Tuesday, October 6

Why did PT Usha Cry?

Why did PT Usha cry?

A day after World Boxing Champion MC Mary Kom complained of sub-standard accommodation and food during National Boxing Championships, it was the turn of flying queen PT Usha to face the humiliation.

Many facts have come out come out, loud and clear from the PT Usha incident. Flouting of norms, modus operandi of Govt. functions, infringement of rules and regulations by the Government authorities who are supposed to be the public servants.

I remember the days when every kid in India used to rely on her for the highest achievement at the international level and today PT Usha the sprint Queen of India broke down in my city "Bhopal" as an indecent accommodation was provided at the National Athletics Meet . “In spite of her request.” she broke down in front of the media today when asked about the humiliating incident.

If one looks into the incident it brings out the high handedness and imprudence of the authorities nothing else. The reasons are uncomplicated. No qualms of the law, high handedness, corruption, backing of the politicians , political bolster, posting without turn or ability, promotion without turn and last but not the least a typical attitude of a Police which is self-aggrandizing. The crux of the above is Money and power not ability. Lol. There are various officers who are posted where they do not deserve to be just because they or their family has affiliation to the political party somewhere or the other.Few press deliberately do not take up stories to highlight the truth as close to the officials. i am not exaggerating but this has come out through information collected through RTI Act. The officers flout norms because they know they are the Puppets of the Bosses who have the strings .Enquiries will happen, they will take 3-4 years, by the time they will come on surface they would have been managed.

The sports and youth welfare department of Madhya Pradesh is being run by an IPS officer Mr.Sanjay Choudhry whose grasp on literature is not poor besides a bright background of police .With his vision no doubts the department has progressed… . There is no boss above him. He has a free hand. The PS is a signing authority and not much should be said about the Honourable Minister. Much is being done by him for no other than the ex Minister and present MP.. who still plays a role in the department. His autocratic behaviour and typical police behaviour has made the department grow. He only does if he likes or if the ruling bigwigs asks for..Although its worth mentioning that he dictates his CR report. ha ha ha.There is no prize for guessing the name.

"If I get this type of treatment, you can imagine what other athletes get" PT Usha said today.
The incident of PT Usha has come in public but what about the other incidents where the sports personalities are mistreated. Her voice has echoed but none have heard the voice and complaints of the ill treatment of local sports heroes. Its heart wrenching to even think about those incidents. Madhya Pradesh government has ordered a probe into the allegations levied by legendary sprinter PT Usha regarding the ill-treatment given to her during the 49th National Open Athletics here.

Everybody knows the fate of the inquiries. Only the small fishes are hooked.

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