Tuesday, November 27

We are becoming comfortably numb

It’s a shame for the country.

Shocking, humiliating pictures of a tribal woman being stripped and assaulted in India's northeastern state of Assam have showed an extreme limit of savageness and outrage. Atul Barman along with others should be prosecuted.
The footage showed the unidentified woman being chased through the streets by three men wielding wooden clubs was not only shocking but shook the sensibilities. A woman was stripped and assaulted in India's northeastern state of Assam, in our country in our homes. They tore off her clothes, beat her and kicked her as she tried to protect and protest. Terrified she was running naked for help through the streets but this insensitive society some photographed her; some took the video on the mobile but was rescued by some local people.
Although analyzing the TV footage, police arrested people for violence, including the three alleged attackers but the communication, inclination, proclivities are different. Communicating the incident was important in the society but at what cost? Showing on televions, blogs? It’s adding insult to her injury. To strip a woman naked and show her on the media showed their insensitivity to womanhood. Communicating such incidents in the society is important but at what cost? Not by showing a women naked just for the TRP,S.
There was a very weak attempt of morphing the lady. Before the story is telecasted with such videos/photos they should be analyzed or for that matter why a code not introduced till date when we have tallest of journalist in the country.How insensitive everybody can be by showing a women naked without her permission....adding more to this was a compensation of Rs 1.lakh from the CM to the lady.
An incident like this really gives us reason to reflect. Sentiments cannot be smothered when few are comfortably numb.


  1. The most macabre and naked dance of barbarism was witnessed when a group of goons stripped a woman naked in the glare of public while police cops and paramilitary forces utter no words to stop the disgusting act. Such a scene of impotency can never be seen or heard in the history of police force in any state that could not have saved the hapless Adivasis despite exhibiting their duty uniforms.
    However, it is not too late. It might be better if the state government place their (six communities) demand of ST status with the centre government honestly and forcefully and made its best efforts to put in order the crisis otherwise there are strong chances the Adivasi agitation would fall into the hands of some terror-loving people and state government had to face a series of crisis.

  2. A shameful act which should be deplored by one and all. Arn't we turning into a society which can be manuvered easily by politics of convenience. We choose to be sensitive. BJP and Left Front are the two biggest examples. They are selective about Nandigram and Godhra , conveniently ignoring their own moral altitude.

  3. infact the trouble began from congress as they made false promises.
    we cant ignore the various intersets of the few who have made the whole issue to stink...