Tuesday, December 18


Relentless efforts in promoting Rewa as a viable destination spelling out the mystical charm of the 6th –16th century A.D. have now begun to reap harvest.

A book on BANDHAVGARH written by Mr. Bittu Sahgal & Maharaja Pushpraj Singh is to be launched in Delhi on the 18th Nov. 2007! The book will carry exclusive pictures showing the Royal hunting, camping & other pictures of the Rewa Royal dynasty that once lived on the top. A chapter from the Maharaja about the family’s history further adds taste to this glorious effort from Bittu!

Prior to becoming a National park, the forest around Bandhavgarh had long been maintained as a Shikargah, or game preserve, of the Maharajahs of Rewa. Hunting was carried out by the Maharajahs and their guests - otherwise the wildlife was relatively well-protected.
It was considered a good omen for a Maharajah of Rewa to shoot 109 Tigers. His highness Maharajah Venkat Raman Singh shot 111 Tigers by 1914

Congratulations to my dear friend for his effort.

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    shela do you have a copy ! where can i get it ??