Wednesday, July 23

Wake up ! thinking Indians

Indian newspapers have become brands and products, not agents of change and enlightenment. This trivialization of what is one of the main pillars of democracy should disturb all thinking Indians.

The rules have changed for me by the Madhya Government ever since IPS Pawan Shrivartava a thoroughly corrupt has been appointed as the Director of the Cultural Department of Madhya Pradesh

The rules have all changed. There was a time----and not so long ago either, perhaps just years ago---when the officers in the department and the academies under the department were restless and squirmed at the charge of corruption. the department showed progress in every sense, and it reached pinnacle with its work.

With no background of art, culture, literature, ethics but the mind of a scandalous, haughty and vindictive and uncouth man Pawan Shrivartava is still misusing the post as appointed by a Big Wig of BJP.

Famous for bribes, extortion and misbehaving with women in drunken state while the SP of Bhopal is ruining the department with his monkey business.

The ruling government and the administrative head of his department takes a shifty look when his complaints are sent to the Chief Secretary, Principal Secretary and the Secretary of the department who is also the Chief Public Relation head of the Govt of MP as they do not denounce corrupt practices.

Inspite of explanations and enquiry being sent from the home department the secretary is evading and skirting to respond to the enquiry by the higher authorities. He is reluctant to reply the enquiry. News is being managed in the newspapers like Dainik Bhaskar and Hindustan times about the corrupt practices of Pawan Shrivartava.

The posts of Director Culturals is being occupied by the men who knows how to twist the laws and rake in the black money. No wonder ever since Pawan Shrivatava has joined the department the status and the quality of the programmes have been in the news either the failure of the programme due to technical snags or artistes speaking about their helplessness due to inadequate quality of light and sound arrangement’s.

Its high time an enquiry is needed on the corrupt practices of Pawan Shrivastava and his goons Jha and Pande in the cultural secretariat.

Clearing projects at contrived prices, not following the tenders conditions , taking 30 % to clear the dues for instance are few examples of his way of working .Unofficially ……….

The administration does not speak of this because it does not have to experience this, and like the three monkeys shuts off all senses when confronted with grim reality. Assurances after assurances, the same promises. The same lies after complaints since a year.

It’s over a year we are engulfed in a sea of feelings ---bitterness, anger, dissatisfaction, and prejudice unhappiness. Corruption has emerged as a major issue with communal forces gaining ground. Corruption at any cost is the new mantra for the culture department of Madhya Pradesh that uses to arm the corrupt practices of pawan Shrivartava with extra constitutional powers, and justify every act of violation.

But then if those in power do not see, they need not act. How long we can call up ministers who is useless and corrupt and we be damned. Or pay commission to work or succumb to pressures.

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