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"Does anyone know the physics of what happens to a rabbit hit by an F1 car?"

Force india

Two time Spa podium finisher Giancarlo Fisichella of Force India executed one of the most shocking and surprising feats in the history of Formula One. He won the pole position at the Belgian GP on 29th Aug. And on Sunday, 30 August 2009 for the first time any bottom-ranking team has made it to the spotlight, ever! In addition, Fisichella also broke Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonnen's record of 1:47.930 from the 2008 season and claimed the fastest lap record of 1:44.667 in a lap in Q2.

The reporter said.. Current weather conditions sunny with patches of cloud.,15C outside but 32C on the track. The word is no rain is expected… But that may change...The picture was in front of my eyes as the BBC reported ,twittered. Spa air full of Predictions , Sporting sunglasses as big as the face, tyre updates, Swiss stars, Discussion on Belgium chips the best in the world if tried with mayonnaise..

The Race began…. Kimmi began with a good start but bad start made Hamiltan, first-lap mayhem and so on. Busy pit lane as Kimi Raikkonen, Giancarlo Fisichella, Mark Webber and Nick Heidfeld came in.. near-miss between Webber and Heidfeld - and the Aussie did receive a drive-through penalty for an "unsafe release".

The excitement grew from the Lap 17 when Kimi Raikkonen was second, ahead of Giancarlo Fisichella and they both made their first stop. At Lap 18: Giancarlo Fisichella was catching Kimi Raikkonen. Fernando Alonso in fourth in… the only Renault left in the race - in the Lap 19 Kimi Raikkonen leads again, with Giancarlo Fisichella 0.9 seconds behind..

We heard at Lap 20 Renault told Fernando Alonso: "If you can, save some fuel behind Fisi, don't lose any time." Alonso was third but yet to stop. But Kimi Raikkonen stretched his lead over Giancarlo Fisichella to a second. loll

Luca Badoer at the Lap 21 does the fastest first section of the race. Jarno Trulli comes in for his second stop from last place and one of the Toyota tyre men wasn’t ready and the fuel rig gets stuck. Shittt!!. It was devastating race for Trulli. He becomes the fifth retirement of the race. Meanwhile Ferrari told Kimi Raikkonnen’s he needed to pull out a gap because they suspect Giancarlo Fisichella could be stopping on the same lap, or even going longer.

Jarno Trulli's “retirement” meant the inevitable had happened: Luca Badoer is rock bottom. Force India responded to Ferrari's message to Kimi Raikkonen by telling Giancarlo Fisichella he needs a "tenth per lap". My heart was pounding… My God..couldn't... could he ?

At the Lap 24 Fernando Alonso comes in for his only stop of the race from third. BUT IT'S WAS A DISASTER FOR RENAULT. The Front left got damaged as he had a collision with Adrian Sutil .They could not get the left front tyre on.. The gloomy message came over the radio that he's to return to the pits for good. Neither Renault will finish the race. The picture was clear.

At the front, Kimi Raikkonen leads by 1 measly second from Giancarlo Fisichella.

Lap 27: Heikki Kovalainen has made his one and only stop. Rubens Barrichello comes in for stop number two. Kov now 10th.

And Anthony Davidson announces "If Kimi Raikkonen pits before Giancarlo Fisichella then Fisichella is going to win this race."

I lost the track as was excited…. The lead for Kimi Raikkonen was only a second. Only 13.8 seconds separate the first five. While on Lap 30 we all heard that Force India owner Vijay Mallya was unable bring himself to watch from the pit wallalthough they expect Raikkonen to come in one lap after Fisichella. But they seemed happy

The Lap 31 was indeed a Crucial moment. Kimi Raikkonen and Giancarlo Fisichella in fact come into the pits at the same time... Ferrari get Raikkonen out first and the Finn maintains the lead from the Italian.

At the Lap 40 Kimi Raikkonen's lead over Giancarlo Fisichella was still 0.8 seconds. And we heard “Stunning performance from the Force India today.”"Just an oil leak, so you just need to eke it out for one more lap," Brawn told Rubinho. Kimi Raikkonen on the verge of victory, Giancarlo Fisichella on the verge of Force India's first points in F1


After 29 false starts, Vijay Mallya-owned Force India finally scored their maiden Formula One points with Giancarlo Fisichella finishing second behind Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen in the Belgian Grand Prix.

Giancarlo Fisichella: "I was quicker than Kimi and I'm a little bit sad for that. We had exactly the same strategy. It's great because I finished second, just one second behind leader - but actually, we could have won the race."

Martin Brundle on BBC: "Had it not been for the safety car, I don't think Kimi Raikkonen would have won this race. I think Giancarlo Fisichella had the pace to drive away."

Giancarlo Fisichella, speaking to David Coulthard on BBC: "When you do pole position with a good car, it's great, but when you do it like [Saturday], with not a winning car, with a small team, it's just like something very amazing, very unusual."

Giancarlo Fisichella on his qualifying performance: "I hit a rabbit during morning practice and damaged the front wing. My mechanics said: 'In England, rabbits are good luck.' Maybe they're right."

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