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Sachin Tendulkar.

Todays status among friends.

Sachin Is God.

Sachin-such a delight!

Master jai ho....Sachin is a pride of our country...

Sachin forces Indians to search dictionary for good words.... deserved so.

Sachin Tendulkar--- 200*RUNS-- 147 BALLS-- 25 4s-- 3 6s--V/S South Africa at Gwalior0n Feb 24, 2010.This is a WORLD RECORD.

6 down! I told you <200....

Proud of Sachin...a true Indian!!

One thing about Sachin's entire persona has always struck me as odd. He's been a demi-god for Indians. He's held in awe. People treat him with utmost respect for his super-human achievements. I sometimes wonder though, why hasn't he ever been a heartthrob? I mean lesser mortals, people not even half as talented or dedicated like him, have been labelled so. Why isn't Sachin the ultimate Indian sex-symbol?

Tendulkar is not human, for sure.

Superman+Batman+Heman: SACHIN

Hats off to Sachin Tendulkar!!
Sachin Tendulkar..... beyond words!

Sachin, you are stupendous ! We love u.

Sachin is simply unstoppable...

He deserves all the praise in the world for his record breaking spree.

Was fun watching the big 400 & double ton by the little master and a crazy knock by dhoni.... almost a mini stadium effect in office today...

he ALWAYS was numero uno.

Hail the King

he has again proved he is the master!



The Man, The Legend,The GOD, The Indian. Sachin Tendulkar

Only Sachin was worthy of double ton milestone
Sachin has climbed the Mt Everest of the game'
Surrender to Tendulkar

Tendulkar blazes into history

'No one deserved record more than Tendulkar'

I thought I was stroking the ball well, timing the ball well. The ball was coming nicely on to the bat," Tendulkar told Sky Sports 1.

"I dedicate this double hundred to the people of India, who stood by me over these 20 years and always supported me through thick and thin", said Sachin Tendulkar.

Wildlife laws need more claws

The Times of India
23 Feb 2010

It is the second most lucrative illegal international trade after narcotics with global turnover of more than $20 billion and growing rapidly. In this scenario, conservation of endangered species such as tigers, is a major concern for wildlife experts and forests officials the eight Asiatic lions in the Gir sanctuary of Gujarat that were poached in 2007, fell prey to this lucrative trade, said forest officials.

This issue was discussed at length at the wildlife crime management workshop at Gandhinagar. "The laws need to be reviewed in the wake of such cases and also to send out a clear message to the traders and poachers. Such cases are relevant today as lions poachers convicted by courts in Gujarat will be released latter this year after having finished serving their sentence," said a senior DFS official.

Samir Sinha, head of Traffic India. Said in the workshop that the paradigm of conservation has drastically changed from pre-independence to date. "Earlier, there used to be special teams for tiger culling in states like Madras owing to the large population of the big cats. Today, there are just 1,411 tigers in India.

However, we are faring better than many of our south Asian counterparts in numbers and conservation," said Sinha.

Talking about illegal trade, he said that as India ranks sixth globally in biodiversity. The country is a lucrative ground for poachers and traders from around the world.

"Some times back, a Czech duo a scientist and a poacher-were nabbed from Uttarakhand while the were stealing butterflies it is our responsibility and ensure a punishment by court of said Sinha.

According to him, wildlife crimes are not crimes at all by people animal is not as serious a crime as rape or murder. According to wildlife protection acts, the maximum sentence for the poaching is seven years of imprisonment along with fine. However, I have not come across any case where the accused has been given the maximum sentence," he said.

He cited examples of wildlife criminals like Shabbir Hussain Qureshi. Qureshi was arrested with one of the biggest consignments in Indian history - 4 tiger skins, 70 leopard skins and 18,000 leopards went back to poaching. He was age after seven with a large of such goods.

Tuesday, February 23

Insensitive Malaysia towards tiger poaching.

The clip, which was captured using a mobile phone, was highlighted in a report by Britain’s Channel 4 News and posted on its website on Saturday.

The clip showed several people standing around a tiger carcass and discussing how they had killed the animal.

Complete disrespect to the Year of the Tiger!

Shot on a mobile phone in northern Malaysia towards the end of last year, the video shows four young men gloating and laughing over the carcass of a dead tiger. They stand to make just a few hundred dollars from the animal.

"It's the middle men who make the money," says Sarah Christie who heads the tiger conservation programmes at the Zoological Society of London and who has spent years studying the trade in tiger parts, "the poachers get very little."

The middle men who trade the tiger carcass on into China will make the real profit.It can run into thousands of dollars.

The bones are ground up to make pills or potions to treat rheumatism. The meat is often sold to restaurants that specialise in wild animals; it is believed to have strength-giving properties. The skin is valuable too. Official Chinese medicine practitioners no longer use tiger parts, but a thriving black market remains.

This is the Chinese Year of the Tiger, and last month in a meeting in Thailand, China signed up to a pledge to double the number of tigers in the wild by the next one, in 2022.

The dealer’s network should be broken at National and International level.

Monday, February 22

Ranganath Misra Commission report

Ranganath Mishra Commission is an enquiry commission assigned by Government of India to study and find solution for the minority status of India.

The report was conducted by National Commission for Religious and Linguistic Minorities.

The report focused on the issue of The report was submitted to the government on 21 May 2007.

Mishra Commission Recommends 15% Reservation for Muslims in Education & Employment
Also Recommends Inclusion of Muslim & Christian Dalits in SC List

The National Commission on Religious & Linguistic Minorities Leaded by Justice Ranganath Mishra former Chief Justice of India and Dr. Tahir Mahmood submitted its Report to the Prime Minister on 22 May, 2007 shall be formally released only after being established in the Parliament in the Monsoon Session relevant extracts of in terms of the Muslim Community an reported below. - Editor of Muslim India.

Term of Reference No. 1 (original)

Criteria for identifying socially and economically backward classes among the religious and linguistic minorities
16.15. We recommend that in the matter criteria for identifying backward classes there should be absolutely no discrimination whatsoever between the majority community and the minorities; and, therefore, the criteria now applied for this purpose to the majority community — whatever that criteria may be – must be unreservedly applied also to all the minorities.
16.15. As a natural corollary to the aforesaid recommendation we recommend that all those classes, sections and groups among the minorities should be treated as backward whose counterparts in the majority community are regarded as backward under the present scheme of things.
16.18. To be more specific, we recommend that all those social and vocational groups among the minorities who but for their religious identity would have been covered by the present net of Scheduled Castes should be unquestionably treated as socially backward, irrespective of whether the religion of those other communities recognises the caste system or not.
16.19. We also recommend that those groups among the minorities whose counterparts in the majority community are at present covered by the net of Scheduled Tribes should also be included in that net; and also, more specifically, members of the minority communities living in any Tribal Area from pre-independence days should be so included irrespective of their ethnic characteristics.

Term of Reference No. II (original)
Measures of Welfare for Minorities including Reservation
General welfare measures
A. Educational measures
16.2.4 As the meaning and scope of Article 30 of the Constitution has become quite uncertain, complicated and diluted due to their varied and sometimes conflicting judicial interpretations, we recommend that a comprehensive law should be enacted without delay to detail all aspects of minorities, educational rights under that provision with a view to reinforcing its original dictates in letter and spirit.
16.2.5 The statute of the National Minority Educational Institute Commission should be amended to make it wide-based in its composition, powers, functions and responsibilities and to enable it to work as the watchdog for a meticulous enforcement of all aspects of minorities, educational rights under the Constitution.
16.2.6 As by the force of judicial decisions the minority intake in minority educational institutions has, in the interest of national integration, been restricted to about 50%, thus virtually earmarking the remaining 50% or so for the majority community – we strongly recommend that, by the same analogy and for the same purpose, at least 15% seats in all non-minority educational institutions should be earmarked by law for the minorities as follows:-
(a) The break up within the recommended 15% earmarked seats in institutions shall be 10% for the Muslims (commensurate with their 73% share of the former in the total minority population at the national level) and the remaining 5 % for the other minorities.
(b) Minor adjustments inter se can be made in the 15% earmarked seats. In the case of non-availability of Muslim candidates to fill 10% earmarked seats, the remaining vacancies may be given to the other minorities if their members are available over and above their share of 5%; but in no case shall any seat within the recommended 15% go to the majority community.
(c) As is the case with the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes at present those minority community candidates who can compete with others and secure admission on their own merit shall not be included in these 15% earmarked seats.
16.2.7 As regards the backward sections among all the minorities, we recommend that the concessions now available in terms of lower eligibility criteria for admission and lower rate of fee, now available to the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, should be extended also to such sections among the minorities.
16.2.8 In respect of the Muslims – who are the largest minority at the national level with a country-wide presence and yet educationally the most backward of the religious communities – we recommend certain exclusive measures as follows:—
(i) Select institutions in the country like the Aligarh Muslim University and the Jamia Millia Islamia should be legally given a special responsibility to promote education at all levels to Muslim students by taking all possible steps for this purpose. At least one such institution should be selected for this purpose in each of those states and Union Territories which has a substantial Muslim population.
(v) In the funds to be distributed by the Maulana Azad Educational Foundation a suitable portion should be earmarked for the Muslims proportionate to their share in the total minority population. Out of this portion funds should be provided not only to the existing Muslim institutions but also for setting up new institutions from nursery to the highest level and for technical and vocational education anywhere in India but especially in the Muslim-concentration areas.
(vi) Anganwaris, Navoday Vidyalayas and other similar institutions should be opened under their respective schemes especially in each of the Muslim-concentration areas and Muslim families be given suitable incentives to send their children to such institutions.
16.2.9 As regards the linguistic minorities, we recommend the following measures:-
(a) The law relating to the Linguistic Minorities Commissioner should be amended so as to make this office responsible for ensuring full implementation of all the relevant Constitutional provisions for the benefit of each such minority in all the States and Union Territories.
(b) The three-language formula should be implemented everywhere in the country making it compulsory for the authorities to includes in it the mother-tongue of every child – including, especially, Urdu and Punjabi – and all necessary facilities, financial and logistic, should be provided by the State for education in accordance with this dispensation.
B. Economic measures
16.2.10 As many minorities groups specialize in certain household and small scale industries, we recommend that an effective mechanism should be adopted to work for the development and modernization of all such industries and for a proper training of artisans and workmen among the minorities – especially among the Muslims among whom such industries, artisans and workmen are in urgent need of developmental assistance.
16.2.11 As the largest minority of the country, the Muslims, as also some other minorities have a scant or weak presence in the agrarian sector, we recommend that special schemes should be formulated for the promotion and development of agriculture, agronomy and agricultural trade among them.
16.2.12 We further recommend that effective ways should be adopted to popularise and promote all the self-employment and income-generating schemes among the minorities and to encourage them to benefit form such schemes.
16.2.13 We recommend that the rules, regulations and processes of the National Minorities Development and Finance Corporation be overhauled on a priority basis – in the light of the recent report recently submitted by the NMDF Review Committee and in consultation with the National Commission for Minorities – with a view to making it more efficient, effective and far-reaching among the minorities.
16.2.14 We further recommend that a 15% share be earmarked for the minorities – with a break-up of 10% for the Muslim (commensurate with their 73% share of the former in the total minority population at the national level) – and 5% for the other minorities in all government schemes like Rural Employment Generation Programme, Prime Minister’s Rozgar Yojna, Grameen Rozgar Yojna, etc.
16.2.15 Since the minorities – especially the Muslims – are very much under-represented, and sometimes wholly unrepresented, in government employment, we recommend that they should be regarded as backward in this respect within the meaning of that term as used in Article 16 (4) of the Constitution – notably without qualifying the word ‘backward’ with the words “socially and educationally” – and that 15% of posts in all cadres and grades under the Central and State Governments should be earmarked for them as follows:-
(a) The break up within the recommended 15% shall be 10% for the Muslims (commensurate with their 73% share of the former in the total minority population at the national level) and the remaining 5% for the other minorities.
(b) Minor adjustment inter se can be made within the 15% earmarked seats. In the case of non-availability of Muslims to fill 10% earmarked seats, the remaining vacancies may be given to other minorities if their members are available over and above their share of 5%; but in no case shall any seat within the recommended 15% go to the majority community.
16.2.16 Should there be some insurmountable difficulty in implementing this recommendation, as an alternative we recommend that since according to the Mandal Commission Report the minorities constitute 8.4% of the total OBC population, in the 27% OBC quota an 8.4% sub-quota should be earmarked for the minorities with an internal break-up of 6% for the Muslims (commensurate with their 73% share in the total minority population at the national level) and 2.4% for the other minorities with minor adjustment inter se in accordance with population of various minorities in various States & UTs.
16.2.17 We further recommend that the reservation now extended to the Scheduled Tribes, which is a religion-neutral class, should be carefully examined to assess the extent of minority presence in it and remedial measures should be initiated to correct the imbalance if any.
16.2.18 We recommend that the judicial reservation recently expressed in several case about the continued inclusion of the creamy layer in various classes enjoying reservation, inclusive of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, should be seriously considered for acceptance as a State policy.
Additional Term of Reference
Para 3 of the Constitution (Scheduled Castes) Order 1950.
16.3.4 We recommend that Para 3 of the Constitution (Scheduled Castes) Order 1950 – which originally restricted the Scheduled Caste net to the Hindus and later opened it to Sikhs and Buddhists, thus still excluding from its purview the Muslims, Christians, Jains and Parsis, etc. – should be wholly deleted by appropriate action so as to completely de-link Scheduled Caste status from religion and make the Scheduled Castes net fully religion-neutral like that of the Scheduled Tribes.
16.3.5 We further recommend that all those groups and classes among the Muslims and Christians, etc. whose counterparts among the Hindus, Sikhs or Buddhists, are included in the Central or State Scheduled Castes lists should also be covered by the Scheduled Caste net. If any such group or class among the Muslims and Christians, etc. is now included in an OBC list, it should be deleted from there while transferring it to the Scheduled Castes.
16.3.6 We further recommend that as the Constitution of India guarantees freedom of conscience and religious freedom as a Fundamental Right, once a person has been included in a Scheduled Caste list a willful change of religion on his part should not effect adversely his or her Scheduled Caste status.
Term of Reference No. III (original)
Modalities for implementing our recommendations
16.4.2 We recommend that all Central and State Acts, Statutory Rules and Regulations be suitably amended to implement those of our recommendations which in the opinion of the Ministry of Law and Justice or any another concerned authority may require such amendments.
16.4.3 We recommend the following legislative actions which in our opinion are required either for the implementation of some of our recommendations stated above or otherwise in the interest of the welfare of minorities:-
(a) Enactment of a detailed law to enforce the dictates Article 30 of the Constitution;
(b) Amendment of the National Commission for Backward Classes Act 1993;
(c) Amendment of the Constitution (Scheduled Castes) Order 1950 and the Constitution (Scheduled Tribes) Order 1951 as also of the Central and State lists of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes;
(d) Review of the laws and rules, processes and procedures, relating to selection and notification of OBC at the Central and State levels:-
(e) Enactment of a law to clothe with statutory status and judicial enforceability the Prime Minister’s 15-Point Programme for Minorities 1983 as modified in 2006;
(f) Amendment of the National Commission for Minorities Act 1992 and the National Commission for Educational Institutions Act 2004 so as to make it necessary for the government to appoint as the chairpersons and members of these bodies – through a Search Committee as in the case of the National Human Rights Commission – only reputed experts in the constitutional, legal, educational and economic matters relating to the minorities;
(g) Necessary amendments in the Wakf Act 1993 and all the Rules framed under its provisions;
(h) Review and necessary overhaul of the laws, rules, regulations, procedures and processes relating to the National Minorities Development and Finance Corporation and the Maulana Azad Education Foundation.
16.4.4 We recommend the following administrative measures which in our opinion are required either for the implementation of some or our recommendations or otherwise in the interest of the welfare of minorities:—
(a) Establishment of a Parliamentary Committee to consider and decide in the light of the Constitution policy matters relating to the minorities;
(b) Establishment of a National Committee consisting of Chairpersons of NHRC, NCW, NCBC, NCSC, NCM, NCMEI, NMDFC, CLM, Central Wakf Council and Maulana Azad Foundation along with nominated experts for monitoring the educational and economic development of he minorities;
(c) Creation of similar bodies in all the States/UTs for the same purpose and consisting of local top-level officials dealing with minority-related matters and independent experts;
(d) Establishment of a National-level Coordination Committee consisting of representatives of all the nationalized banks and other financial institutions to work under the RBI for monitoring credit flow to the minorities;
(e) Establishment of State Minorities Commission and Minority Welfare Departments in all those States and UTs where these do not exist as of now;
(f) Decentralization of all minority-related schemes, programmes and plans so as to create suitable district-level mechanisms for their day-to-day implementation;
(g) Revision of the list of Minority Concentration Districts as suggested by the NCM in 1990s and initiating special educational, economic and general welfare measures there through the local administration;
(h) Appointment of Minority Welfare Committees consisting of official and local experts in all districts of the country to act as the nodal agencies of NCM, State Minorities Commission and all other Central and State-level bodies working for the minorities.

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Tiger Woods says Sorry but says.... its between Husband and Wife.

Thursday, February 18

Ram Mandir , Babri Masjid , Maoists, Naxal and their nexus with politicians,Terrorism and Politics, Corruption,Media Business, Kashmir and peace, Bollywood,Tigers,Himalaya, RTI ,Cricket , Price rise...can any one else add some more to the status of India at present?

Wednesday, February 17

1411 is not the correct figures of the Tigers in India.
Wake up before its too late.The public Campaigns are misleading and not informative.
Please share incidents, information on these Dynasty Characters.

Bhopal Dynasty-Raja Bhoj,Rani Kamlapati, Maaji Mamola ,Begums of Bhopal- Sikandar Jehan Begum, Shajehan Begum, Sultan Jehan Begum

Gwalior Dynasty-Maan Singh, Mrignayni,Chinkuji Raje, Madhav Rao II, Tansen

Holkar Dynasty- Baji Rao, Mastani, Ahilya Bai, Chiman Bai Gaekwad

Gond Dynasty-Ravi Praveen, Keshav Kavi, Rani Dergavati,

Tuesday, February 16

Need for Whistle blower and Activist Protection Act in India

Need for Whistle blower and Activist Protection

The ideology we hold against corrupt practices in our country time and again are questioned.

Yesterday RTI activist Shashidhar Mishra known as ‘Khabri Lal’ in the area for his knack to expose scams in the welfare schemes through RTI was shot in his head. criminals in Begusarai dist, Bihar.

The murder of Satyendra Dubey, a government engineer who exposed corruption in the national highway building program forced us to ask for our Rights in Democracy. His death was neither the first, nor will be the last that vested interests will perpetrate, but Dubey’s death uniquely encouraged the whistleblowers demand for an act.

Every one believed that as a result of supreme sacrifice of Manjunath, pricing anomaly of selling kerosene at highly subsidized prices will be removed finally. Time has proven us wrong. It has only worsened.
The murder of Shanmughan Manjunath, a manager at a state-owned oil company whose body was found riddled with bullets in the back seat of his car for his cause to fight against selling of impure gasoline raised the question of safety of the whistleblowers.

Hundreds of people are murdered AND threatened every day all over India.

The insensitivity of the administration stand exposed. The FIR is not written. Security is not given. Harassment and victimization of whistleblowers is the norm Inspite of legislation, or they are ignored.

The democracies like USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand have whistleblower protection Bill. With one telephone call to the media, one video on YouTube, one letter to the right public official, a corrupt can be brought to its knees by a whistleblower.

If we want to have participation form the public it is the duty in the constitution to uphold rule of law and it is with the help of the law that a sense of security can be inculcated in the mind of the common man.

We need affirmative whistle-blowing task to report incidents of others violating rules of ethics. Ignoring proposed legislation like the Public Interest Disclosure (Protection of Informers) Bill (PIDB drafted in 2007 submitted by Former Supreme Court Justice B.P. Jeevan Reddy needs attention.

India passed a federal Freedom of Information Bill in 2003 but was void of the Whistleblowers Act recommended by the Constitution Review Commission in 2002. In 1999, Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee had advocated a Whistleblower Act. Although such legislation found support with the Central Vigilance Commission and the Constitutional Review Commission, the proposal/ the Draft bill remains in cold storage to date.

Satyendra Dubey's death merits attention and a subsequent Public Interest Litigation urges the Supreme Court to direct the Centre to evolve a system to ensure protection to anybody who complains to the Government against corruption. His request for keeping his identity secret was duly rejected by the than officials. Dubey ended up paying with his life for drawing the PMO's attention to the corruption in the system. The PMO could have averted his death if they had kept his identity a secret, but denied the request.

The need for a Whistle-blowers (Protection) Act in India is felt very heavily because we are ranked high in the level of corruption in the Global Competitiveness Report Index and Survey of the Political and Economic Risk Consultancy Ltd.

A protection of law to a Whistle-blower will be boosting his moral fiber to disclose the corrupt practices in his knowledge. The bill will attract others also to whistle-blow for a better future of his country.
India lacks a progress on curbing corruption. The Political consensus is awaited. The leader who came in power by peoples mandate does not care.

The Lokpal Bill, 1996, drawn up ostensibly to root out corruption, introduced in Parliament several times awaits the approval of both the Houses. Enactment of the Bill into law is one of the promises made in the Common Minimum Programmes of the ruling United Progressive Alliance as part of administrative reforms.
It is still clear the government has a long way to go in its fight against corruption and organized crime. India can be successful if there is a strong commitment to the strict separation of executive, legislative and judicial power.

On 3rd March, 2006, The Whistleblowers (Protection in Public Interest Disclosures) Bill, 2006 was introduced to provide for protection from criminal or civil liability, departmental inquiry, demotion, harassment and discrimination of whistle blowers, i.e., the persons who bring to light specific instances of illegality, criminality, corruption in any Government, public or private enterprise. However the bill is yet to be passed and assented to by the President.

A robust law is awaited for our protection. Pro-whistle blower laws need to be enacted – Corruption in India is a mega industry to which public exposes are no match.

Invent India.

Friday, February 12

Shahrukh & shivsena resolved their differences.The movie will now be released as MY name as Khandekar. Produced BY Congress and BJP

Man is the king of beasts, for his brutality exceeds them.

The tiger population is in real crisis worldwide. More big cats are held in captivity than are alive in the Asian wilds, says a WWF report.

"Man wants animals to be caged".Through the centuries, man has domesticated somewhat a few animals to complete his wants, and sometimes to provide no want at all. It is one thing to keep an animal near attends one's needs but it is cruel to want to keep them just for fun and business.

It is most definitely cruel.. worse still confined in cages. Have u ever thought of being caged? Ant we so relaxed in our own place??, so do they. We don’t want restrictions. Even domestic animals would like to gait about, and act according to their instincts and needs. Can we picture the frustration that they feel? What do we get in making a person furious, frustrated and depressed? we have no right to do this; we do it because the creatures are feeble to foil us from confronting them. If we are robbed of such rights, we would pretty die than yield. Only in the cruelest of regimes are men and women confined only because the authorities did so...By what right then do we imprison animals and birds lacking any qualms?

The Zoos have become the slaughter homes for Tigers because the natural environment is missing. The Natural Habitats are shrinking; the nomads are helping the poachers as they cannot survive.

The intellect of fairness we grasp so dearest when it comes to humans should be extended to all living creatures.

"It is just like man's vanity and impertinence to call an animal dumb because it is dumb to his dull perceptions. Heaven is by favor; if it were by merit your dog would go in and you would stay out. Of all the creatures ever made he (man) is the most detestable. Of the entire brood, he is the only one...that possesses malice. He is the only creature that inflicts pain for sport, knowing it to be pain. The fact that man knows right from wrong proves his intellectual superiority to the other creatures; but the fact that he can do wrong proves his moral inferiority to any creature that cannot."

Man could be crossed with the cat; it would improve man but deteriorate the cat."
I believe I am not interested to know whether Vivisection produces results that are profitable to the human race or doesn't. To know that the results are profitable to the race would not remove my hostility to it. The pains which it inflicts upon unconsenting animals is the basis of my enmity towards it, and it is to me sufficient justification of the enmity without looking further. It is so distinctly a matter of feeling with me, and is so strong and so deeply-rooted in my make and constitution, that I am sure I could not even see a vivisector vivisected with anything more than a sort of qualified satisfaction. I do not say I should not go and look on; I only mean that I should almost surely fail to get out of it the degree of contentment which it ought, of course, to be expected to furnish..(Mark Twain Letter to London Anti-Vivisection Society, May 26, 1899)

Of all the animals, man is the only one that is cruel. He is the only one that inflicts pain for the pleasure of doing it.

Tuesday, February 9

Need a piece of PEACE!
Bones and a jaw of animals have been found during digging for development work in Madhya Pradesh's Panna Tiger Reserve.hmmm

Monday, February 8

Mr. Ramesh and a brinjal to the World's Biggest Baingan Bharta

Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh is deciding if he'll allow corporations with American interests to genetically engineer India's King of Vegetables —the brinjal.

U.S.-backed companies say the Bt Brinjal will be free from pests, but Indian farmers have successfully grown brinjal for thousands of years without this toxic gene.

Here's an exciting new way to persuade Mr. Ramesh to protect India's brinjal: We're going to make the World's Biggest Baingan Bharta, in Delhi!

Can you help make a world record? The baingan bharta will have one brinjal for every person who signs our petition. We will present the names of all the signers to Mr. Ramesh.

Our goal is 10,000 brinjals. Add a brinjal by signing our petition today:

Farmers' Welfare and Agriculture Development Minister Dr Ramkrishna Kusmaria has said giving permission for Bt brinjal will hit India's age-old farming system. Bt brinjal will not only affect human health adversely but will also cast ill-effects on environment.

Brinjal has originated in Madhya Pradesh where its 250 varieties are available and are sown in more than 16000-hectare land. High-quality brinjal is produced in Narmada basin and Bundelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh. Bt brinjal is a genetically modified crop, which will hit the human health on large scale.
ESG Briefing Note: 06 February 2010

The final Public Consultation on the controversial Bt Brinjal issue was conducted by Mr. Jairam Ramesh, Minister of State for Environment and Forests (i/c) in Bangalore today. Significantly, the Consultation witnessed the participation of former Prime Minister Mr. H. D. Devegowda and also Jnanpith awardee, Dr. U. R. Ananthamurthy, and over 1000 people.

As was to be expected there were strident opinions from both the pro and anti Bt brinjal positions. A comprehensive report of this consultation will be available on the ESG website duly.

During the proceedings, Dr. A. S. Anand, Chairman of the Organic Farming Mission of Government of Karnataka made a categorical assertion that the entire consultation mechanism was a farce as MoEF had dropped 190 plants from the protection of the Biodiversity Act. This included Brinjal and almost all endemic varieties that constitute the genetic wealth of India.

Mr. Ramesh was startled by this allegation and demanded Dr. Anand should resign from his post if he was proven wrong. From the dias Mr. Ramesh called his officials and claimed that the fact that these 190 plants had been removed from the protection accorded by the Biodiversity Act was nothing to be alarmed about as it was only to facilitate their exports. As he also said he was not fully confident of this position, he confirmed he would go back to Delhi and clarify. If his stand was wrong, he would immediately withdraw the Notification and apologise to the nation.

In making his submission Dr. Anand relied on a note prepared by ESG and Krac-a-dawna Farm. This note is enclosed along with the relevant Notification cited above.

In a heated moment, Mr. Ramesh alleged that this was a totally unnecessary conspiracy being floated to gain publicity by the undersigned.

Basic premise of this note:

1) It is that the Biological Diversity Act applies to all biological resources of the country. In case any use (as defined in the Act) of any biological resource is to be undertaken, and such use includes genetic engineering per the Act, then first and foremost the permission of the regulatory authorities under this Act has to be sought to use the biological resource. It is only on securing such approvals could any genetic modification be undertaken. In the case of the Mahyco promoted Bt Brinjal, there has been no conformance whatsoever with the Biodiversity Conservation Act, and thus the entire approval by GEAC fails because of this fundamental violation.

2) Another serious issue raised was that the decision by MoEF to take out 190 plant species (which include several species protected under the Wildlife Act - because they are threatened) from the protection accorded by the Biodiversity Act, was undertaken without any consultation with State Biodiversity Boards or District Biodiversity Committees as is required, or even the Parliament or the wide public. (This position was supported by Dr. Vijayan, Chairman of the Kerala Biodiversity Board, when specifically asked by Mr. Ramesh. Dr. Vijayan also shared that he had never seen this document before, or was he consulted in the process of formulation of this Notification.) As a result the Central Government comprehensively failed in its fundamental duty to protect national biodiversity, especially when dealing with living modified organisms, as detailed in Sec 36 (4) of the Biological Diversity Act.

Former Prime Minister Mr. Devegowda appreciated Mr. Ramesh for so conducting consultations on a matter of such criticial importance to the country. He said whatever be the outcome, the farmer should not be the victim - as was presently the case with all developmental projects. Mr. Devegowda also raised deep concerns over the dropping of 190 plants from the purview of the Biological Diversity Act, and requested Mr. Ramesh to take a careful view of the matter. He wondered why this Notification was issued two weeks after the Minister had confirmed that he was going to hold Public Consultations.

We share this brief in the wider public interest so that we may ensure a prudent decision is taken in the national interest based on the Precuationary Principle, the Public Trust Doctrine and the Intergenerational Principle, and not on the balance of convenience.

ESG deeply appreciates the unprecedented and historic process of Public Consulations undertaken by Mr. Jairam Ramesh on the issue of commercial release of GMO foods in India.

Leo Saldanha
Environment Support Group

Sunday, February 7

Have bureaucrats and officials crossed all limits to please the chief minister of your state?

Friday, February 5

Luxury sports car from Aston Martin quite certain in India !

GOI Budget with MP Civil Servants

Dozens of trunks carrying 5 crores of cash found by the IT sleuths IN the Bungalow of IAS Mr Arvind Joshi and Ms Tinu Joshi.

Both of them owns 500 cRORES. Shame on u Civil Servants.The exact amount of evasion will be known after the scrutiny of document is completed.

Arvind Joshi, a senior IAS officer and his wife Tinu Joshi is the secretary of Woman and Child Welfare Development in the Madhya Pradesh government.

"Stacks of banknotes were recovered in a suitcase. The action comes on the basis of documents found during a similar exercise in 2009 of heavy investments made in an insurance company by these officials," said Director General of Investigations (I-T) for Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, Brajesh Gupta.

This is MP Government Servants serving the society. They are responsible for the Bimaru state status of the state.

They are the people who do not like to declare their assets in RTI because they will be exposed.

More than 13 places across Madhya Pradesh and Chattishgarh have been raided so far following information from the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) that benami (proxy) investments worth crores of rupees have been made in various financial institutions.

If raids are conducted at 75 houses in char Imli,74 bungalow and professor colony in Bhopal they will get a sum equal to GOI budget..

Thursday, February 4

Shahrukh Khan is a real Hero.
Vodphone Company fined for Illegal digging in the Wildlife National Park. The complaint was made by an Aware citizen
Mrs Tinu Joshi,Mr Arvind Joshi Principal Secretaries in Madhya Pradesh Govt House raids by IT Department. Retired IAS M A Khan is in Net again and offcourse BL Agarwal the (Koda) but than this is Civil Services Economics for the society.
Sharukh Khan... Chak de.....

Wednesday, February 3

My Name is Khan 12.2.2010

The Sena leaders had been attacking leading personalities like Mukesh Ambani, Shahrukh Khan Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Gandhi.

Dont they love Indians? What is the Econimcs besides decisive votes/

Bal Thackeray attacked industrialist Mukesh Ambani over his recent statement that Mumbai belongs to all Indians."Marathi people have as much right over Mumbai as Mukesh Ambani has over Reliance companies," Thackeray said in an article published in Sena mouthpiece Saamana.

Sachin not a loyal Maharashtrian, said Shiv Sena when he said 'Proud' Maharashtrian Sachin says Mumbai belongs to all Indians ...

The Shiv Sena is warning Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan to apologies for backing the Pakistani cricketers at the IPL and making remark that Mumbai is for all Indians. The party stated that his films would be banned in the city if he doesn’t offer an apology but the Baadshah is not bowing down to their demand.

The AICC general secretary had flayed Sena for its tirade against people from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh telling that the NSG men who vanquished terrorists during 26/11 were also from the rest of the country.

Stepping up its attack on Rahul for the "Mumbai for all Indians" remark and raking up Sonia Gandhi's foreign origin, party supremo Bal Thackeray said in an editorial in the party mouthpiece Saamna, "Mumbai may belong to all Indians but how can it belong to an Italian mummy."

Salman is harassed by Rajput Sena Karnis in Jaipur. the Shiv . the Shiv seva even dragged Amir Khan. "According to Aamir, if any cricketer is good, he would like to have him in his team, it makes no difference to him which country he belongs to," said the statement. The statement is accompanied by a digitally altered picture of the recent record blockbuster "3 Idiots". It shows the head of Aamir popping out of a drum and SRK is sticking his tongue from another drum .. Could have been more original…

Injustice triumphs when the powerful are silent.

India is getting used to it now or this is the last part? Another bullying which we are witnessing again is of Bollywood. They are divided over the Shahrukh Khan. Apology to Shiv Sena.

Ask them for a solution they have with them.
Mr Raghav Chandra .

Sir, Civil Servants are weak ?

So society has to be sensitive in talking about officers.

In response to this....I am ready with what he says and accept that society should be sensitive. but at the same time i ask him how responsible are Civil Servants towards the society?

Friends .this a read on a site which says..

The writers Opinion
An IG rank officer, while addressing his troops spoke about the need for fitness, temperament and skills at handling modern technology and equipment.

He said they must learn not only from friends but also from the enemy. He gava Kasab's example, of how an 8th pass could be well-trained.

Was that totally wrong? Can we not praise the technical skills of the enemy to learn from him?

Unless of course, he said that Kasab is a good man or justified what havoc he wreaked. Then it would have become not only objectionable but reprehensible.

he also says and raise question to the Civil Society and writes..

Civil servants are so fragile. A smallest blur and they have enemies who will pull them down. So society has to be sensitive in talking about officers. I feel that the media has to cover such incidents more responsibly. Officer's careers are at stake! Says the Writer. What is your opinion? Ill share mine along with your response.

I take on this a little further.. Civil Society wake up? What do we want form Civil Servants?
Time Rationing veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy Imp
There is always a once!

Tuesday, February 2

Thackeray promotes "chauvinism"... I didn't say that lol.
Will Shahrukh Khan bow down to the Sena's threats?
Every inch of India belongs to every Indian: Rahul Gandhi. So politics of Maharashtra is..Bihar is preparing for assembly elections later this

Monday, February 1

Madhya Pradesh Women and Child Department

Madhya Pradesh Women and Child Department served Notice of "KURKI". The Applicant is Mrs Lata Chauhan working in the department as Class 3 employee as her Husband died in 1997. Her Dues are not cleared Till date.She has been claiming Compensations . Its her Right and in Law.

In 2003 the Court had Directed the Department of Women Child for clearance. As usual the Responsibility in the Govt Officers is never assigned.

Today 1/1/2010 the Notice was pasted on the Commissioners office Door of Rs 28 lakh Mortgage.

The Officer who died in the Car Accident wan an Account officer/Dept Director/Class 1 rank officer in Madhya Pradesh Government.Isnt it SAD ?

Wife who is already a Clerk in the same department as her husband was is unfortunately a Women. She even Represents the Department of Women and Child .A women of India .. this i never dreamt.

I Ask Mr Gulshan Bamra Commissioner of the department, Principal Secretary Mrs Joshi. unfortunately a Lady.What are the foremost on your agenda ?

Our lady Minister another unfortunate coincidence is Pradesh Women and Child Department

Madhya Pradesh Women and Child Department is meant for what??.We don't deserve this Treatment. Policies are there but not implemented.The Bureaucracy who is running us is mixed between Politics of Economy. They are Deaf years and Closed Eyes.

The politicians are Busy with their Economics. We are taking the Burden. Because we do not react! Dont be a Vegetable !

Hume Madhya Pradesh Bana na nahin hai CM Sahab! Madhya Pradesh kee Politics and Economy mian achee sambandh bana na hai.

The Pillars of Democracy still Intact?
New Element Discovered in India to Be Included on the Periodic Table.
We are living with a generation who needs a Pendrive when they are Five Year Old . Damn It! Wake Up !
Sangh (RSS) and the Shiv Sena are at War. lol
Insane....A R Rahman has described his twin Grammy win on his Twitter page."Insane eh? I never even dreamt about winning all these awards"
Your Fav A R Rahman song?
Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty.
Anyone who keeps learning stays young.
On the other hand Police tightens security at the SRK House ..Y because of Shive Sena Threat...Mrs and Mr are declared Brother and Sister in Haryana..what say u all about Barkha Dutt at Argument and agreement at the Not by reason all Alone :)
Women live in a patriarchal world and are gendered as a result ? Y/N

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Politics and economics never separable?? Politics and Good Economics work but not by being unreasonable
The Politics of Economics. ???