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Bernard Shaw - Dramatist

An ardent socialist, the showman, controversialist, satirist, critic, pundit and T he dramatist.

Shavian, a term used to embody all his brilliant qualities was brought by commentators into english language. (new adjective)
He is the only person to have been awarded both the Nobel Prize for Literature (1925) and an Oscar (1938).

February 27, 1913.
To ‘Stella’ Beatrice Campbell

I want my rapscallionly fellow vagabond.
I want my dark lady. I want my angel -
I want my tempter.
I want my Freia with her apples.
I want the lighter of my seven lamps of beauty, honour,
laughter, music, love, life and immortality ... I want
my inspiration, my folly, my happiness,
my divinity, my madness, my selfishness,
my final sanity and sanctification,
my transfiguration, my purification,
my light across the sea,
my palm across the desert,
my garden of lovely flowers,
my million nameless joys,
my day’s wage,
my night’s dream,
my darling and
my star...

Bernard Shaw
As a journalist, Shaw worked as an art critic, then as a music critic (writing under the pseudonym “Corno di Bassetto”), and finally, from 1895 to 1898, as Theatre Critic for the Saturday Review, where his reviews appeared over the infamous initials “GBS.”
In 1898, after a serious illness, Shaw resigned as theatre critic.
Over the next ten years, Barker an actor, director and playwright twenty years younger than Shaw produced ten plays by Shaw. Shaw was actually directing his own plays and began writing new plays with Barker’s management specifically in mind.

The outbreak of war in 1914 changed Shaw’s life and changed his public stature. his articles "Common Sense About the War" proved to be a disaster.
After the war, Shaw found his dramatic voice again and rebuilt his reputation, first with a series of five plays about “creative evolution,” Back to Methuselah, and then, in 1923, with Saint Joan.

Shaw lived the rest of his life as an international celebrity, travelling the world, continually involved in local and international politics.And he continued to write thousands of letters and over a dozen more plays.
In 1950, Shaw fell off a ladder while trimming a tree on his property and died a few days later of complications from the injury, at age 94.

Wednesday, December 3

Gateway to India

On one hand the GATEWAY OF INDIA witnessed children, youth, old ..asking for security, accountability, their rights, agitated, full of hatred against the terrorism,,And on the other hand after the relentless appeals by the citizens and media finally forced the stepping down of Maharashtra CM.. and an apology by the Kerala CM

The magnificent arch, built in 1911 to welcome the King-Emperor, has ever since stood as a symbol of the openness of the city and today for the solidarity shown by the citizens of the country. Amid slogans against politicians and Pakistan, the citizens, holding placards, lit candles and paid tribute to victims and martyrs who lost their lives fighting terrorists.

Have your say; join a peace rally at Gateway of India was the only message. The march showed Solidarity, compassion, and emotion. People held flowers, candles and signs that called for peace, unity, and action against terrorism.

The Gateway of India and gateway to India's soul today saw the world stands united in unreserved condemnation of this latest atrocity. This same place few days back was mute and a testimony to the latest assault on the country's pluralist democracy.

Pakistan's sputtering democracy already shaken is seeking to engulf India in its flames aswell.India is a land of great resilience that has learned, over arduous millenniums, to cope with tragedy.
we Indians have picked up from rubble and will go on as coexistence has always been our strength.

India is a gateway to all and will always be.

Sunday, November 30

The Beautiful Taj Mahal waiting for its glory

we have unimaginable Carnage Inside Taj Majal Hotel now which will take months to clear .
we dont know when will the glory be back in the Taj

Thursday, November 27

Saturday, November 22


All things in this creation exist within you, and all things in you exist in creation; there is no border between you and the closest things, and there is no distance between you and the farthest things, and all things, from the lowest to the loftiest, from the smallest to the greatest, are within you as equal things. In one atom are found all the elements of the earth; in one motion of the mind are found the motions of all the laws of existence; in one drop of water are found the secrets of all the endless oceans; in one aspect of you are found all the aspects of existence.
isnt it?
Gibran regarded human life and the life of nature as complementary, sustaining each other in perfect symbiosis, which is the message of Shakespeare in The Tempest.

Tuesday, October 21

Justice required Madam President

The Honorable President of India,
Subject: Submission of request for inquiry against Madhya Pradesh Director Culture (Indian Police Service Officer) who's harassing me for the past two years.
Honorable Madam,
I'm a law abiding citizen of the country who is trying to make a living by honest means. The director culture somehow is not letting me make a living. I run an event management company and for the past 10 years have been organizing events in the state of Madhya Pradesh.Ever since Mr. Pawan Shrivastava-- an IPS officer- was handpicked by the chief minister to run the culture department of Madhya Pradesh he has been demanding favors for releasing payments for work done by my company. He did not remain satisfied doing this he blacklisted my company before giving any explanation and without any reason.
I have all the evidence about his unjust and unlawful demands and have submitted the same to his superiors. I have complained about the same to every office including that of the chief minister but he has some how managed things in his favor.
Madam this complaint to you is in hope that an impartial enquiry would be ordered against the corrupt and unlawful deeds of Mr. Pawan Shrivastava .
In anticipation of justice.

Shehla Masood
Places where I have complained in the last 15 months
Complaint to Lokayukt DATE 22/2/2008 Complaint No 21362
EOW 1 date 7/3/2008 no 28/3/2008 17/6/2006 1142-A3
MP Human right commission 3/4/2008 3/9/3008 23/9/2008 complaint no 2304
GAD -25/4/2008 complaint no PG9345605
Home dep't 15/2/2008 21/10/2008 complaint no 28146
DG POLICE 27/2/2008 7
Governor 24/4/2008 8
CM 31/3/2008 2/2/20089
CHIEF SECRETARY 14/2/2008 10
BJP National President Rjnath Singh 2/2/2008 11
BJP President Madhya Pradesh Tomar 2/2/2008 12
BJP Vice President Madhya Pradesh Anil Dave 2/2/200831/1/2008
Vidhan sabah-Narayan tripati -6/2/20087125
Cultural Minster 2/2/2008 23/11/2008 19/6/2007 13/6/2007 2/2/2008 14
RTI Commissioner 13/2/2008 15
Secretary -Cultural Manoj Shrivastava
on dates 28/12/200826/12/20082/2/200819/1/200830/1/20086/2/200813/6/2007
Minority Commission-10/10/2008
Pawan Shrivastava Director cultural on dates

Friday, September 12

Famous love letters

November 2, 1856I already love in you your beauty, but I am only beginning to love in you that which is eternal and ever precious - your heart, your soul. Beauty one could get to know and fall in love with in one hour and cease to love it as speedily; but the soul one must learn to know. Believe me, nothing on earth is given without labour, even love, the most beautiful and natural of feelings.
Count Leo Tolstoy, Russian writer, to Valeria Arsenev, his fiance

The nobility of management has to flow from the top

What we often hear is death in police custody. But in Madhya Pradesh news of police committing suicide is appearing at regular intervals. Yesterday a sub inspector committed suicide in uniform, on duty, in the control room of Dhaar.

Distress from family problems and health issue is exposed by the police authorities in Dhaar. Other cases of police suicide are still mysteries for everyone till date

One has to know the reason and the cause behind the deaths of policemen in MP through suicide. We all know Policing comes with many challenges. It can be diverse, exciting, unpredictable and satisfying.

Perception of police has been changing with us over a period of time. We always seemingly see three roles of police crime control, order maintenance - preventing and controlling behaviors that disturbs the public peace, including quieting loud parties, settling domestic disputes and intervening in conflicts that arise between citizens. Third as service -provision of a wide range of services to the community, often as a consequence of the 24-hour availability of the police, including assisting in the search for missing persons and acting as an information/referral agency.

Despite the widely held perception both by the police and the public that police performs more work crime control, it’s not true.

Attention is vital to see how the police perform? And in which and what conditions they toil? Are they happy and satisfied? To rectify the anomalies Prevention strategy like Personality development, psychologist and welfare head in every city cell should be assigned. Monthly guidance and exposure should be compulsory to the police man in the service. Police stations should be equipped with operational amenities and electronic connectivity in the office besides good shelter and medication facilities.

This will not only gear them for future challenges but with their family and work pressures as well. Accountability should flow from the highest level to the police constable. The nobility of management has to flow from the top. So that few do not become the Achilles heel of the administration

Monday, September 1

Holy month of Ramazan

Would like to share an email recieved from my friend about the significance of month of Ramazan

The month of Ramazan is the month in which the Quran was revealed, a book of guidance with proofs of guidance distinguishing right from wrong (AL-QURAN)

Holy prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) told about the grace and glory of the holy month of Ramazan in a long Hadith. Here is the substance of that Hadith.

“This is the month of God it is a month of blessings and forgiveness it is the favorite month of God its days are the best days its nights are the best nights and its hours are the best hours. This is the month in which your deeds are accepted and your prayers (Dua’a) are fulfilled so, request Allah with pure intention and heart for the removal of your sins and to help you for fasting and recitation of Quran. Give charity to poor, respect your elders, show kindness to children, grant to your relatives and save your tongue , eyes and ears from wrong (Haraam)”

This is the month in which all scriptures (Sohaf) were revealed: Sahifa-e-Abraham on 1st of Ramazan, Taurah On 2nd, Gospel on 12th, the Psalms on 18th while. The Holy Quran was revealed on 23rd of this month. The death anniversary of MOHSENA-E-ISLAM Hazrat Khadeeja-tul-Kubra (A.S) on 10th Ramazan is being observed by TNFJ as Youm-e-Huzn (mourning day), 15th of this holy month is birthday of Hazrat Imam Hasan (A.S), the grandson of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) about whom Hazrat Muhammad said “Hasan (A.S) and Hussain (A.S) are the masters of youngs in paradise”, this day is announced by TNFJ to be observed as YOUM-E-AMEN (Peace day) while 19th, 20th and 21st, these days as Ayyaam-e-Aza (mourning days) in connection with Martyrdom of Imam-ul-Muttaqeen Hazrat Ali Ibn-e-Abi-Talib (A.S). Laila-Tul-Qadr (the night of glory) on 23rd Ramazan which is made better than a thousand months is being observed by TNFJ as Youm-e-Dua’a (Prayer day) and Jumma-tul-Wida as Youm-ul-Quds (Alquds day) to express solidarity with oppressed.

Dua’a (prayer) to be recited after five time prayers (wajib Nmaz) in the Holy month of Ramazan:

O the Exalted, O the Immense one, O the Forgiving O the Merciful you are the great Lord, nothing can be compared with Him He observes all and hears all and this is the month you have bestowed it greatness, dignity, honour and supremacy over all Other months. You have decreed fasting for me and the month of Ramazan is the month in which you have revealed Holy Quran which is guidance for people and proofs of guidance distinguishing right from wrong. You have caused in it the night of glory (Laila –tul-Qadr) and made it better than a thousand months. O who is kind and upon Whom nobody has placed obligation, show kindness to me by liberating me from hell like those to whom you have showed kindness and place me in paradise (Jannah) with your blessing, O the most compassionate.

Special Dua’a (prayers) in the days of Ramazan Al Mubarik: Hazrat Ibne-Abbas (R.A) says that Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) has described “the daily Dua’a” with many of its virtues. Here we mention the original Dua’a.

1st day’s Dua’a
O God count my fasting in this day as to the fasting person’s and my Namaz (Prayers/Salat) as to the one’s who prays, and awake me from the negligents’ sleep and forgive my sin, O God of all worlds and pardon me O the Pardoner of guilty ones.

2nd day’s Dua’a
O God, near me to your pleasure in this day and save me from your anger and punishment, and help and guide me to recite the Quranic Verses for the sake of your blessing, O the most Merciful.

3rd day’s Dua’a
O God, bestow me wisdom and awakeness, and remove the foolishness and ignorance from me and help me to have share in every good granted by you in this day, O the most Generous.

4th day’s Dua’a
O God, give me strength in this day to perform your command and cause me to taste the sweetness of your Zikr and enable me to thank You, for the sake of your grace, and protect me for the sake of your protection and connivance, O the most cognizant.

5th day’s Dua’a
O God, count me in this day in penitents and your pious obedient servants, and in those who are your closet friends for the sake of your kindness, O the compassionate.

6th day’s Dua’a
O God, don’t disgrace me because of my sins in this day and don’t hit me with your punishment whip and do not keep me away from your favor and blessings because of that reasons (mojabaat) which enrage you. O the Hope and Desire of the desirous.

7th day’s Dua’a
O God, in this day help me for fasting and prayers and secure me from sins and false steps and favor me for your eternal Zikr, O the Guide for the misguided.

8th day’s Dua’a

O God, give me opportunity to take pity on orphans, to feed the hungry, to spread Islam and to adopt the company of virtuous and pious people for the sake of your kindness, O the shelter for the desirous.

9th day's Dua'a

O God, in this day bless me with your blessings and guide me with your bright and evident proofs (baraaheen) and turn me towards Your pleasure, for the sake of your love, O the Hope of desirous.

10th day's Dua'a
O God, Count me in this say among those who trust in you, who are successful and close to you, for the sake of your kindness, O the Desire and Aim of seekers

11th day’s Dua’a
O God, in this day enable me so the kindness be favourit to me, and disobedience, sinfulness and impiety be disliked by me and save me from your anger and hell, for the sake of your help, O the Redresser of grievance of those who cry out for your assistance.

12th day’s Dua’a
O God, in this day adorn me with purity and hide me in the dress of content and sufficiency and help me in doing justice, and protect me from every thing I feared of, for the sake of your protection, O who protects the fearing ones.

O God, purify me in this day from dirt and impurity, and help me for submission to your will, and enable me to be pious and keep the company of virtuous people, for the sake of your help, O the comfort of poors.

O God, in this day don’t penalize me for my false steps, and excuse me for my faults and mistakes, and do not target me for calamities and problems for the sake of your honour, O who exalts the Muslims.

O God, favour me in this day to obey Your servants having your fear and expand my heart like the humility and meekness of God fearing persons for the sake of your protection, O the protection of fearing ones.

Tuesday, August 26

My witness is the empty sky

The State Human Rights Commission
Madhya Pradesh


Ref: The reply of Director, Culture Shri Pawan Shrivastava, dated 22.04.08 forwarded to Commission vide letter of Secretary, Culture, dated 28.06.08 served on us on 14.07.08 by the Commission.

Respected Sir,

In response to our complaint Director, Culture has filed his reply before Commission and the same has been reiterated by the Secretary, Culture. The perusal of the reply reveals that deliberate incorrect statements have been made and therefore, it has necessitated the complainant to file this explanation / counter to bring correct facts on record for kind consideration by this Hon’ble Commission, as under:-
1) That the facts stated in para 1 are deliberately distorted to dispute the locus of complainant. It is most humbly submitted that the contract was awarded by the Directorate to firm M/s PA Systems and Shri Prashant Agnihotri, an electrical contractor, is the proprietor of the said firm. Ms Shehla Masood has been authorized by way of duly executed power of attorney to transact on behalf of and work for the said firm and since inception she has been representing the firm by virtue of authority given to her and recognized by the Directorate till date. Authorities at no point of time raised any objection regarding the validity of authority given to Ms. Shehla Masood and therefore, the objection raised in para 1 is of no consequence and deserves to be rejected.
2) In response to para 2 it is most humbly submitted that before the year 2006 no system of public tender was adopted and followed in the Directorate and the work was awarded on the basis of arbitrary pick and chose without there being any eligibility or selection. The complainant for the first time noticed this high handed pattern of working and persuaded the authorities to invite tenders through public notice and select contractors for fixed duration as per the eligibility fixed and notified. Large number of letters were sent to all concerned higher authorities for this legitimate request and ultimately it is because of complainant’s persuasion the system of public tender was adopted in the year 2006. In the year 2006 our firm stood lowest and therefore, was selected for one year. As per the terms and conditions the Directorate was bound in law to give work to us in all the functions / programmes organized by it or organized under its supervision or management through out the state. The commitment was faithfully honored till Shri Pawan Shrivastava the present Director, joined but soon after his joining the scenario changed and the terms of the contract were flagrantly violated and large number of programmes were diverted to contractors / parties of his choice ignoring the obligation of Directorate to award work to the selected contractor i.e. M/s PA System. A list of programmes / functions diverted to unauthorized contractors after joining of Mr. Shrivastava is being enclosed as in Attachment -7 for kind perusal by Hon’ble Commission and the same would show that deliberately complainant was victimized by diverting the work to unauthorized contractors without there being any legal or justified reason for the same.
3) No tenders were called In spite of written request from us to the Director/ Secretary/PS/ Minister. It is complainant who has been requesting for the tenders because for last 40 years transparent process of public tender was being followed by the Department of Culture and its Academies. The representations made by complainant in this regard are being enclosed as Attachment -2.
4) In reply to para 4, it is incorrect to say that the payments were done on time. After Mr. Pawan Shrivastava joined, our payments are still pending without any reason but due to his deliberate victimizing attitude towards us, as complainant is not ready to succumb to unjust and illegal practice of commission to the extent of 30% of our bill amount. Deliberately for no reason Shri Shrivastava has been creating hurdles in the work, mentally harassing, calling up on mobile and asking / coercing complainant to withdraw her applications pending under the RTI Act for related information blackmailing complainant saying that “Agar RTI ke letter wapas nahi loge to bhaiaya dekhlo age kaam kaise karoogee”. Shri Shrivastava also says “Ye sab kaam ladkiyon ke bas ke nahin hai .. aaap kahen aur kaaam kare. Ye sab kaam choro.” Shri Shrivastrava blacklisted complainant without any justified or legal reason and without giving any opportunity of explanation in complete violation of principles of natural justice. These were some of the tactics he applied for not letting complainant work and also for not releasing the due payment of the work completed. It is complainant’s constitutional right to work and get the payments for the work done as per the terms of bill raised or at least within the reasonable time. There are still bills pending of the year 2006/2007 and some of the instances are being quoted as under:-
i) Bill no 307 of Rajya Mahotsav 2006 dated 24/11/06 of amount Rs 12, 50,583 were given. Rs 4, 97,370 were released. Due payment of Rs 7, 53,213 is due.
ii) Bill no 320 Khajuraho investors meet dated 26/2/2007 is still pending. The amount of the bill was Rs 1, 44,160. Received payment is Rs 30,000/- Due is Rs 1, 14,705.
iii) Bill No. 311 Tansen Samaroh dated 27.11.06 pertaining to Ustad Allauddin Khan Sangeet Evam Kala Academy is still pending and amount of Rs. 359351/- is still due and outstanding. Kindly refer Attachment - 4-(3). These payments were not released as the department said it will be done after some time/ in the coming financial year. The work orders can be checked from the department. The items used at the time of the function are also duly signed by the officer incharge. The bills have the sign and seal of the authority that were approved at the site and accordingly the bills were produced. Attachments. Till date our pending amount of Rs 7, 53,213 and Rs 1, 44,160 is due of the year 2006/2007 work. Mr. Pande the lekha adhikari was the incharge of the rajya mahotsav and Khajuraho investors meet in 2006.
Complainant met Mr. Shrivastava on this issue to remind for payments and briefed him about the last year delay and even asked to check the official record to confirm. Shri Shrivastava directed his junior officers. Mr. Chaturvedi and Mr Jha to put up the files before him and having received file, complainant was called on mobile by Mr. Shrivastava for the payment issue. On meeting Mr. Pawan Shrivastava said “Purana mamla hai … mehnat karni padegee tumhe. Dekh lo agar teyaar ho to? On being asked the intention he told”tum samajdar ho dekh lo” On the second meeting on this same issue he said ”Is saaal ka naya Blue colour Mont Blanc Pen dekha hai tumne? Us se sign karunga…. System to follow karo Shehla kaam ho jaega pareshaan mat ho.”

More than 16 months have passed but our payments are still stuck up ever since he has joined. Reason complainant refused to be party to his corrupt practices and secondly did not succumb to his pressures and tactics.
My payments after he joined are also not cleared till date.
My part payments after he joined in Feb. 2007 are still pending.
- Bhojpur mahotsav bill no 319 of amount Rs 1,50,705 dated 26/2/3007
- Betwa mahotsav bill no 419 of Rs 2,65,272 dated 12/6/2007 is still not cleared
- The works were given from the cultural secretariat as we were the official L 1 Tender party for the year.
The complainant has been facing problems because huge amount has been blocked. It is distressing us, work and business. Complainant is unable to cope with the present situation of business because of continuous illegal demands made and victimization done by Shri Pawan Shrivastava. Shri Pawan Shrivastava wants to exploit from our situation and has been harassing us and violating our fundamental rights
Reference Attachment 4(1) Reminders of the same were sent from31/1/2007 till 1/4/2008- to Shri Pawan Shrivastava/Secretary./PS Cultural
Attachment 4 (2) letter to Director/ Shri Pawan Shrivastava ustad alluding khan sangeet evam kala academy for the Tansen Samaroh.
Attachment 4 (3): Bills of all the 5 events along with the signature of the officer incharge at the time of the function to confirm that the items were used.

5. The allegations contained in Paras 5 to 9 of reply are incorrect and denied. It is incorrect that after assumption of charge by Shri Shrivastava, complainant repeatedly met him and applied pressure that the different academies working under the Directorate are not getting the work done through M/s P.A. Systems, a firm approved by the Directorate. The correct factual situation is complainant was called in the C.M. House to discuss the arrangements regarding Kavi Goshthi scheduled to be organized in C.M. House. Shri Shrivastava was also present being the Director but having no experience of event management remained silent spectator and could not contribute in the discussion. Thereafter Shri Shrivastava himself used to call complainant to seek opinion and advises in regard to management of culture programmes / events. Thus the allegation of frequent meeting by complainant is absolutely false. It is very strange that a senior officer like Director Culture has made false accusation of application of pressure by complainant. It is beyond common prudence how come requesting for rightful claim could be termed to be applying pressure that to by a person who is responsible to redress the complaint/grievance. It is relevant to mention that complainant has been making complaint regarding diversion of work to unauthorized agencies by academies of Cultural Directorate and in past also various complaints / letters were given to previous Director Shri Pankaj Rag and these letters are annexed as Attachment - 5. It is also relevant to mention that in Para no. 8 & 9 of reply itself Shri Shrivastav has stated that he gave corrective orders and started giving work to the approved firm. This clearly shows that complaints were correct and raising lawful grievance, by no stretch of logic or argument can be termed to be applying pressure. In the concerned year as many as 73 programmes were organized directly by Directorate or its associated academies etc. and out of these 73 the approved firm was hardly given few programmes in complete violation of terms of tender. The complainant is annexing the list of programmes organized in the year by the Directorate and its academies as Attachment - 6.1,2,3 Despite complaint most of the important programmes/works were assigned to unauthorized private parties by Shri Shrivastava and some of the examples are as under :-
i) Anushruti in Dhar organized on 30th April
ii) Kavi Sammelan in Burhanpur on 4th May
iii) Anushruti in Katni on 30th May
iv) Anushruti in Morena on 30th June
v) Kishore Kumar’s programme in Khandwa on 4th & 5th August
vi) Anushruti in Bharat Bhawan Bhopal on 21st August
vii) Sharma Bandhu’s programmes in CM House Bhopal on 4th Sept.
From the aforesaid, it would be clear to this Hon’ble Commission that deliberately major programmes were given to unauthorized and unapproved agencies by the Director or at least by his consent causing huge and irreparable loss and damage to our firm because having entered into contract with the Directorate the firm kept all its resources reserved for the functions of Directorate and its Secretaries and did not entertain any major assignment. Barring Sahitya Academy no academy of the Directorate gave any work to the firm and despite complaint no concrete action was taken by Shri Shrivastava and his act of overlooking virtually promoted and encourage assignment of work to unapproved agencies. It is incorrect that all the payments were used to be made through cheque after assumption of Office by Shri Shrivastava. The complainant gave information to the Director with specific names regarding illegal and unjust demands but no action was taken and as a result the exploitation and victimization continued. Thus from the aforesaid, it would be apparent to this Hon’ble Commission that Shri Shrivastava deliberately violated and flouted the contract of complainant firm and diverted major assignment to unapproved agencies and also failed to take any appropriate action against erring officials despite specific complaints and thereby was instrumental in patronizing the erring officials working illegally and in clear violation of terms of contract. The Directorate being part of State Govt. is bound in law to honour its contractual commitments in letter and spirit but in case of complainant the Directorate has deliberately violated the contract time and again though the complaint firm was always ready, willing, prepared and capable of doing the work. Kindly obtain a list of programmes organized in a year and work given to complainant out of those programmes before blacklisting.
6. That the adverse allegations contained in para no. 10 of reply are incorrect and denied. The correct factual situation is that on 16th August a very small Mushaira was organized in the Governor House. It was a personal programme of Hon’ble Governor which was attended by only 12 persons including Hon’ble Governor. The staff of Governor house and culture department was also present. The firm was given the work of audio arrangement and appropriate arrangement was accordingly made. The arrangement made was checked before the commencement of the programme in the presence of Director Shri Shrivastava and the trial check was successful. Just before the end of programme a very minor technical snag developed in one of the mike. Immediately Shri Shrivastava present the programme was asked if need is felt mike / system can be changed just in two minutes. Since the snag was very minor and programme was just about to be completed Shri Shrivastava did not prefer to allow change of one of the mike. To avoid any interruption the mike was immediately disconnected and programme continued with the other available mikes working properly. The programme went on peacefully without any complaint from any of the guest or from the Hon’ble Governor or Staff of Governor house. It is relevant to mention that the very next day another programme was organized in the Governor house and complainant firm was given the arrangement by the Staff of the Governor House considering good past performance. The Governor house in the same month issued letter of extension for sound work for the next period. The copy of Letter issued by Governor House for sound arrangement for programme of 22.9.2007 is annexed as Attachment- 7 (1 -2.) The firm also did another function in the Governor house on 30th Sept.2007 and the letter of appreciation issued for the same is annexed as Attachment - 8. Thus from the aforesaid it would be apparent to this Hon’ble Court that the allegations made regarding poor arrangement of programme held on 16.8.2007 are incorrect, baseless and have been cooked up to justify and support the illegal and arbitrary action of the Directorate. It is incorrect that the audio system was defective from the inception and the amplification was bad. It is further incorrect that to defect the voice of Hon’ble Governor got distorted when he was delivering the speech. It is incorrect that Director present in the programme repeatedly asked to rectify the defect so that programme could be completed gracefully. It is further incorrect that the Director asked firm to replace the defect parts/components but the firm showing unnecessary adamancy did not change the parts of the equipment and as a result the whole programme was spoiled. As submitted above before the start of function itself trial check was done as a routine in the presence of Director Shri Shrivastava and there was no defect and after his complete satisfaction only he cleared the arrangement. It is important to mention that even till date complainant firm is getting work of supply of sound system to the Governor House. And the record of the firm has been extremely good, spotless and unblemished although and all the departments have appreciated the work time and again.
7) That in reply to para no. 11 & 12 of reply submitted by Shri Shrivastav it is most humbly submitted that the adverse allegations made are incorrect. It is incorrect that Ms. Shehla Masood had admitted the failure of arrangement in the complaint made. It is further incorrect that M/s P.A. Systems was asked to submit explanation and the same was not submitted and therefore the firm has been blacklisted. Before passing the order of blacklisting no opportunity of hearing or explanation proposing blacklisting was given and the blacklisting has been order in complete violation of principles of Natural Justice with a view to victimize the complainant. The action taken is wholly illegal, unjust and improper. The blacklisting has been done to settle the personal grudge and score of Shri Shrivastava and the same amount to high handed exercise of powers because complainant Shehla Masood became eye sore because she being lady is doing the business with competitive efficiency and resisting all throughout to succumb to illegal demands and pressures. Due to aforesaid via media of blacklist has been resorting to get rid off complainant. Only after receiving the letter of blacklisting, the complainant received information of the action and reasons for the same. Immediately reply was sent to place the correct facts on record though the complainant was aware that the same will not be given any attention or consideration. Deliberately vague assertions have been made to hide and suppressed that no prior notice was given to the complainant before taking extreme penal action. If Directorate had issued / given any notice before blacklisting the same and proof its service ought to have been placed before this Hon’ble Commission and non filing / production of these relevant documents leads to only one conclusion that the allegations are incorrect, baseless and false. Against the illegal action complaints were made to the Hon’ble Minister and Higher Authorities annexed as Attachment - 9. The concerned minister having noticed genuineness of the complaint Shri Shrivastava was called and directions were given to rectify the mistake. Complainant sent letter dt. 16.11.2007, annexed as Attachment - 10. for recall of illegal order and for release of illegally withheld payment. Shri Shrivastava bent upon to harass and victimize us did not pay any heed to the advises given and continued with his illegal pursuit. The vested motive of Shri Shrivastava is too apparent as he has been giving work to M/s Bijlee Bhawan a firm who has been working for the Department for last 40 years, without any tender.
The fresh tenders were deliberately delayed for six months and in the meanwhile the work was allotted by arbitrary pick and choose to firms/agencies as per the choice of the Director. The work of Madhya Pradesh Utsav held in December 2007 was given without selection or tender and during entire Utsav the arrangement was extremely poor and defective. M/s Bijlee Bhawan not only failed to provide proper sound system but at the same time acting illegally ofloaded the work to M/s Durgesh Sounds of Indore.ignoring the conditions NO 15 of the tender. photographs in proof whereof are being attached as Condition 15 of the tender clearly stated that no work will be subleted. The norms were flouted openly. Tender form conditions are in the Attachment - 11. The above described national programmes were completely spoiled by the extremely poor sound system deployed and the same was duly highlighted in the press and electronic media. Some of the news reports are being attached as Attachment - 12. Shri Shrivastav’s obstinacy and personal interest prevailed over the honor of the State and no action has been taken against the concerned agency / contractor. The complainant sent written complaints to the Higher Authorities for illegal, arbitrary and malafide actions taken by Shri Shrivastava but the same remain unattended. It is important to note that Shri Shrivastava is a Public Servant and is bound to act as per the procedure prescribed in law and in the interest of State. Shri Shrivastava cannot be allowed or permitted to work for his personal likes and dislikes that too spoiling the image, esteem, prestige and reputation of State at the National level. The motivated, legal, arbitrary and discriminatory actions taken by Shri Shrivastava clearly shows that he has no commitment for the interest of State and his individual interest are paramount to him and which raises serious doubt about his integrity towards his duties and official obligation.
8) That in reply to para no. 13 it is most humbly submitted that the tender for the year 2008 was public after inordinate delay of more than 6 months and the same was published in Dainik Bhaskar of 21.12.2007 and tender forms were not supplied till 26.12.2007. As a result a complaint was to be made Director cc to Minister and Secretary annexed as Attachment - 13. Similar complaint was made to Hon’ble Chief Secretary, Principal Secretary (Home) and Secretary of Culture for not taking appropriate action and the same is annexed as Attachment -14. because complainant was being denied lawful right of participation in the tender. With great difficulty complaint could get the tender document and on examination noticed that there are various deliberate material mistakes and accordingly the same was pointed out / informed to the Director. The action taken by complainant further aggrieved the Director and he cross all limits of decency and official decorum phoned to undersigned on 4.12.2008 at 2.43 hours on mobile and gave clear threats to withdraw the applications submitted in the Department under the R.T.I. Act. The complainant was warned to withdraw application before submitting the tender. Immediately the matter was reported to the D.G.P. as the FIR of the complainant was not being lodged. The relevant documents are being as annexed as Attachment –(15) 1and2 .
Shri Shrivastava continued with his legal acts of giving threats and warning over phone and these telephonic conversations have been recorded and can be placed as and when directed. In the aforesaid hostile background the tenders were opened and two firms namely Nanu Video and Vision Force were disqualified in the presence of committee members and the bidders as they could not fulfill the conditions. Complaints tender was cleared in technical bid and financial bid was also opened on 31.12.2007 in the Cultural Secretariat at 9’0 clock and the complainant was declared lowest. Acting illegally and arbitrarily the tender of disqualified firm M/s Nanu Video was accepted and the complainant received the said information after about 20 days. It is relevant to mention that Condition No. 13, 16, 27, 38 to 41 and 44 were not fulfilled and complied with by M/s Nanu Video and therefore it was declared disqualified at 8.00 PM on 31.12.2007 in the presence of all the bidders and committee members. Written complaints for disqualification of firms with unfulfilled conditions were accepted by the committee. Bids of disqualified firms were not unwrapped from the envelopes. It was informed to the Secretary Cultural as well. The relevant documents are being as annexed as Attachment –(16) 16-1,2,3,4,5 .Awarding contract to a disqualified bidder is purely illegal and amounts to fraud on powers. The complaints regarding illegalities committed during the process of tender were made to the Hon’ble Minister and Secretary but except bald enquiry nothing yielded. The Director and his subordinates acting with purpose have manipulated the process of tendering and whereby denied contract to the lowest bidder i.e. complainant. The entire tender proceedings, objections filed, declarations etc may be summoned to cross check and verify the correct facts. In fact complainant being most eligible was legally entitled for award of contract but the same has been denied by illegal and arbitrary manipulation amounting to fraud and forgery.
9) That the contents of para no. 14 of the reply are misconceived. The Director has failed to see and appreciate that the complaint is of non payment of balance amount Rajya Mahotsav 2006. The bill no. 307 dt. 24.11.2006 was for Rs. 12,50,583/- and only meager sum of Rs. 4,97,370/- was released and an amount of Rs. 7,53,213/- was illegally and unjustifiably withheld and the same is still due and outstanding. All the bills submitted were duly supported by the letters of officer incharge issued after due and proper check of items used in the function. The bills are completely in order and there is no discrepancy in the items, rates or amount claimed. The unjust withholding of substantial amount of bills clearly shows personal prejudice of the Director and the same was with the sole purpose to harm and harass the complainant. The ill-will of Shri Shrivastava is apparent from the reply itself because despite having complete record with him, he could afford to feigned ignorance about admitted non payment of huge amount of Rs. 7,53,213/- by filing evasive reply. The entire record could be summoned to ascertain the correct factual situation to confirm the authenticity of the reply to the Hon’ble commission.
10) That the contents of para 15 to 18 of the reply are incorrect and denied. Deliberately incorrect and evasive averments have been made to misrepresent before Hon’ble Commission. The correct factual situation is that no work order was directly given to the complainant by any of the Collectorate. All the work orders were given by the Department / Directorate of Culture and therefore, the concerned department / Directorate is responsible for the payment and cannot shift the liability taking recourse to their internal arrangement. Signatures of the officer incharge of the function form the secretariat has duly signed the papers after installing of sound in every programme. The bills are raised to the department and accordingly the payments are released by the Department only. Shri Shrivastava having complete knowledge of the system of functioning has made deliberate incorrect statement to avoid the liability and misguide this Hon’ble Commission. It is incorrect to suggest that the bills of Betwa Utsav and Bhojpujr Utsav were wrongly presented to the Directorate.It is further incorrect that the Director in order to help complainant firm sent immediate letters to the concerned collectors. In the reply deliberate details of correspondence has not been mentioned. Bill No. 319 of Bhojpur Mahotsav of Rs. 1,50,705/- was sent to Director on 26.02.07 and Bill No. 419 of Betwa Mahotsav for Rs. 2 65 272/- was sent to Director on 12.06.07 and despite lapse of more than 17 months the payment has not been made despite repeated reminders and complaints to the higher authorities. The Director has categorically told complainant that the payment will only be made provided complaints made are withdrawn. The Director has repeatedly phoned complainant on her mobile to warn and give threats. In November 2007 the Director has specifically warned that if the compliant made in RTI is not taken back, we cannot work. The conversation has been duly recorded and can be produced as and when directed. Various complaints were made narrating the aforesaid facts and same as annexed as Attachment – same as 4,5,9,13,14,15. The complainant was given work as the approved contractor of Directorate by the Directorate and therefore the release of payment is also the responsibility of the Directorate and the same cannot be avoided or passed on to an agency with which the complainant has no privacy of contract. The complainant has been pursuing for payment for last 18 months and the letters / complaints sent in that regard are attached as Attachment -4.
11) That the contents of para 19 are incorrect and denied. It is incorrect that before black listing all the works were given to the complainant. The complainant has already clarified the correct factual situation in the preceding paras and crave leave to refer the same. It is relevant to mention that the function organized in the CM house was done by the M/s Bijli Bhawan before black listing of complainant. Similarly various programmes in various districts were given to different venders ignoring the approved contractor.
12) That the contents of para 20 are incorret and denied. Following bills are lying due and outstanding-
i. “Bill no 307 dated 24/11/06 of amount Rs 12, 50,583 was given. Rs 4,97,370 were released and a sum of Rs. 7, 53,213 is still due and outstanding.
ii. Bill no 320 dated 26/2/2007 is still pending. The amount of the bill was Rs 1, 44,160. Received payment is Rs 30,000/- Due is Rs 1, 14,705.
iii. Payment of the Ustad Alluding Khan Sangeet Evam Kala Academy for the Tansen Samaroh Bill No 311 Dated 27/11/2006 is pending for the balance amount of Rs 3,68,000 as we received an amount of Rs 70,000 from the Academy.
iv. Bhojpur Mahotsav bill no 319 of amount Rs 1,50,705 dated 26/2/3007 is still due and outstanding
v. Betwa Mahotsav bill no 419 of Rs 2,65,272 dated 12/6/2007 is still due and outstanding.

From the aforesaid, it would be clear that wrong and incorrect statement had been made that no payment is due and outstanding. The Directorate be directed to place the complete record of payment of bills. All the bills were submitted after due and proper verification as per the rates approved and there was no deficiency or short fall despite no short or deficiency payments are not being made only because of personal bias and grudge of the Director as he has been clearly telling and warning that “jab tak complaints waps nahin loge payment nahin milega”. The complainant is suffering continuous extreme loss and difficulty due to deliberate non payment of due bills. The calculated delay has been done so that the complainant could be pressurized to succumb to illegal wants of Director or other functionaries like Shri Pandey lekha adhikari and Mr Jha asst Secretary. From the aforesaid it would be apparent that how systematic victimization is being done to punish and to teach a lesson to the complainant for raising her voice against injustice and illegalities and for not succumbing to the ulterior intentions of concerned functionaries. It is relevant to mention that in past too Shri Shrivastava has exhibited the same arbitrary, victimizing attitude and conduct in performance of his duties and with his subordinates and which could be duly got verified by the Hon’ble Commission.
From the aforesaid, it would be apparent to this Hon’ble Commission that the reply filed is incorrect and full of misrepresentation and therefore, the same deserves to be rejected and appropriate orders be issued for immediate redressal of grievance of the complainant and for severely punishing the guilty so that in future, the high placed officers may not abuse their office and authority for their personal whims, likes and dislikes and gains, and to deny the legitimates claims and rights of eligible claimants.

Yours faithfully,

Anticipating Justice

Shehla Masood

Anti Terrorist Squad head should not be a halwai in Madhya Pradesh

The alerts on my computer went eccentric and so was me watching the news of 22 blasts in 18 spots in a highly communally surcharged city. It was shocking to say the least. And a day after another set of blasts in the country's IT hub. It was like watching a movie of bomb blast. The very reaction on mind was cause and effect ? It is a tough question.

No explanation came for such a smooth operation for a week. Do we think of terrorism as a prehistoric activity? The sleuths could not find the conspirators/guilty .It was more alarming when no offender was taken into custody and a week went by. Is it the direct fallouts of the communal politics unleashed by sections of our own society?

But when the SIMI activists were caught it actually thrashed the day light out as the state name appeared very boldly. Madhya Pradesh involvement yet again caused distress.

The attacks showed organizational skills of high capability, and managerial talent besides technology. The counter technology has to come up with some explanation for such a smooth operation.

It's good to read in the newspaper that an ATS will be formed in MP, High level meeting are in motion to counter the disease. Since terrorism is a dynamic threat that changes as its root causes in conflicts change and terrorists seek new targets and methods. Effective counterterrorism policy is integral to wise foreign policy, and policy makers must understand the past to anticipate the future

The first and foremost thing Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan should have a robust, unadulterated, intelligent, neutral, and astute IPS with a proven past track record to head the Anti Terrorist Cell. An experienced Officer with past proven track records can lead the state away from xenophobic sections of the society and this disease rather than a corrupt halwai.

Education about counter terrorism is the second most important in the masses as Conspirators have successfully indoctrinated a large number of youths.

Tuesday, August 12

Will MP ever produce a BINDRA?

I would like to congratulate HT who is continuously bringing facts about malnutrition in MP. Be it yesterday’s story of 21 deaths in satna district or the Sheopur deaths in the month of May.

At present I have one question on my mind? How can India produce more Bindras? When we still face problems like malnutrition in our state and in our country?

Will MP ever produce a Bindras? Not till the time we have the problem of malnutrition confronted.

We all know as well as the WCD department that 90 % of the brain of a child is formed in the first two years. If the child is malnourished so will be the Brain.

In our state BAL Sanjeevni scheme is not the solution for the dilemma of hunger. The state is spending crores of rupees on Hoardings, printing materials and advertisements. The same amount can be operated to preach about Food safety as it's a major concern. The rural people are illiterates they don't understand jargon on the hoardings nor they can read the printed material

Food safety is a major concern with increased debate on avian influenza .Not only avian influenza even diarrhoeal diseases alone kills an estimated 1.8 million children annually, and most of these illnesses are attributed to contaminated food or water. If our honorable minister thinks monsoon diseases cause these 28 deaths.

Non-corrupt and responsive officials should be posted in the department to organize the strategy and methods to control the funds mismanagement rather than media management after the outbreak.

Special cell should be constituted for infant's malnutrition monitoring to make our state a healthy state. Permanent health checkups camps should be instated at the disease prone areas like satna etc. Raths similar to promotional campaign of political parties should be run in the remote areas if medical services are difficult.

In MP. IQ of the malnourished child will be less even if the Govt Gets investments in MP. Nothing will change, as people will only do manual labours as 60 % of the children as per the National Family Health Survey (iii) done by (GOI ) are malnourished. And MP has the highest infant mortality in India

I am sure MP is capable of producing Bindras? All we need is to be "humane" Govt official, a politician, an NGO holder, an international worker and people like us.

Monday, August 11

Abhinav Bindra makes India proud

With no sporting culture in India i think Abhinav Bindra will change the views and culture of sports in India.

Abhinav Bindra has won the air rifle gold at the World shooting championship, India's first-ever in the sport, in Zagreb on Monday.

India clinched its first ever individual Olympic gold medal in 108 years .


Friday, August 1

Friendship day

The National Friendship Day is celebrated every year on the first Sunday in August. There is not much history that can be garnered for this day except the fact that the US Congress proclaimed this day as the Friendship Day in the year 1935.

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you."

As an intrinsically social creature, men love to make friends to further this process of socialization...

Today a school celebrated this day by giving a beautiful message for the society.

Monday, July 28

Ladies & Gentlemen, the next time you vote, think for whom you are voting!

The macabre dance of death being orchestrated by the terror groups continues to put a question mark on the policies and strategy of the government in dealing with such a potent and faceless enemy.

Terrorism is not new word anymore on this planet. The difference is the extent of victory it's getting across the globe. In Europe and America impassable wall of defenses have been made. Countries like Australia and New Zealand have implemented mechanisms to pre-empt and defeat terrorism.

In our country day by day it is gaining strength. As till date no anti terror mechanism is established in the center and in the states. In a worrying estimation it has been found that India loses more people in terror attacks than any other country in the world.

Samjhauta, Mecca Masjid, Lumbini Park, Ajmer Dargah, Bombay blasts, hyderabad, Bangalore and now Ahemdabad the list goes on. It is common knowledge that terrorists are responsible for these strikes but beyond that there are no clear answers. In case of each of these attacks, what comes under the scanner is India's security apparatus to act as an effective preventative mechanism.

On the other hand terror networks are better organized and have in the past two or three years managed to penetrate even the smaller towns in India. Blasts are no longer limited to crowded markets in Metros and smaller towns, which also supply operatives and logistics.We have to accept that India is a major target. The terrorists are very committed and thus it is very difficult to penetrate their modules, difficult to build sources, it takes a long time.

Anti-terrorism laws in India have always been a butt of controversy, as also in the United States and Britain. But in India, the leaders of our democratic set-up tend to hijack the debate over anti-terror laws and use it as a political tool to fill the vote banks. TADA has become a Political fascination and POTA complete Vote banks' victim. POTA law is facing criticism from human rights groups. The questions of terror laws are still to be formulated.

The government representatives has one and only statement to make "we will deal with the anti-national forces firmly." While one does not question the bona fides of the government, but many wonder if it would actually be able to translate it into action any time soon. This is because the people of India have time and again been witness to these ghastly acts. Bangalore and Ahmedabad has given us yet another reason to ponder over our collective response to the menace of terrorism, manifested most sensationally by the serial blasts.

It is high time we Indians got into a structured debate to craft our response. The crackdown is possible? Non-politicians have to come together. Or we will keep seeing the sketches of the suspects after the attacks.

Mere knee-jerk reactions and unworkable intelligence inputs won't do either.What might work is a more cohesive, all-inclusive approach towards tacking terror.

Are our security agencies capable enough to deliver when it matters the most? The Kargil war is a bitter lesson when the entire intelligence system faltered to notice the intrusion inside the Indian border in Jammu and Kashmir.
Naxalism has been threatening internal security in the country. More than ten states are in the grip of this red extremism. Every year, hundreds fall victim to Maoists. Neglecting these incidents, the government has not yet formulated policy to counter this. And most of all, the government is not ready to identify it as a problem.

Internal security apart, India is resisting cross border terrorism.But the fa├žade of jihad is now being broken as terrorists are not sparing any religious place. And the fact that innocent people are killed in the blasts targeted at religious and public places undermines the religious overtones of terrorism. With every blast, the notion that India has become a soft target for terror groups gains currency.A proper anti-terror strategy aimed at weeding it out from the roots by neglecting the parochial political gains is required.

Terrorism is expanding to ever-new areas, which nobody even ever dreamt of being victimized by such incidents. Our successive governments never considered that protecting common citizens is among its duties. The investigations of most of the previous blasts are still not completed. But, for us Indians, these have become a part of life.

The virtue of tolerance is indeed much in us "Indians". Why can’t we ask the government and the opposition?

This problem can be solved only by going back to the basics of democracy - you get what you voted for! If you vote for one who promises inaction, then you will have terrorism, if you vote for one who promises security, you will have security.

If everyone in politics knows that we value our lives, all of them will fight terrorism.

The countrymen have to stand up and assert that we all value and love our lives. Everybody will respect basic right.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the next time you vote, think for whom you are voting! Life is our first priority, rest comes later on.......

Wednesday, July 23

Wake up ! thinking Indians

Indian newspapers have become brands and products, not agents of change and enlightenment. This trivialization of what is one of the main pillars of democracy should disturb all thinking Indians.

The rules have changed for me by the Madhya Government ever since IPS Pawan Shrivartava a thoroughly corrupt has been appointed as the Director of the Cultural Department of Madhya Pradesh

The rules have all changed. There was a time----and not so long ago either, perhaps just years ago---when the officers in the department and the academies under the department were restless and squirmed at the charge of corruption. the department showed progress in every sense, and it reached pinnacle with its work.

With no background of art, culture, literature, ethics but the mind of a scandalous, haughty and vindictive and uncouth man Pawan Shrivartava is still misusing the post as appointed by a Big Wig of BJP.

Famous for bribes, extortion and misbehaving with women in drunken state while the SP of Bhopal is ruining the department with his monkey business.

The ruling government and the administrative head of his department takes a shifty look when his complaints are sent to the Chief Secretary, Principal Secretary and the Secretary of the department who is also the Chief Public Relation head of the Govt of MP as they do not denounce corrupt practices.

Inspite of explanations and enquiry being sent from the home department the secretary is evading and skirting to respond to the enquiry by the higher authorities. He is reluctant to reply the enquiry. News is being managed in the newspapers like Dainik Bhaskar and Hindustan times about the corrupt practices of Pawan Shrivartava.

The posts of Director Culturals is being occupied by the men who knows how to twist the laws and rake in the black money. No wonder ever since Pawan Shrivatava has joined the department the status and the quality of the programmes have been in the news either the failure of the programme due to technical snags or artistes speaking about their helplessness due to inadequate quality of light and sound arrangement’s.

Its high time an enquiry is needed on the corrupt practices of Pawan Shrivastava and his goons Jha and Pande in the cultural secretariat.

Clearing projects at contrived prices, not following the tenders conditions , taking 30 % to clear the dues for instance are few examples of his way of working .Unofficially ……….

The administration does not speak of this because it does not have to experience this, and like the three monkeys shuts off all senses when confronted with grim reality. Assurances after assurances, the same promises. The same lies after complaints since a year.

It’s over a year we are engulfed in a sea of feelings ---bitterness, anger, dissatisfaction, and prejudice unhappiness. Corruption has emerged as a major issue with communal forces gaining ground. Corruption at any cost is the new mantra for the culture department of Madhya Pradesh that uses to arm the corrupt practices of pawan Shrivartava with extra constitutional powers, and justify every act of violation.

But then if those in power do not see, they need not act. How long we can call up ministers who is useless and corrupt and we be damned. Or pay commission to work or succumb to pressures.

The electorate can only be taken for granted by political parties practically.

The sunny side was up this time in the media. It highlighted the never before, the overt picture of our parliament and the roles our elected leaders play for power.

The ruling part, the opposition party, the mediators, the power brokers, the opportunists, the intolerant, the racist, the secularists and the industrialists. we saw them all. How can I forget the gamblers? And we also saw the citizens of the country watching the parameters getting lower and lower during crunch times and the rates of the MP getting higher.

Sentiment has little to do with power play. Likes and dislikes mean very little at moment of truth. Politics is about the protection and pursuit of interests. The self-serving politicians had worn thin clothe in the garb of national interest.

The most key question, which surfaces from this business of politics, is role of regional parties. It should be debated in the parliament and in the media circle. Whether the regional parties should be given a role in the national politics of the country.

What role are the regional parties playing in our democracy? With 2 or 3 representatives what is their aim? What role are they are playing in the nations interest? How do they justify their stand in a most crucial hour as we say today –the hung parliament?

Every state with its share of regional players was longing to assert them. As if they could have not bargained if the country had not been brought to this state for the N-deal when inflation around 12%. The price bar for MP's was on the rise.

MP who is unreal and political parties on the fringes of state politics was compensated for more than worth.

If something new has come about in this power play in Indian politics, it is the name of MAYA for the candidature of Prime Minister. We have had a Dalit President, so why not a Dalit Prime Minister if she can outgrow UP and come out of the confines of UP politics?
The electorate can only be taken for granted by political parties practically.

But we know the the next elections will be fought from UP . The fact remains that Lal Krishna Advani is the winner today.

Saturday, July 19

Two in a million

Some things aren’t always black and white. Then again, sometimes they are – like the twin sons born July 11 to a German couple. The first baby that was born, Ryan, has light skin and blue eyes. His brother, Leo, is dark-skinned with brown eyes.

Stephan Gerth is German and white. His wife, Florence Addo-Gerth, is from Ghana and has dark skin.
This is perhaps a greater force speaking out against racism

Monday, July 14

Dhoni and lady body guards

India cricket star Mahendra Singh Dhoni is used to being surrounded by the ladies. Mahi (pet name) known for his good looks and swashbuckling style on the cricket pitch, is one of the biggest celebrities in cricket-crazy India, endorsing everything from hair gel to motorcycles.

He has been given "Z-class" security - the highest level - from the state, usually reserved for the prime minister and other senior political figures.

It is done keeping in view of his ever-growing female fans. It will break heart of millions of female fans who want to meet & hug him. Hard luck gals. Armed with assault rifles, the tough tribal bodyguards of the Jharkhand Armed Police (JAP) are as possessive about the wicketkeeper-batsman as any of his teenaged fans in the country

Youth united on Government expense

who us responsible for this ?

Arushi Murder mystery

Yesterday CBI spoke about the most awaited outcome of a murder case of India in 21st century. The Arushi Murder Case. They said that the murder was planned and executed by the three low class peoples - Krishna (compounder), Rajkumar(Servant of Durrany's) and Vinod Mandal(Durrany's driver). Investigation of the case is continuing diligently to further corroborate confessions of the accused persons.

Noted dental surgeon today walked free after a 50-day traumatic period when the Noida police accused him of murdering his daughter and the media spinning salacious stories about him.
The double murder case beside the punishable crime brought into light the avoidable crime or I may say uncouth and irresponsible behaviour which we saw by professionals, media, police, investigation agencies, public lust and wants.

Fact and fiction were dangerously blurred in the sensational murder of 14-year-old Aarushi Talwar with lurid speculation and slander feeding media frenzy, raising serious questions about professional ethics & responsibilities.The case received significant national attention, and has become representative of recent tendencies towards sensationalism in the Indian media.

Thirsty for news umpteen channels went berserk claiming to attribute onus of guilt on the parents or the servants. It was absolutely scandalous the way the story was covered. All professional norms were thrown to the wind. speculative aspects to the personal lives of the father and his dead daughter caused comparisons to be made to the JonBenet Ramsey case in the United States.

Insinuations that bordered on the voyeuristic and the bizarre like the father having an extra-marital affair with a colleague and dark hints of wife swapping. The constant coverage of every second of their lives outside their houses transgressed the delicate moments when a person mourns loss of a young child.

The murder mystery highlights infringement of their civil liberties and perhaps Human Rights. Every sensible person felt shame at the manner at which cooked up juicy stories were being dramatically and bombastically narrated by one channel after another.

There are end numbers of subject like development, social issues, livelihood, which need common man's attention. Maturity is badly needed but we see is Breaking news :*Monkey kissing the dog
Cat on a tree.
* Dog barked on another dog
* Aishwariya's hairs are swinging in air
* Our PM had morning break fast today.
Numerical solutions to problems.etc

the real criminal should be behind bars . The innocent Arushi died as an inhuman gagged and hit her after trying to rape her.

Media's ability to keep ' sunny side up' Means good things will be described and achievements will be projected.

Thursday, July 10

Memorial forest in Bhopal

Today its unbelievable to see the first Memorial Forest Park in Bhopal Blooming.
All i can say is every good intention will have a beautiful end. In life, many thoughts are born in the course of a moment, an hour, a day. Some are dreams, some visions. Often, we are unable to distinguish between them. To some, they are the same; however, not all dreams are visions. out. The message is simple: commitment precedes vision.
It was a brainstorming session for the safety of environment on 2nd of June. Along with me DFO Bhopal and CF Bhopal came to a conclusion that "people do any thing for their loved ones" why cant we have a park where citizens can plant a sapling in the name of their loved ones?.. and at the same time while doing this awareness of conservation of be done.
Suddenly an idea emerged that of a Memorial Park . It was conceptualised in an hour and today we have a park where anybody can plant a sapling for their loved ones . Rs 300 is being charged for the sapling for the maintenance by the forest department .
9 hectare land is being dedicated for this concept near bhadbhada dam. and Rs 20 Lakh has been sanctioned for the upkeep of the memorial garden.The first sapling was planted by the Forest Minister and the Finance Minister of Madhya Pradesh along with 300 citizens of the city on the very first day ie on July 7th 2008.
Those planting the sapling can choose from 21 varieties of trees including sitaphal, kachnar, mango, peeppal, banyan, teak, kathal, gulmohar etc...

George Bernard Shaw:
If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas.

Tuesday, July 8

SIMI & RSS are brothers

"SIMI and RSS are brothers " said Digvijay Singh. During the time of emergency both were in jail together. Digvijay Singh sense of humor never seems to kick the bucket. He was addressing a rally in Bhopal against the atrocities at the time of BJP Bandh in MP on Congress partymen.

Rahul Gandhi with children in Bhopal.

Thursday, July 3

Is this the spirit of democracy? MP BANDH

Politicians should delete Bandh from their dictionary if they are not concerned about the masses.

The right to strike without disrupting public order is a given in all democracies and is a tool to negotiate and it evolved as an expression of dissent during the 19th century. But what we see today is pillage, arsenal, and damage of public property, commotion in public life, destruction and religious intolerance…..

Bandh and hartal the Indian versions of mass strikes were powerful expressions of popular discontent during the independence movement. Hartal was M K Gandhi's unique idea of non-violent protest against colonial rule. It involved the closing of schools and shops, offices, courts of law and other work.

Today what we are seeing is no powerful moral argument but utter vandalism in the name of bandhs. Bandh now days are seldom voluntary. Political parties who call for a Bandh enforce it ruthlessly. What we see is no commitment for civilized conduct, tolerance, equalities of gender, religion and creed, free expression, and the rule of a humane law and order policy.

The violence was set off by a plan to transfer forest land to the Hindu shrine to erect shelters for thousands of pilgrims. The land allotment to Amarnath Shrine’s board was canceled and as a consequence we have massive demonstrations all across the country. In the name of God we saw political thugs attacking people for not accepting the bandhs that was called.

This was observed today in Bhopal and other cities of MP. Terror tactics were being unleashed in the name of Bharat Bandh. Forced shutdown of social and economic activity backed by the implicit threat of violence was witnessed and thus claiming Bandh to be 'successful'. This has happened as they succeed in enforcing their call because people fear for their safety.

Voluntarism was given a quiet burial. Even essential services were not spared during the Bandh . Absurdly, we saw political parties calling for bandh while holding office. Who is their protest aimed at? What was the basic reason for the Bandh was far away from the masses. Why were offices forced to close down? Is this the way we can inform people about the injustice met by the shrine board? Can awareness be generated by force? Only terror and hatred..

Look at such disruptive tactics. Senseless furore often fuelled by religious hatred is one thing that we perhaps will have to learn to live with. At least till the time when the realization about the enormity of the damage caused by incidents that leads to these protests seeps in. And I don’t see that happen in the near future.

What we see today is a new experience of democracy. It has opened up numerous points of dissent, new conflicts of values and identities and a permanent animosity of meaning and interest that often leaves Indians with a sense that society is flying off in many different directions at once…

The way we get our priorities mixed up is seriously obscene and disturbing. A bunch of people who were pelting stones, forcing close down aged 15-18 years —clueless retards, more descriptively—get offended and agitated and provoked ? EXCUSE ME! I’m sorry to say but they are not even aware why they were doing this… People are thoroughly justified in protesting. But its regrettable when the protests are not confined to demonstrations, slogans and rallies but when law is taken in hand, burning of public properties; persons unconnected with the matter are harassed. This reaction is extremely and grossly disproportionate

Not that we have a fantastic public transport system. Images of buses, autos, trucks being burnt at the slightest provocation suggest there is little that those running the system can do little to help save the situation. Are we responsible for the hapless public distribution system? What kind of anger is this? And who is the looser in the long run? And who are benefiting from this? Why unrests and protests are done by damaging public property and harassing the innocents? Will this solve the problem?

I don’t want to jump the gun but a suggestion comes to mind. Anyone indulging in causing damage to public property should not be entitled for any government favours for the rest of his or her life. After all the buses, shops, etc are in no way responsible for hurting sentiments. Exemplary punishment will have to be doled out to those indulging in such senseless acts. The punishment will have to be such that it acts as a deterrent to others.
Will we get a solution by the shoddy acts? Right to fight against any kind of oppression or wrongdoing is right but how does such an uncouth act in the name of party and an agenda solve the purpose. I’m sure we all get offended by injustice met and it should be strongly condemned, but these violent acts are unpardonable. More important the leaders fail to restrain their followers. It is shameful that some leaders in countries incited people to violence. Such events provide ammunition for the propaganda and give credence to that heresy. And that is indeed a tragedy.

The greatness of democracy lies in the fact that it forces governments to look at the real reason behind protests/Bandhs and not promote it. Most Bandhs are just a case of desperate politicians trying to whip up a storm in a teacup.

The specter of growing protests movement of the awakened is threatening the parliamentary Govt and while the Govt while claiming itself to be democratic, adopting repressive measures which encroach on the democratic rights of the people to preserve law and order.

The “basis on which the parliamentary form of Govt rest” does it rally represent the will of the people? Are the institutional devices evolved to allow full participation to the people in the political process and also provide appropriate channels to redress the grievances, wrongs and harms done to the people or section of the people.? Are these compatible with the Govt? And further, out of the varieties of the protest how many forms of direct action should the democratic? GOVT permit in consonance with its democratic pretensions? Does the parties political assumptions justify violence on the part of the citizen, if the govt though elected by them encroached upon the fundamental right or exercise its authority that prevent the enjoyment of the fundamental right to a large section of the people.

Is this right ? Spirit of democracy?

Wednesday, July 2

Lyrical Justice

By far the most cited songwriter and now Justice cites Bob Dylan in an opinion on Monday.
It was a dispute between pay phone companies and long distance carriers.John G. Roberts Jr., the chief justice of the United States, put a song lyric where the citation to precedent usually goes.

“The absence of any right to the substantive recovery means that respondents cannot benefit from the judgment they seek and thus lack Article III standing,” Chief Justice Roberts wrote. “ ‘When you got nothing, you got nothing to lose.’ Bob Dylan, Like a Rolling Stone, on Highway 61 Revisited (Columbia Records 1965).”

Its is certainly the first use of a rock lyric to strengthen a legal proposition in a Supreme Court decision. Rock ‘n roll has finally encompassed America’s highest halls of justice, in the form of Chief Justice John Roberts invoking Bob Dylan in a Supreme Court ruling.
Indeed a landmark opinion.

He has been quoted in 26 opinions. Paul Simon is next, with 8 (12 if you count those attributed to Simon & Garfunkel). Bruce Springsteen has 5 to his credit.

Bob Dylan has only once before been cited as an authority on Article III standing, which concerns who can bring a lawsuit in federal court. His key contribution to legal discourse has been in another area.“The correct rule on the necessity of expert testimony has been summarized by Bob Dylan: ‘You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows,’ ” a California appeals court wrote in 1981, citing “Subterranean Homesick Blues.” Eighteen other decisions have cited that lyric.
But , it’s not a precise lyrical quote as quoted By the justice on Monday.What Bob Dylan actually sings, of course, is, “When you ain’t got nothing, you got nothing to lose.”It’s true that many Web sites, including Bob Dylan’s official one, reproduce the lyric as Chief Justice Roberts does. But a more careful Dylanist might have consulted his iPod. “It was almost certainly the clerks who provided the citation,” Professor Long said. “I suppose their use of the Internet to check the lyrics violates one of the first rules they learned when they were all on law review: when quoting, always check the quote with the original source, not someone else’s characterization of what the source said.”

Infact after 4 decade popular music becomes acceptable game for Supreme Court-level legal discourse.
Like a Rolling Stone
Once upon a time you dressed so fine
You threw the bums a dime in your prime, didn't you?
People'd call, say, "Beware doll, you're bound to fall
"You thought they were all kiddin' you
You used to laugh about
Everybody that was hangin' out
Now you don't talk so loudNow you don't seem so proud
About having to be scrounging for your next meal.
How does it feel
How does it feel
To be without a home
Like a complete unknown
Like a rolling stone?
You've gone to the finest school all right, Miss Lonely
But you know you only used to get juiced in it
And nobody has ever taught you how to live on the street
And now you find out you're gonna have to get used to it
You said you'd never compromise
With the mystery tramp, but now you realize
He's not selling any alibis
As you stare into the vacuum of his eyes
And ask him do you want to make a deal?
How does it feelHow does it feel
To be on your own
With no direction home
Like a complete unknown
Like a rolling stone?
You never turned around to see the frowns on the jugglers and the clowns
When they all come down and did tricks for you
You never understood that it ain't no good
You shouldn't let other people get your kicks for you
You used to ride on the chrome horse with your diplomat
Who carried on his shoulder a Siamese cat
Ain't it hard when you discover that
He really wasn't where it's at
After he took from you everything he could steal.
How does it feel
How does it feel
To be on your own
With no direction home
Like a complete unknown
Like a rolling stone?
Princess on the steeple and all the pretty people
They're drinkin', thinkin' that they got it made
Exchanging all kinds of precious gifts and things
But you'd better lift your diamond ring,
you'd better pawn it babe
You used to be so amused
At Napoleon in rags and the language that he used
Go to him now, he calls you, you can't refuse
When you got nothing, you got nothing to lose
You're invisible now, you got no secrets to conceal.
How does it feel
How does it feel
To be on your own
With no direction home
Like a complete unknown
Like a rolling stone?