Friday, September 12

The nobility of management has to flow from the top

What we often hear is death in police custody. But in Madhya Pradesh news of police committing suicide is appearing at regular intervals. Yesterday a sub inspector committed suicide in uniform, on duty, in the control room of Dhaar.

Distress from family problems and health issue is exposed by the police authorities in Dhaar. Other cases of police suicide are still mysteries for everyone till date

One has to know the reason and the cause behind the deaths of policemen in MP through suicide. We all know Policing comes with many challenges. It can be diverse, exciting, unpredictable and satisfying.

Perception of police has been changing with us over a period of time. We always seemingly see three roles of police crime control, order maintenance - preventing and controlling behaviors that disturbs the public peace, including quieting loud parties, settling domestic disputes and intervening in conflicts that arise between citizens. Third as service -provision of a wide range of services to the community, often as a consequence of the 24-hour availability of the police, including assisting in the search for missing persons and acting as an information/referral agency.

Despite the widely held perception both by the police and the public that police performs more work crime control, it’s not true.

Attention is vital to see how the police perform? And in which and what conditions they toil? Are they happy and satisfied? To rectify the anomalies Prevention strategy like Personality development, psychologist and welfare head in every city cell should be assigned. Monthly guidance and exposure should be compulsory to the police man in the service. Police stations should be equipped with operational amenities and electronic connectivity in the office besides good shelter and medication facilities.

This will not only gear them for future challenges but with their family and work pressures as well. Accountability should flow from the highest level to the police constable. The nobility of management has to flow from the top. So that few do not become the Achilles heel of the administration

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