Thursday, April 26

Love and religion

A Hindu girl and a Muslim boy fell in love with each other. Parents of the girl did not approve of the match. So they eloped and got married and said..
Kill and be happy.
This is the definition
Of animal love.
Possess and be happy,
This is the definition
Of human love.
Become one and be happy.
This is the definition
Of divine love.

On the other hand Government driven by communal ideology came up with moves, which many a times astound us beyond belief. But quite predictable.

The UMAR-A LA UMESH & PRIYANKA endeavor was like a prod, and was a chance for various arrangements. Vicious protest, agitations, hostility from the saffron brigade- and a code of conduct for Sindhi girls thrown upon. Least bothered about the rights of a female, the kanya suraksha samiti, non existed muslim organizations came to breathe, were shown on TV Channels who questioned supremacy of female. Few among the people claiming the moral guardians were speaking, rattling for no rhyme or reason but for publicity and various channels exhibited that non sense forgetiing that Religion was clearly developed to keep decorum in the society. To eradicate the inquisitors by the root.

Marriage is absolutely a personal matter and so is the religion. Outside outfits have no right to interfere and create a mess. Outfits like RSS & BD are a blot on the secular fabric of our society. These people in the name of defending India's rich culture and heritage are in reality trampling people’s right to freedom of choice

The relationship of Police and the Muslims is of doubt and suspicion was once again highlighted. Police harassment and prejudice was evident by implicating a abduction case to maintain peace and serenity forgetting the bustle created by the police. The police denied the allegation of detaining until shown on your channel. The hangover of Muslim sentiments in the police force is a stereotype, which has refused to die with the times for reasons

India became secular through a struggle for democracy. India became secular through the efforts for caste and gender equality. It became secular through the efforts of those who participated in the freedom movement irrespective of their religion. Those opposed to democracy and the values of Liberty, Equality and fraternity stood by the side, Muslim League and Hindu Mahasabha; RSS, the embodiments the politics based on the intolerant traditions of those religions.

Secularism stands not only for equal citizenship rights of people of all religions, it also stands for the abolition of caste/class and gender hierarchy. In fact none of the institutions of religion tolerate this equality of caste, class and gender. These values of hierarchy, in the post colonial phase have also assumed the form of politics in the name of religion, fundamentalism of different hues. Most of the fundamentalist movements emerging from different religions are opposed to the process of transformation of caste and gender equations towards equality.

Belief or devotion is far way from the foes of inter-religious marriage. Fanatics do not know the true religion to its depth. They are used by the selfish and shrewd people to serve their ulterior motives to harm the humanity. The projection that our religion is in danger is again a common denominator of all religion based politics. The political goals of elite are given the status of interests of that religion. So Muslim League representing the interests of Muslim elite will call for Islam in danger and so the call for violence. The empowerment of Adivasis through education, by the Christian missionaries, is a threat to the interests of Hindu elite so Hinduism in danger and so the burning of Pastor Stains. Proud acts of lenience!

Although the courts and the government on various occasions have upheld secular values it hasn’t created enough fear among the terrorists who manage to get away with heinous crimes due to loopholes in the legal systems.

Secularism actually means an attitude unconnected with any religion. But if asked its meaning an Indian would invariably say that secularism means 'religious tolerance'. Why is it that this term which is enshrined in our constitution should have a popular misconception about its meaning? To answer this question we would have to probe deeper into Indian polity and the dialectics of Hinduism, the religion of the majority.

You can’t make a nation just by riding high on economical front. A nation is made by people and India is made of Hindus as well as Muslims. You can’t ignore your one hand and think that you will do with the other one. You might be very successful with your one hand and may be the most successful individual in the world, but still one day when you will think you will find that had you been with both of your hands you could have done better. If not better the taste of the victory must have been more satisfying. At least you could have clapped on your own success. All religions are different organs of this body we call India, no doubt we can do without one or two of them but will definitely miss out somewhere in the long run. We should learn from the mistakes and try not to emulate others if we ourselves think that they have done wrong. The never-ending lust for positions of power in politicians numbs them to compromise on issues of extreme communal intolerance. Few restrained from openly coming out because they never wanted to project an Anti-Hindu image and lose out on Hindu vote banks. The inherent fear to lose Hindu votes of few parties has given communal forces a free hand to indulge in unhindered violence.

The recognition of the authority of the clergy is coming back assertively in the social and political space due to unfortunate rise of the politics of identity as witnessed in India and in large sections of the World. Clash of civilizations is the mast head of the US imperialist designs of strengthening its empire in large parts of the World. Politics is adorning the apparel of religion and so there is increasing importance of the clergy of most of the religions.

So the people who have relied too long on religion can not even dream about a world without those pillars on which their whole life has rested. Without religion they are exposed. It's about the condition of a common man who suddenly realizes in the middle of the street that he is naked. That is why religion needs to be revamped with times. Changed so that people don't lose the perspective of life and behave like unreigned horses being (mis)guided by religion.

There needs to be an antidote for religion, a cure that makes the people understand that religion was just a way of teaching them the paths of life, it was just a medium and not the end in itself. Don't just read and believe. Read, test and understand, elminate what doesn't fit with times only then will you be truly religious. Clearly there has been an overdose of the religion pill which was supposed to be an answer to all the human fallacies, but the drug has reacted ; Religion has turned out to be a drug that failed.