Friday, April 4

A culture of greed and greed enthusiasts

Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu wrote thousand of years back that "there is no calamity greater than the lavish desires,no greater guilt than discontentment and no greater disaster than greed". If he's right, we've invented a fictitious and a mighty falsely below the par world for ourselves.

Human beings continue to be reshaped and reformed by consumer culture. We are getting restless, dissatisfied and with all desiring economic put ups, greed is being redefined as a virtue and a legitimate guiding principle.

The method, the arrangement undermines the social fabric and is an undemocratic force. Asperity and general happiness is to be questioned.

The process is steadily eating away at the foundation stone of civilized society and undermining the visions, values and collective aspirations that made us strong.

At the same time without greed, our current economic and social structures would implode. No one has been able to construct a society where communal altruism dominates individual greed. We simply cannot have unrestrained greed and equality.

Equity is getting bulldozed every day.
Freedom is wearing down, social fabric is getting demoralised and unstable.
The damage is not being controlled.

The undemocratic forces are taking the charge.
Greed is beginning to overwhelm conscience, love, family bonding, compassion, community , reasons and morals.

The short sighted goals are leading to the destruction of our planet. Will this monumental problem be deciphered.

Felt like writing………and exploring

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