Monday, February 1

Madhya Pradesh Women and Child Department

Madhya Pradesh Women and Child Department served Notice of "KURKI". The Applicant is Mrs Lata Chauhan working in the department as Class 3 employee as her Husband died in 1997. Her Dues are not cleared Till date.She has been claiming Compensations . Its her Right and in Law.

In 2003 the Court had Directed the Department of Women Child for clearance. As usual the Responsibility in the Govt Officers is never assigned.

Today 1/1/2010 the Notice was pasted on the Commissioners office Door of Rs 28 lakh Mortgage.

The Officer who died in the Car Accident wan an Account officer/Dept Director/Class 1 rank officer in Madhya Pradesh Government.Isnt it SAD ?

Wife who is already a Clerk in the same department as her husband was is unfortunately a Women. She even Represents the Department of Women and Child .A women of India .. this i never dreamt.

I Ask Mr Gulshan Bamra Commissioner of the department, Principal Secretary Mrs Joshi. unfortunately a Lady.What are the foremost on your agenda ?

Our lady Minister another unfortunate coincidence is Pradesh Women and Child Department

Madhya Pradesh Women and Child Department is meant for what??.We don't deserve this Treatment. Policies are there but not implemented.The Bureaucracy who is running us is mixed between Politics of Economy. They are Deaf years and Closed Eyes.

The politicians are Busy with their Economics. We are taking the Burden. Because we do not react! Dont be a Vegetable !

Hume Madhya Pradesh Bana na nahin hai CM Sahab! Madhya Pradesh kee Politics and Economy mian achee sambandh bana na hai.

The Pillars of Democracy still Intact?

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