Tuesday, December 18

Vietnam war in “Goodnight Saigon” Iran & Afghanistan in "It's Christmas in Fallujah”

The pop legend gave an opportunity to Cass Dillon, a 21-year-old upstart singer-songwriter from his native Long Island."We came with the crusaders to save the Holy Land," goes one verse. "It's Christmas in Fallujah, and no one gives a damn." Sang Cass Dillon a 21-year-old upstart singer-songwriter. The living pop legend Billy Joel gave a n opportunity to sing this song to Cass- .the song was a song from his native Long Island. Christmas in Fallujah is the second tune he's written in the past year.
"I thought it should be [sung by] somebody young, about a soldier's age," the 58-year-old Joel said. "I wanted to help somebody else's career. I've had plenty of hits. I've had plenty of airplay. I've had my time in the sun. I think it's time for somebody else, maybe, to benefit from my own experience."
Net proceeds generated from downloads of "Christmas in Fallujah" will be donated to Home for Troops, a nonprofit that builds specially adapted homes for disabled veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.
Billy Joel took on the Vietnam War in "Goodnight Saigon” which is memorable. The Piano Man is ready to hold the emotions of the soldier with his consciousness in the songs by him. He wants to fight a battle with them…………..

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