Monday, July 14

Arushi Murder mystery

Yesterday CBI spoke about the most awaited outcome of a murder case of India in 21st century. The Arushi Murder Case. They said that the murder was planned and executed by the three low class peoples - Krishna (compounder), Rajkumar(Servant of Durrany's) and Vinod Mandal(Durrany's driver). Investigation of the case is continuing diligently to further corroborate confessions of the accused persons.

Noted dental surgeon today walked free after a 50-day traumatic period when the Noida police accused him of murdering his daughter and the media spinning salacious stories about him.
The double murder case beside the punishable crime brought into light the avoidable crime or I may say uncouth and irresponsible behaviour which we saw by professionals, media, police, investigation agencies, public lust and wants.

Fact and fiction were dangerously blurred in the sensational murder of 14-year-old Aarushi Talwar with lurid speculation and slander feeding media frenzy, raising serious questions about professional ethics & responsibilities.The case received significant national attention, and has become representative of recent tendencies towards sensationalism in the Indian media.

Thirsty for news umpteen channels went berserk claiming to attribute onus of guilt on the parents or the servants. It was absolutely scandalous the way the story was covered. All professional norms were thrown to the wind. speculative aspects to the personal lives of the father and his dead daughter caused comparisons to be made to the JonBenet Ramsey case in the United States.

Insinuations that bordered on the voyeuristic and the bizarre like the father having an extra-marital affair with a colleague and dark hints of wife swapping. The constant coverage of every second of their lives outside their houses transgressed the delicate moments when a person mourns loss of a young child.

The murder mystery highlights infringement of their civil liberties and perhaps Human Rights. Every sensible person felt shame at the manner at which cooked up juicy stories were being dramatically and bombastically narrated by one channel after another.

There are end numbers of subject like development, social issues, livelihood, which need common man's attention. Maturity is badly needed but we see is Breaking news :*Monkey kissing the dog
Cat on a tree.
* Dog barked on another dog
* Aishwariya's hairs are swinging in air
* Our PM had morning break fast today.
Numerical solutions to problems.etc

the real criminal should be behind bars . The innocent Arushi died as an inhuman gagged and hit her after trying to rape her.

Media's ability to keep ' sunny side up' Means good things will be described and achievements will be projected.

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