Friday, September 18

Twitter, Tharoor and the Indian Politics


Before I write I must say that the Congress and BJP should have an English teacher.

Mr Tharoor's track record in our country reveals one clear distinguished feature. His gather controversies .lol. if I am not wrong it all started the very day his name was announced as the contestant from Trivandrum. From the burning of his effigy to the National anthem controversy he has emerged out amidst personal attacks pertaining to his American Connection, Israel soft-corner, literary works, Canadian wife and affluent lifestyle.

A former UN diplomat, a prolific writer, a political debutant and an inveterate Twitter-e. In all fairness to Tharoor, Cattle Class is an accepted and widely frequented synonym for Economy Class travel. He has used it as a run-of-the-mill response but this is where the words and phrases find new and out of context ...I fail to understsnd.. what is the fuss all about ? A wise crack has been made into a controversy. Twitter, Tharoor and the Indian Politics is being discussed for no reason leaving the more important discussion on the Indian media houses who thinks whatever the media vomits and excretes are sacred offering. From debates to research, to polls a complete waste of time and money on the nonsense. The omnipresent television folks are ready to spring upon anything, and under the present Indian circumstances the media verdict is interpreted as the people's opinion.

The recent Five Star Hotel non-issue brought the man again back in frame. Shashi Tharoor, the Indian Minister of State for External Affairs and a member parliament is in big controversy due to his statement regarding the people traveling in economy class. Before the Hotel nonsense was dead the next one has crashed down on all of us, this time with the effect of a Tsunami! And this one seems bad enough, with Tharoor's trendy aide, Twitter, letting him down this time.

What’s more astonishing is the fact that airlines has taken no an action on the remark but definitely our Politicians who are trying to be Holier-than-thou. Does anybody remember the infamous 'dog remarks' by Kerala CM Comrade Achutanandan? Same settings, same ploy, same error, same comedy and same emotions …Now if Achumama was wrong there, Tharoor is wrong here. You take out the 'if' from the previous sentence, it still holds its fact, sadly.

It’s not an astonishment to see lack of sense of humour among the political and the chattering classes. People who are unfamiliar with English usage and with the nuances of the language suddenly take offense at phrases that are perfectly normal and acceptable.

Shashi Tharoor usage of the words “cattle class” and “holy cow” will get a political debate on is funny. The humorless politicians who are good in manipulating once again show their aptitude, social and political realities. Shashi Tharoor is not an average man or a fuddy-duddy Indian politician.

A student of St Xavier’s Collegiate School, Calcutta, St Stephen’s College, Delhi, and the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy in Boston is being targeted. The Congress party has gone on an overdrive with its austerity procedures. This is wise and good. But this should not mean that the leaders of our country should abandon the ability to laugh at themselves. Fusion with the BJP senior leaders on the issue shows the true colours of our politicians and the love for the cattle class. That’s how they treat the aam admi

Our politicians tend to be earnest, self-righteous and holier-than-thou. This is what Mr Tharoor was poking fun at when he spoke of holy cows. Lets re-look at the political, societal and security developments related to India as it readies to reclaim its position among the great nations of the world.

Twittering back, Mr Tharoor has negotiated the "cattle class" slight uncomfortably, arguing that it was a "silly expression" not meant to disrespect economy travellers. Instead, he says, it was airline companies who "herded passengers in like cattle".

He also came up with a somewhat revisionist and semantic take on the phrase "holy cow". "Holy cows are NOT individuals but sacrosanct issues or principles that no one dares challenge. I wish the critic would look it up," he writes. "Now I realise that I shouldn't assume people will appreciate humour and I shouldn't give those who would willfully distort your words an opportunity to do so.".

To my limited knowledge goes, "holy cow" is used as an exclamation, in American slang something negative..

It’s silly to ask the minister to resign. If this is diplomacy I have no words. Sadly, humour sense and common sense is not something very common in our set-up, he has learned the hard way..:)

() Never understood this about humans. We call dogs our best friends, but then abuse someone by calling him a dog. We descend from monkeys, but calling someone a monkey is racist. We worship cows, but suddenly saying 'cattle class' is derogatory. LOLL

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