Sunday, November 11

Who is responsible for the pollution after Diwali

This is a cyber bom on diwali.

Isn’t it strange how the very connotation of Diwali — the festival of lights — has changed to a festival of pollution, noise, litter and nuisance over the years? Come Diwali and environment condition of the city or the country starts worsening. Thanks to the firecrackers emitting heavy clouds of smoke, debris, and chemicals harmful for health of human beings, animals and nature.

What's worse is that the smoke has its effect even days after the festival is over. The debris after the Diwali day is enormous which adds to problems like stagnation of sewage drains, if not cleared properly. A MENACE I THE LOCALITY.Noise levels cross-deafening limits. its sleepless night but a forcefull one.The situation gets normalised in a day or two.

It obviously affects human health but also impacts trees and plants that are covered with thick layer of Sulphur dust and suspended particulate matter. Trees are prevented from releasing oxygen and moisture into the air. Birds and animal have to cope with loud blasts and toxic smoke leading to their disappearance from city. Children are the biggest victims as their defense mechanisms are not fully developed to withstand the increased intensity of pollution. Others also suffer from respiratory disorders like asthma and even heart attacks Highly polluting nature of these firecrackers lead to a plethora of diseases………

Stranger is the fact that after burning up thousands of rupees for the fleeting fun of firecrackers, all you get in return is loads of pollution and perhaps even some hospital bills. Keeping religious and cultural values intact, perhaps what’s most required is a serious approach towards fireworks and a more controlled or licensed usage.

Political support, public awareness and if nothing else then at least a strict implementation of the rules to check the nuisance is needed in the country because im sure we cannot have a place especially for fireworks like Singapore has it. Certain directives under the Environment Protection Act sould be passed specifically for Diwali. Violation of which should cost the guilty a penalty because in india mostly people lack civic sense.

Environment gets affected in the following way

  1. Air Pollution affecting health especially to diseased persons, aged people, children & pregnant women.

  2. Water & land pollution will pollute our resources rivers, lakes.

  3. It takes several weeks to bring back normal air quality.

  4. Fire hazards causing heavy damages to life and property.

  5. Social nuisance leading to community disharmony.

  6. Sound pollution causes: Palpitation of heart Spasms of the digestive system Dilation of the pupils of eyes Emotional disturbances Continuous exposure to loud noise may lead to permanent deafness.

Pollutants Can lead to...Suspended Particulate MatterAsthma, cancer, restrictive lung diseases, pneumoconiosisRespirable Particulate MatterRespiratory illness (chronic bronchitis and asthma), heart diseasesSulpher Dioxide (SO2)Eye burning, headache, respiratory problems like pulmonary emphysema, cancer, heart diseasesNitrous OxidesLung irritation, chest tightness, viral infection, airway resistance.

Before you burst crackers to mark your cultural and religious rights, take a peep into the contents and its resultant health hazard. It’s just a synopsis... the details are even worse.

  1. High SPM exposure: Headache and reduced mental acuity.

  2. Sulphur Dioxide and Nitrogen Dioxide: Respiratory allergies like asthma High decibel sound: Restlessness, anger, anxiety, allergic bronchitis, acute exacerbation of bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis.

  3. Copper: Irritation in the respiratory tract Cadmium: Can damage kidneys, cause anaemia and increase blood pressure.

  4. Lead: After ingestion can affects central nervous system, can cause cancer of lungs and kidneys, young children can suffer mental retardation and semi-permanent brain damage by exposure. Zinc: Human skin irritant and effects pulmonary system. Large amounts taken by mouth may produce nausea, vomiting.


  1. I cant disagree with you on all the informations which you have provided. I think the issue is whether we know how to strike a balance in between various aspects of our life and how do we learn to co-exist and value others perspective.

    If we learn these two crucial aspects of our lives , things would be much better for next generation.

  2. i wish..... people understand this.

  3. first of all let me put it this way:
    1) Indians have no respect for their country
    2) Festivals for many is an outlet
    3) They will NEVER "sudhar sakte" types:)

    So, I concur:) let it be, bygones be bygones, let them have some fun and let the freaking govt, do some clean up:)

  4. No issues on having fun, just be little considerate and encourage others also. Not everybody is as privilaged as few people are.So while , privillages are enjoyed, we also have a thinking cap ON, since resources are not just for our use.... they are for our next generation as well.