Wednesday, February 3

Mr Raghav Chandra .

Sir, Civil Servants are weak ?

So society has to be sensitive in talking about officers.

In response to this....I am ready with what he says and accept that society should be sensitive. but at the same time i ask him how responsible are Civil Servants towards the society?

Friends .this a read on a site which says..

The writers Opinion
An IG rank officer, while addressing his troops spoke about the need for fitness, temperament and skills at handling modern technology and equipment.

He said they must learn not only from friends but also from the enemy. He gava Kasab's example, of how an 8th pass could be well-trained.

Was that totally wrong? Can we not praise the technical skills of the enemy to learn from him?

Unless of course, he said that Kasab is a good man or justified what havoc he wreaked. Then it would have become not only objectionable but reprehensible.

he also says and raise question to the Civil Society and writes..

Civil servants are so fragile. A smallest blur and they have enemies who will pull them down. So society has to be sensitive in talking about officers. I feel that the media has to cover such incidents more responsibly. Officer's careers are at stake! Says the Writer. What is your opinion? Ill share mine along with your response.

I take on this a little further.. Civil Society wake up? What do we want form Civil Servants?

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