Sunday, April 6

MP Human Rights Commission

The Chairman,
Madhya Pradesh Human Rights Commission.

Subject: Violation of the basic human right of ‘right to work’ by a corrupt IPS officer. Mr Pawan Shrivastava

Dear Sir,

This is to bring to your kind notice the misdeeds of Mr Pawan Shrivastva, an IPS officer, presently holding the charge of Director Culture Government of Madhya Pradesh.

Mr.Pawan Shrivastava, for reasons best known to him has been harassing me for the past one year. I run an event management company and through an open tender process was awarded the work of organizing events for the cultural department and various academies that work under it for the year 2006-2007.

Mr Shrivastav joined as director in Fe 2007.I was made to do work till as late as August 2007 and payments due for the work done were withheld without any reason. Mr Shrivastava wanted a 30 % cut but when he did not get the same he started creating problems and in the end blacklisted my firm saying I had not provided good quality sound at a function in the governor’s house in August 2007. Sir, the Governor house did not have any problem with my work and till date I continue to organize their events.

Mr. Shrivastava got those very people back to work who had been fleecing the department and the tax-payers money for the past many years without any tender or transparency. The sound provided by these people was such that artists of international acclaim like Ghulam Ali and Suresh Wadekar criticized it from stage. The media reported extensively the next day about how the artists were harassed (newspapers reports of these events are attached)

Clearly Mr. Shrivastava wants these people to continue doing the work irrespective of the fact that they are not up to the mark.Recently in March 2008 Bhojpur Mahotsav faced problems.

My only fault is that I tried to earn a living by doing my work honestly and refused to give a cut to the corrupt officials.

Sir Mr. Shrivastava has a record of harassing women and when posted as SP Bhopal a lady officer who was subordinate to him had registered a case of sexual harassment against him. I can not register any case against him and all my complaints from the Secretary culture MP to the State Chief Secretary MP have so far yielded no results.

Sir, Mr Shrivastava is violating my basic human right—right to earn a living-- by not letting me make a living through honest means.

Sir please look into the matter and oblige.

Regards and in hope of justice,

Shehla Masood.
April 5, 08.

Complaint already being lodged in LOKAYUKTA , EOW, Chief Secretary MP,A CS- home,DG MP,Sec-Cultural,Chief Minister MP etc

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