Monday, September 13

3 cubs born after translocation are missing in Panna

India’s Panna Tiger Reserve is famous for making global headlines. First when all of its tigers were lost to poachers. Second for the making of Tigers on Papers by Dr. H.S  Pabla.

Last spring  it was in news for good reasons..Trio of cubs were photographed with their mother, marking the very first time in recent conservation history that a ranslocated tiger has given birth in the wild.

Today India's first successful relocated tiger birth is in jeopardy because of the carelessness of the Forest Officials.Two tigresses-one from Kanha Tiger Reserve and another from Bandhavgarh National Park were Tran located in a bid to revive the big-cat population in Panna. It was the tigress from Kanha that gave birth to the cubs.

The  litters of four cubs were born on April  15 and  were spotted on May 7th.But two are missing since 18 days.Its is suspicious!

Panna witnessed the big cat once again after it was declared tigerless in May 2009.Panna has lost all its tigers in the last decade due to the official’s attitude. And translocating tigers were the idea of the Officers responsible for the Panna Genocide.

It has become a habit in Madhya Pradesh it seems. The lame excuses given before media are deliberate. To hide the sorry state of affairs the forest department goes to unscientific reasoning and try to make us believe so.nLast year, a male tiger from Pench and two females from Bandhavgarh and Kanha Tiger Reserves were Tran located to Panna with the help of the expertise of the Wildlife Institute of India. WWF lent technical support to these historic efforts through state-of-the-art radio collars along with remote surveillance systems to monitor the Tran located tigers. The process has not been without incident. A female tiger frequently left the reserve until she marked her territory in the core habitat of the protected area. The lone male travelled over 190 miles until it was captured and brought back to the reserve on December 25, 2009.

But even at the time of Translocation I had raised certain questions, which were unanswered.
  • Are the forest staffs trained?
  • Are they well quipped to re locate tigers from one reserve to another?
  • Are they not there to save them from intruders and poachers?
  • Is the government only spending money to send them from one place to another?
  • Is relocation some kind of a joke to the officials?
  • Who are the experts responsible for Translocation in Madhya Pradesh?
  • Do they follow the correct procedures?
According to the field officials the cubs went missing from the Bhaddad beat in the Hinnoti Range within the reserve. They were last seen about 8 am on September 8, a field official said.On September 10, the tigress was spotted again in the Khoraiyee beat of Hinnoti Range.

But this time only the female cub was spotted with her, the officials said.So Panna is again in news and Madhya Pradesh Government will have there lame excuses ready.

Its high time a CBI inquiry is done or we will loose all the tigers because of the insensitive attitude of the Forest officers.


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