Sunday, December 9

Mr Narendar Modi.The He Man

The stakes are quiet high for the most bitterly fought elections to the Gujarat assembly for the He Man.Just ahead of poll in Gujarat, strategy of using ‘anti-Muslim sentiments’ was back on Modi’s agenda as usual. Wooing voters in his agenda on Dec4 he justified the killing of Sohrabuddin in a police encounter in his campaign speech at Mangrol. Least realizing the repercussions from his own party men, Senior Supreme Court advocate K.T.S Tulsi counsel in Sohrabuddin case,revulsion in media and in the middle class as well.
His recent controversial remarks on the fake encounter has made the Election Commission state that by linking the name of Sohrabuddin to terrorism amounts to indulging in activity which may aggravate existing differences, creating mutual hatred and causing tension between different communities.
Seeing the wind blowing in a different direction he claimed his references to Sohrabuddin were in the context of terrorism which is a major national issue forgetting that he is campaigning for the state not for the country. He did not even spare media. He blamed it as journalistic invention intended to engineer a “Hate Modi” campaign.
Campaign on development issues ended by charges over communalism and terrorism for the common man.
The tallest Hindutava politician of Gujarat now has made a request to the EC to withdraw its notice against him as it was based on false and motivated media reports and also made clear if Election Commission imposes any such regulation, it would offend our constitutional values and my right of free speech.
While violation of provisions of model code of conduct by EC blames Sonia Gandhi and ask her to reply by Tuesday noon for considering further action in the matter.Not to miss the comments by Mr Singhvi and Mr Sibbal from Bali.
Will somebody tell him and Madam the meaning of freedom of speech, peaceful co-existence, secularism and growth.

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