh State Wild life board never had a meeting for 2 years and three months. I had sought details on 12/6/2009 through RTI Act. Till date complete information is withheld by the Chief Wild Life Warden Office.

I had written a letter dated 14th may 2010 to the Chief Minister and marked a cc copy to Chief Wild Life Warden Madhya Pradesh to dissolve the Board and suspend the officers who did not abide the rules. Simply because they are too careless and unconcerned. There is no accountability. The Inept administration. The inefficient Babus.

The board should stand dissolved due to no meetings held as prescribed in the act. The act says to hold 3 meeting in a year. There were no meetings held since 2008.Confirmed by the Wild life office.

Pl read the statement in the Hindustan Times May 14th 2010.

The Forest department had given a press release when a letter was sent by me to dissolve the board as it did not follow the rules Section 7 (2) clearly states the board to meet thrice a year. The Board never met due to Code of conduct as released in the news paper. (Irrelevant excuse )

In a hurry on 17th May the meeting was Today 19 May 2010 again a news is published in Hindustan Times.

I am sad. Wake up Friends. Today another tigress died in Bandhavgarh. :( for letters pl check.

I will make sure Madhya Pradesh Remains a Tiger State. Will you?
Shehla Masood

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