Friday, October 30

"I feel ashamed, of course. I promise myself that this lie is the end of it.”

Well... one of the most beloved athlete and a gifted men did what is expected form a 27-year-old multimillionaire... world famous athlete and married to Brooke Shields. Agassi and Shields lasted just two years, divorcing in 1999, and according to stories/blogs, media news he quit meth well before they split.

Andre Agassi is in headlines once again and this time for his new memoir coming out at the end of the week called Open. The 39 year-old tennis great reveals that he had a crystal meth addiction in 1997, right before he made the decision to marry his first wife, Brooke Shields.

After faltering in three Grand Slam finals, Agassi shocked the world and himself, by capturing the 1992 Wimbledon. Overnight he becomes a fan favorite and a media target.

He spent most of 1997 snorting meth the same year he married Shields and Home Alone 3 came out, coincidence? He won a stingy five Grand Slam titles after becoming an addict and gave time for charity work for underprivileged children.

Agassi had won the Olympic gold medal in the 1996 Atlanta Games, but didn’t win a major in 1997, dropping to No. 141 in the rankings.

He resuscitated his career in 1998, making the biggest one-year jump into the top 10 in the history of the ATP rankings. He won the French Open to complete a career Grand Slam, and then added a second career U.S. Open title en route to finishing 1999 at No. 1.

But he regained his balance after he found his love for Stefanie Graff. Her strength encouraged his fights of crippling pain from a deteriorating spine to remain a dangerous opponent in the twenty-first and final year of his career. He entered his last tournament in 2006; he's hailed for completing a stunning change, from oddball to elder statesman, from dropout to education advocate.
He went on to win three more Australian Open titles before retiring in 2006. He won more than $30 million in his career, and eight major singles titles.

Today he has once again mad4 a courageous stand. And still he's not done.

His new memoir will be read and cherished for years. A treat for ardent fans, it will also captivate readers who know nothing about tennis. Like Agassi's game, it will set a new standard for grace, style, speed, and power in Tennis At least.He admitted to his addiction. I'm sure there are many other athletes that have had this issue and have not had it in them to come forward.

Everyone has a closet. I will always be a great fan of him. Agassi has been married to his second wife, retired German tennis player Steffi Graff, for eight years. They have two children: son Jaden, 8, and daughter Jaz, 5. By most accounts he’s a great guy, and it sounds like he’s only human.

"I feel ashamed, of course. I promise myself that this lie is the end of it.”

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