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RCVP Noronha Academy of Administration & Management Bhopal has made a mockery of the RTI Act 2005

Established in 1966 as the Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Public Administration, the RCVP Noronha Academy of Administration (RCVPAA) is today the premier training institution of M.P.

It is an apex institute of the state which imparts training to people across all sectors right from NGO to the highest level of the bureaucracy. It act as a Regional Center by performing the task of imparting of Trainers Programme.

As heard has been effectively playing an advisory role for the Madhya Pradesh government and also a coordinating instrument among the various training institutions of the state.

Today the Institute is in news for Corruption,malpractices,mismanagement ,scoring personal grievances and misuse of RTI act by an IAS officer, few deputy collectors and educationists.Does it reflect about the Government and Governance? I realized something suspicious in the month of 2009 February and used 4 RTI Applications to gather the information but so far no information has been provided.

It came as a rude shock; after i recievd a letter from the PIO as the format was objectionable for the Academy and by me. It’s was more disreputable to receive this letter when the Academy is nodal agency to train on RTI Act in Madhya Pradesh .

In lieu of the 4 applications sent for which separate money was deposited , received a reply in a single letter which is amiss. Every case is taken individually under the act and the proceedings of the court.

I m sharing the applications made by me and am confident the information so far has not been provided deliberately as the same PIO name is under scanner along with the others.


The Public Information officer 1/5/2009

RCVP Noronha
of Administration & Management


Sub- Sub- inspection and copies of files /note sheets from 1999 till date


Kindly provide the following and facilitate.

  1. Copies of the tenders floated since 1999 till date
  2. Copy of the committee members for tenders
  3. Name /address/phone of the bidders who participated in the tenders give year wise details.
  4. Copies of the work orders of the tenders given from 1999 till date
  5. Copies of the tenders which were canceled and copy of the reason sent to the bidders from 1999 till date.
  6. Note sheet of the decision making for cancellation
  7. List of the registered vendor’s year wise since 1999 till date
  8. Copies of the money disbursed to the vendors from 1999 till date .give year wise details.
  9. copies/ name of the outsourced services

Kindly provide year wise details from inception 2000 till 2009

  1. Copy of the list of seminars organized on governance along with the name of the speakers invited and remuneration given to them and the expenditure incurred on the each seminar give year wise details from 2000 till date.
  2. Copies of the seminar organized along with the subject name for
    • Government departments of Madhya Pradesh including public sector units of State.
    • Government of India including public sector undertaking of Central Government.
    • Other State Governments.
    • Other organizations including NGOs.
  3. Name of the training programmes and the concerned officer the academy has organized ,availing the expertise of the civil service officers ( give names) and the academician (give the names ) till date.
  4. Copies of the name of the faculties and their inputs in their area of expertise to the academy year wise
  5. Copies of the names of the faculty and all the expenditure incurred on them year wise besides the salary.
  6. Name of the programmes organized by the academy under the faculty.
  7. copies of the names of the researcher /subjects of the ongoing research work
  8. Copies of the names of the completed project along with the names of the researchers and copies / note sheets stating the benefits.
  9. Copies of the grants received from the GOI and any other in the last 10 years.
  10. copies of the funds diverted to any other give a copy

Kindly provide year wise details from 1999 till 2009

  1. Copies of the dates when annual Noronha Memorial lecture series through the Academy of Administration were organized since inception till date.
  2. Copies of the Names of the awardees / scholarship to encourage talent in the field of administration from inception till date.
  3. Copies of the names of the talents developed amongst rural and tribal population under the trust.
  4. Copies of the activities organized to promote and encourage any activity consistent with the above objects and particularly which relates to subjects late Shri Noronha was interested in.
  5. Copies/ note sheet of the Recommendation made to the Govt or any

Kindly provide year wise details from 1999 till 2009 Women Resource Centre

  1. Copies of the agenda sets for the women Resource Centre till date
  2. Copies of the Workshops organized with their aims/ dates/ places/incharge
  3. Copies /note sheets of the Projects so far completed
  4. Copies of the Recommendation made to the Govt or any
  5. Copies /note sheets of the Implementation
  6. Copies/note sheets of the Funds/ grants received from the GOI and any other in the last 10 years.
  7. Copies/note sheet of the funds diverted to any other work
  8. Utilization certificate of the same

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