Wednesday, July 23

The electorate can only be taken for granted by political parties practically.

The sunny side was up this time in the media. It highlighted the never before, the overt picture of our parliament and the roles our elected leaders play for power.

The ruling part, the opposition party, the mediators, the power brokers, the opportunists, the intolerant, the racist, the secularists and the industrialists. we saw them all. How can I forget the gamblers? And we also saw the citizens of the country watching the parameters getting lower and lower during crunch times and the rates of the MP getting higher.

Sentiment has little to do with power play. Likes and dislikes mean very little at moment of truth. Politics is about the protection and pursuit of interests. The self-serving politicians had worn thin clothe in the garb of national interest.

The most key question, which surfaces from this business of politics, is role of regional parties. It should be debated in the parliament and in the media circle. Whether the regional parties should be given a role in the national politics of the country.

What role are the regional parties playing in our democracy? With 2 or 3 representatives what is their aim? What role are they are playing in the nations interest? How do they justify their stand in a most crucial hour as we say today –the hung parliament?

Every state with its share of regional players was longing to assert them. As if they could have not bargained if the country had not been brought to this state for the N-deal when inflation around 12%. The price bar for MP's was on the rise.

MP who is unreal and political parties on the fringes of state politics was compensated for more than worth.

If something new has come about in this power play in Indian politics, it is the name of MAYA for the candidature of Prime Minister. We have had a Dalit President, so why not a Dalit Prime Minister if she can outgrow UP and come out of the confines of UP politics?
The electorate can only be taken for granted by political parties practically.

But we know the the next elections will be fought from UP . The fact remains that Lal Krishna Advani is the winner today.

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