Thursday, May 6

Death sentence to Ajmal Amir Kasab is not the solution to counter terrorism

India and Pakistan must address the conditions that drive men like Mohammed Ajmal Kasab to inhuman acts. Legally as well as physically, this is the maximum punishment that can be given to him.

Death sentence is not the answer to the solution of the problem. He is the lone survivor of the terrorists who attacked the Mumbaites with a vengeance, killing 166 people, including 23 foreigners in the process. The other nine terrorists died due to gun attack by the police.

Many unanswered questions hang over the investigation process. Can anybody answers why the bullet pierced the bullet proof jackets? Who knows about the assassinations during the shootings?

The shameless politicians and bureaucrat are still mulling over the investigations.Unless misplaced political or diplomatic considerations intervene, once the legal processes run their course, the civilised world will no longer have to bear the burden of this beast after a few months.

Why Hemant Karkare was shot? A counter-terrorism …who was investigating Hindu terrorist networks.

This is where the politics begin.. And the citizens are being fooled.

So far we were waiting for the execution of the death sentence of Afjal Guru, now one more name has been added in this list. Last year Surinder Koli, the man whose death sentence in the Nithari case was confirmed by the Allahabad High Court, went in appeal to the Supreme Court. His petition is still pending. Similarly, Kasab's appeal too would be considered.

We need to ask more fundamental questions about the moral implications of visiting violence on others whether through terror attacks, the death penalty or abuse of military force.True closure will come only when we as a people, as a civilisation, can relax in crowded, public places without fear.

Kasab was found guilty of 80 offences, including waging war against the nation, which is punishable with the death penalty.

After the Supreme Court too gives assent to the death sentence, Kasab will have the legal right to file a mercy petition before the President of India under article 72 of the Constitution. And there it will suspended for decades. As there is no time limit for the consultation given for aid of the council of ministers. The President's powers under Article 72 are always exercised with the aid and advice of the Council of Ministers.

Shouldn’t this be the priority of the Politicians who bother about the country? To out rightly challenge and make amendments? India is possibly the only nation in the world that has the death sentence on its statute but is reluctant to enforce it.

Immediately after pronouncement of the death sentence judge Tahaliyani will have to send his order for confirmation to the Bombay HC. He is bound by the Section 366 of the Criminal Procedure Code to do so. In normal cases it is the convicted man who goes in appeal to the HC but where it is the case of his life being taken away, the trial court must send the case papers to the high court.

Friend you will be surprised to know that at present mercy petitions of 32 death row convicts are pending with the President for over five years for decisions and the oldest mercy petition dates back to 1998.

We don’t have a political will for peace as the politicians and bureaucrats are happy to rule the duds like us who do not react.yatha praja, tatha raja!

India and Pakistan Government should do peace work sincerely or we will keep seeing many Kasbas and death of innocents. There is nothing official about terrorism. Inspite of evidences India couldn’t isolate Pakistan diplomatically. Infact produced a diplomat spy in the name of Mrs. Gupta. Obama said in Dec that India has a right to attack terror camps if there is "actionable evidence" and Islamabad refuses to act on it. But then again, what but think American. US does not want an Indo-Pak confrontation because it seeks Pakistani help on Pak-Afghan porous border. If Pak removes its 1 lakh army from there and shift towards India it will severely undermine the strategic interests of US in the region. Unlike US attack on terror camps in Afghanistan way be in 1998, India cannot do is practically impossible since Pak is a nuke state and surely goanna retaliate. Obama may publicly lambast Pak and be titled towards India but in practice it will do a fine balancing act. Don’t you all remember what Condi did by visiting Pakistan and than landed in our country?

But both Hindu and Muslim fundamentalists have to be given a blow. We must make a determined effort to segregate religion from politics.We continue to vote in the same people election after election, and bemoan the lack of choice we have. If we don't change our stripes, there's no point in expecting those we elect to change their stripes.?? The bottom line is that carrying out Kasab's death sentence is not going to bring closure to the 26/11 case.

Both the countries have a common enemy..

And both lack confidence..

There is no inclination...

point me wrong if i am....

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  1. I believe the death penalty for terrorist is wrong when an individual who has lost innocent members of his/her family caused by foreign countries military action.
    All countries need to respect sovereign nations and not get involved in internal affairs. Each country has their own laws and one needs to respect them. The only master of the Universe I know of is God and his children are scattered throughout the universe.