Tuesday, August 12

Will MP ever produce a BINDRA?

I would like to congratulate HT who is continuously bringing facts about malnutrition in MP. Be it yesterday’s story of 21 deaths in satna district or the Sheopur deaths in the month of May.

At present I have one question on my mind? How can India produce more Bindras? When we still face problems like malnutrition in our state and in our country?

Will MP ever produce a Bindras? Not till the time we have the problem of malnutrition confronted.

We all know as well as the WCD department that 90 % of the brain of a child is formed in the first two years. If the child is malnourished so will be the Brain.

In our state BAL Sanjeevni scheme is not the solution for the dilemma of hunger. The state is spending crores of rupees on Hoardings, printing materials and advertisements. The same amount can be operated to preach about Food safety as it's a major concern. The rural people are illiterates they don't understand jargon on the hoardings nor they can read the printed material

Food safety is a major concern with increased debate on avian influenza .Not only avian influenza even diarrhoeal diseases alone kills an estimated 1.8 million children annually, and most of these illnesses are attributed to contaminated food or water. If our honorable minister thinks monsoon diseases cause these 28 deaths.

Non-corrupt and responsive officials should be posted in the department to organize the strategy and methods to control the funds mismanagement rather than media management after the outbreak.

Special cell should be constituted for infant's malnutrition monitoring to make our state a healthy state. Permanent health checkups camps should be instated at the disease prone areas like satna etc. Raths similar to promotional campaign of political parties should be run in the remote areas if medical services are difficult.

In MP. IQ of the malnourished child will be less even if the Govt Gets investments in MP. Nothing will change, as people will only do manual labours as 60 % of the children as per the National Family Health Survey (iii) done by (GOI ) are malnourished. And MP has the highest infant mortality in India

I am sure MP is capable of producing Bindras? All we need is to be "humane" Govt official, a politician, an NGO holder, an international worker and people like us.

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