Monday, January 12

Jai ho for Allah Rakha Rahman

Jai ho Rahman

Nothing inspired me to write on my blog. since long...When I heard A.R Rahman thanking .. the billions of Indians after wining the award ..set the ball rolling..
was writing on various issues shaping the society.. you and me and others..which are still on my mind but never reached an end …Had to abandon them abruptly....

Today at a time when Shah Rukh Khan presented the award another Indian was making the history on the same venue. This was none other than the music maestro AR Rahman who was presented the best music composer award for his great performance in the Slumdog Millionaire.
Couldn’t stop writing on my blog after a long long time.. The magic the maestro has created .. around us. :)

A true Musician . Maestro of all times.
It’s a historic moment for all of us.. Ever since he arrived with Roja he has revolutionised music. He is a living legend. He writes a world of music..J.Getting Golden Globe award pounding Hans Zimmer and others is just incredible. A perfect fusion of Indian and Western music.

The best news so far .. after a long long time.. .. the slum kid stole the heart of millions. Its a cult… Slumdog Millionaire" also won Golden Globes for best motion picture-drama, best director motion picture award for Danny Boyle and best screenplay motion picture for Simon Beaufoy.'Slumdog Millionaire' Earned Four Kudos at 66Th Golden Globes.

I think its not being oversensitive to speak about poverty .. coz it touched millions of people with the right chord. It is a tale of sorrow and happiness told brilliantly.Slumdog Millionaire has made history. There will be debates now.. very soon.. as Indians are argumentative.. hahaha
I think it deserves all the accolades and laurels. This film will pave the way for us internationally .

A R Rahman has created history… finally receiving the attention he deserves. In the past A.R. Rahman has worked on international collaborations but other than the fact that his soundtracks make big news, they haven't been known much amongst the Indian audience.

This is the first time ever that one is hearing a lot about this project..A score which was relatively unknown till a few months back, has certainly become big .This one is not just a versatile album but also a teasing one, as can be witnessed from the opening number 'Ringa Ringa' which is based on the the rhythm of 'Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai'. Set in a brothel the song hardly leaves anything to imagination. In the league of 'Choli Ke Peeche'and 'Mujhko Raana Ji Maaf Karna' 'Ringa Ringa' is as raunchy as it gets.

'Jai Ho' is the flagship number of Slumdog Millionaire a superb track from Yuvraaj handed over to Slumdog Millionaire by subhash Ghai.. sure he must be hating it now.

An amazing mix of melody and rhythm, 'Jai Ho' remains Indian at heart and is instantly catchy. No wonder, it is the lone promotional song of the film.. Gulzar sahab celebrates the spirit of love and life with 'Jai Ho' and infuses enough power in it that justifies all the nominations it is receiving today.

We salute the Maestro.