Thursday, November 15

A single negative encounter can undo our positive image

Trumpet lasted for 12 months.

Claiming too many visitors at the Sanchi circuit, Tourist bus from Bhopal to sanchi was launched with great fanfare 12 months back for Bhopal sanchi circuit with free lunch to the travelers. And now the bus service has discontinued without any information or notice by the tourism department lacking of tourists/visitors.

It was known only when few travelers from outiside the stae reached bhopal to catch the bus for sanchi. They not only felt cheated but were harassed by the behaviour of the officials who had not informed or intimated as claimed on their official sites for the sight seeing.
who will repair this sad state of affairs ? But, many do not care.
Proves only that the wheels of government move far too slowly.
How will the department attract tourism investments when they cant afford tourists. Was the news in the recent MADHYA PRADESH investors meet fake?
This all has happened after the tourism ministry announced to develop special buddhist tourism circuit in MP.
A single negative encounter can undo our positive image.
About Sanchi

The famous Sanchi stupa near Vidisha is a place of pilgrimage for Buddhists from all over the world. It comes under heart of heritage. This circuit is a pilgrim's passage through the palaces immortalized by the enlightened one.Sanchi is an important Buddhist pilgrim center of India. The site has no direct connection with the life of Buddha. It was Emperor Ashoka, the great patron and follower of Buddhism, who built the first Stupa here in the 3 rd century B.C., and a great number of Stupas and other religious structures were added over the succeeding centuries.

However with the revival of Hinduism, the monuments at Sanchi were forgotten and fell into a state of disrepair.It was in 1818 that the site was re-discovered through chance, by a British officer General Taylor. However, amateur archaeologists and treasure hunters, ravaged the site till 1881 when proper restoration work was initiated. One Ashokan pillar was used to build sugarcane press! Between 1912 and 1919 the structures were carefully repaired and restored to their present condition under the supervision of Sir John Marshall.

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