Tuesday, September 15

Unique Identification Authority of India

60 crore people would get their identity cards in next five years. It’s a very optimistic approach to get 12 parameters of data that will be used for India’s Unique ID (UID). The details will include the following an individuals.

– Name
– UID Number
– Photograph
– Right Hand Forefinger Print
– Name of Father
– UID of Father
– Name of Mother
– UID of Mother
– Date of Birth
– Sex
– Place
of Birth
– Address

Most severe problems that India faces are the lack of a comprehensive database of its citizens. If at all this happens it means instant online authentication of the identity of every Indian, it means Fingerprints and photographs of more than a billion. Of the parameters mentioned above, the only parameter that cannot be duplicated is the biometric one.. rest God Knows... I see that we willl overcome problem of duplicate and bogus identity (documents) . It can be helpful in implementation of schemes of the central and state governments..

All said and done ..but what about the flaws..?

First is the Violation of the Rights to Privacy, Freedom, and Liberty.The government does not have the right to the information that our bodies reveal about us .

Its not (foolproof)-Biometric passport chips can be cloned in an hour, researcher warns.Researcher raises alarm about biometric hacking with "biologger" tool.Researchers Hack Faces In Biometric Facial Authentication Systems .

I dont think a biometric state will curb Government corruption. Rather, this will only keep it under wraps and give citizens a false sense of security.Like corrupt politicians .

Once in Government hands, the information can be used for a wide variety of purposes and even be used by the private sector.

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