Saturday, February 6

Careless Forest Department of Madhya Pradesh


  1. I got your mail and also visited the site but couldn't find the way to muscle into the latter. Anyway, I am all for it. For the vanishing tigers of MP none other than the State's forest department is responsible. We have numerous conservators, chief conservators, additional concervators and even principal chief conservators but there are not enough forest guards who are better equipped to fight well-armed poachers or even communicate with their base. A recent report said China's tiger tally has come down to less than 50 and yet the trade in tiger parts is flourishing. Where are the tiger-parts coming from?
    The need of the hour is to seal the tiger reserves. If they are sealed forests will regenerate and the bio-diversity will rivive and tiger will be saved.

  2. Sir,
    i so so happy to see ur comment :).
    You are so damn right. yess its is the Madhya Pradesh Forest department who is responsible for the vanishing of Tigers .

    Unfortunately none are ready to take care of the responsibility. The two groups within the Forest department are utilizing their time in the infights..

    The Census which has begin is just on papers.. trust me. i have asked volunteers and Guides to keep a watch .. and that's what has come up..till now. and wait for the expenditure details and the total Tigers count.