Tuesday, August 26

Anti Terrorist Squad head should not be a halwai in Madhya Pradesh

The alerts on my computer went eccentric and so was me watching the news of 22 blasts in 18 spots in a highly communally surcharged city. It was shocking to say the least. And a day after another set of blasts in the country's IT hub. It was like watching a movie of bomb blast. The very reaction on mind was cause and effect ? It is a tough question.

No explanation came for such a smooth operation for a week. Do we think of terrorism as a prehistoric activity? The sleuths could not find the conspirators/guilty .It was more alarming when no offender was taken into custody and a week went by. Is it the direct fallouts of the communal politics unleashed by sections of our own society?

But when the SIMI activists were caught it actually thrashed the day light out as the state name appeared very boldly. Madhya Pradesh involvement yet again caused distress.

The attacks showed organizational skills of high capability, and managerial talent besides technology. The counter technology has to come up with some explanation for such a smooth operation.

It's good to read in the newspaper that an ATS will be formed in MP, High level meeting are in motion to counter the disease. Since terrorism is a dynamic threat that changes as its root causes in conflicts change and terrorists seek new targets and methods. Effective counterterrorism policy is integral to wise foreign policy, and policy makers must understand the past to anticipate the future

The first and foremost thing Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan should have a robust, unadulterated, intelligent, neutral, and astute IPS with a proven past track record to head the Anti Terrorist Cell. An experienced Officer with past proven track records can lead the state away from xenophobic sections of the society and this disease rather than a corrupt halwai.

Education about counter terrorism is the second most important in the masses as Conspirators have successfully indoctrinated a large number of youths.

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