Wednesday, December 12

Beware ! children.

Day before yesterday we all saw Union minister's brother using children to plough fields in Bihar , yesterday we saw a shocking shootout inside a school never heard in India, and is perhaps the first such incident reported in the country where a 14 year old boy smuggles a gun in the school to take a revenge from his classmate by firing 5 bullets from a licensed pistol of his father.
A shocking incident that leaves everybody speechless. The future with guns, destructive mind because of parenting problems, problems of the surrounding etc. who should we blame for this behaviour? Are kids not safe with parents anymore? Are the schools safe? Are parents not guiding enough? Should there be security check in schools? Should along with the rights of child as a compulsory policy of education the duties of the child also be taught at the very young age to keep a check on the kids ? Is moral education in school not sufficient .
The tragedy points to lapses on the part of parents, schools, policy makers in the government and the society.
We also come across a film with brilliant message for children in the same week with a beautiful message for all along with very sensitive lyrics by Prasun Joshi for all.

देखों इन्हे ये है ओस की बूंदे
पत्तो की गौद मैं ये असमान से कूदे
अंगडाई ले फिर करवट बदलकर
नाज़ुक से मोती ,हस दे फिसलकर
खो न जाए ये कहीं, तारे ज़मीन पर
तारे ज़मीन पर


  1. It sure was shocking, even we felt it here that things like that never happen in India. Globalization not only brings growth and development but it also brings out the ugly face of multi-culture lifestyle. India has been flooded with VHI/MTV etc, copy-cat becomes a nature and comes naturally.

    Its like watching Bruce Lee's movies, every child wants to be Bruce Lee.

    To stop this nonsense, it will have to start from home, accountability and responsibility has to be spawn from home, which will be carried to Schools.

    It hard work but with rich Indian heritage and culture, this can be done.


  2. No I do not think this is shocking or bad or something like that. Yes it is awful for both the families involve. It is scandalous for parents whose children are going to school but still it is some thing which is a price we pay for the change. With prosperity we also get appalling things like this. We as a society should not be traumatized but be aware that things are changing one of them are children – how they think, how they act etc... We should not presume that they will also be like us or like us when we were at there age (remember this was also a problem with us – we also had our share of differences with our parents) so we have to look at these adolescent with a different thought. The young generation is growing there will be incidences like this but overall there is something very positive happening.

  3. im sure this incident will be a lesson for parents,schools snd children aswell