Thursday, April 10

Bob Dylon "Blowing in the wind"

I have been obsessed over with his lyrics. He is a poet and prophet for a rebellious generation. His songs hug numerous religious references and he has claimed Chekhov, Walt Whitman and Jack Kerouac as influences. His memoir, "Chronicles, Volume One," received a National Book Critics Circle nomination in 2005 and is widely acknowledged as the rare celebrity book that can be treated as literature.

And now Pulitzer wall has finally been broken.

Making history as the first rock and roll artist to be honored Bob Dylan the singer, songwriter, author, musician and poet is finally recognized for his profound impact on popular music. Famous for lyrical compositions of extraordinary poetic power Bob Dylan was awarded an honorary Pulitzer Prize on Monday, April 7 2008.

It’s the great classic songs delivered in Dylan's ageless style which has brought rock from the streets to the lecture halls They don't make them like this anymore. If anyone deserves to go down in musical history, it is this man.

A few of today’s singer-songwriters also identify how Dylan’s art influenced their own lives and careers. Dylan has had stories behind his greatest songs and other memorable moments. Historical contexts are there to his credit and behind.

"I am in disbelief," Dylan fan and fellow Pulitzer winner for fiction, Junot Diaz said of Dylan's award. Diaz spent Lott of time on his work which also included a loads about Dylan and his poetry.

Dylan writes lyrics that are inherently poetic and song collection as random and diverse as Dylon himself. The great stylistic vigor of the text, the juxtaposition, the use of plain statements and direct address to us –the audience, Dylan’s lyrics urgently call for a hermeneutic and imaginative response on the part of the listener.

At any pace, we are no longer just a fan, or a consumer, but we are made a producer and a creator of the meaning of the text.

Besides diverse the poetical projects that Dylan has launched in his career, be it preaching in songs, short-story songs, blues songs, symbolist songs, lyrical songs, and so on, his striking literary abilities have always led him into the empire of the writers.

His techniques of stretching the line far beyond the measuring device, used in the song by adding line after line adds a sense of urgency, vocal virtuosity, and danger to the performance and is much loved by fans.

Frequently used are breaks, which often create new, unexpected meanings or erase existing meanings examples are- “Sugar Baby” or “Man in a Long Black Coat”.

As a writer Dylan doesn’t just create a fictional universe of his own but also offer a great deal of his creative energy into the creation of a whole universe of identities thus invoking and inviting to take part in his creation.

We have become spectators of the imaginary biographies that he unfolds throughout his career for entertainment value, but also for real metaphysical and moral purposes.

Long live The Genious!

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