Wednesday, December 3

Gateway to India

On one hand the GATEWAY OF INDIA witnessed children, youth, old ..asking for security, accountability, their rights, agitated, full of hatred against the terrorism,,And on the other hand after the relentless appeals by the citizens and media finally forced the stepping down of Maharashtra CM.. and an apology by the Kerala CM

The magnificent arch, built in 1911 to welcome the King-Emperor, has ever since stood as a symbol of the openness of the city and today for the solidarity shown by the citizens of the country. Amid slogans against politicians and Pakistan, the citizens, holding placards, lit candles and paid tribute to victims and martyrs who lost their lives fighting terrorists.

Have your say; join a peace rally at Gateway of India was the only message. The march showed Solidarity, compassion, and emotion. People held flowers, candles and signs that called for peace, unity, and action against terrorism.

The Gateway of India and gateway to India's soul today saw the world stands united in unreserved condemnation of this latest atrocity. This same place few days back was mute and a testimony to the latest assault on the country's pluralist democracy.

Pakistan's sputtering democracy already shaken is seeking to engulf India in its flames aswell.India is a land of great resilience that has learned, over arduous millenniums, to cope with tragedy.
we Indians have picked up from rubble and will go on as coexistence has always been our strength.

India is a gateway to all and will always be.


  1. Subject: Invitation to Jago Bhopal Inaugural Online Blogger Symposium (22 Dec - 28 Dec 2008).

    Shehla Ji,

    The Mumbai Terror Attack evoked the same emotions in all of us, we all tried to do something for our country, someone SMSed, the other joined a Candle Vigil, even some people sulked that nothing can be done in this country, for this country, by its people.

    The Blogging Community is an exception to this, because each person’s ideas and solutions are there for all of us to read and discuss, and then we can convert these into reality. The problem is simply by writing a blog article we cannot change our country, the problem is apart from a few famous ones all the bloggers stay at the margins of internet getting frustrated why their wonderful idea is not being listened to and put to action.

    The problem is that we all don’t connect with each other even in the same city, even on the internet. The problem is our intentions should be reflected in our actions, to clean the politics of this country, we must at least participate in political discussions (not like that shown on NDTV, but like all of talking together through blogs)

    In this context, I invite you to connect with other bloggers from Bhopal and make an initial contribution to a new kind of politics in Bhopal and in our country.

    I invite you to the Jago Bhopal Blogger Symposium (2008).

    I request you to write an article (write a sentence, a long article, a full-fledged criticism, a couplet, a poem, anything) on any one of the following topics:

    1. India of My Dreams.

    2. Is Jago Party a better option than other political parties of India.


    1. Publish the entry on your blog and mail it to or post the link on the symposium notice form on as a comment.

    2. Send the entry directly to or along with your name.

    3. The date of entry is from 22 December to 28 December 2008.

    Latent Dissent.

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