Friday, December 14

Rashtrapati Bhawan makes ceremonial change of guard open for public.

The decision of the Rashtrapati Bhawan to make the ceremonial change of guard open for public comes at a time when security concerns and repeated threats from terrorists are making it tough for public to visit premises of historic institution as well.

It’s great news for all. Be it the foreign tourist, local people and the country. The President’s secretariat is hoping to woo domestic tourists through a campaign jointly with the Delhi tourism.
The decision to allow public to watch the famous ceremonial change of guard every Saturday will boost the tourism of the country. The magnificent ceremony, which is similar to the more famous demonstration in Buckingham Palace in London, can be witnessed by plenty of inbound and outbound tourist/visitors. The only difference between the change of guard in London and India is that while Rashtrapati Bhawan sees the change every week, the ceremonial change takes place every third day at Buckingham Palace.

The ceremonial change of guard was open always to public but there were a few or none witnessing this apart from for foreign tourists.A ceremonial change of guard is held at the President of India's official place of residence The Rashtrapati Bhavan. The Changing of Guard is generally held every Saturday at 6am. The old and new guard consists of a troop from the President's Body Guard (PBG) and another platoon from one of the numerous regiments of the Indian Army. A military band is also present as an accompaniment

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