Saturday, November 24

Who is responsible for the security of the country?

The issue of national security and its dimensions has been a subject of discussion at different forums. As a citizen of the country I see the issue becoming complicated since 9/11. India as an emerging power has no options but to play a significant role in the new emerging world order. But within India lack of governance has an important bearing on national security which needs serious attention.
India is faced with a proxy war waged by antagonistic forces from across the border, whose aim is to destabilize the nation. Terrorism is the main instrument employed for this purpose. Terrorism has taken many forms and shapes. The danger from covert, proxy or limited war has increased and we cannot afford to be a smug. Protecting the nation from internal threats has now become the foremost responsibility of the government.Our successive governments in the past 60 years have failed to make India an internally strong country. Corruption has resulted in ill-governance. Fundamentalism and communalism in the name of religion is another biggest deterrent in paving the way for a secure country.
Political cooperation is the first step to combat terrorism in our country. India’s political system should stand united against terrorism than only thing can go forward. National parties have been accusing each other whenever an attach takes place instead of locating where the problem lies.
The absence of coordination within the intelligence agencies, para-military forces, the armed services, and between the para-military forces and armed forces is very well known. The lack of expertise in the management of national security is also well known. Lack of steps to remedy these deficiencies highlights the casual approach of the government-the people who run the government .
Party’s manifestos as promised to implement remain unfulfilled. Continued injustices cause schisms to widen, wounds to fester. Politicizing terrorism is not the solution. Matters of national security should be executed by professionals. Politicians should not have a greater access because they are the elected representatives. Today Politicians job is just to capture power on minority appeasement and vote bank politics.
The media roars with unsubstantiated debates instead. It is always a blame game and media discussions provoke more.
Indian system delivers justice for all crimes, especially mass crimes of unspeakable brutality but the lack of action against the perpetrators is also clear evidence of the operation of a double standard of justice. India and it systems of democracy, executive, judiciary and legislature, need to reflect.

I'm convinced that a solution can be found or we are doomed.
India must introduce identity cards in the border states, develop a national security policy that should also shape the country’s foreign policy and make the defence planning more strategic than just tactical.


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  2. Hi, lot of things to be described in a short note. Tough laws only exploit the poor and marginalised. Minority's assertion is easily declared as communalism while majority's assertion is nothing short of 'nationalism'. you can see what happened to Babarimosque-Ramjanambhoomi issue. Despite the fact who are wrong, Ramjanambhoomi became a 'national issue' while Babari mosque issue was a 'fundamentalist's project. You can not talk of security in isolation and technicalities as these half read journos write. It is a bigger issue. ofcourse, our political class has become too dangerous to play with passion and emotions. As long as there is a Gujarat or Nondi gram, there will always be threat to our security. As long as people are hungry and denied basic human rights,, I can not think we can live in peace. Look for answers, save the poor. Can Asam live in peace if Adivasi woman is paraded naked by the mob in the streets of the state capital ? Can you keep quiet if justice is not given to Bhopal victims ? Our states will not do it ? The journos will raise issue when their TRP goes up, forget after some time to catch another women being 'raped' so that they can give the minutest details on their 'Sansani'..

    I hope you will also suggest what could be done ? Moderator has to give her view point and not just send other posts. Let us have some discussion on this