Saturday, May 21

Tigress from Assam in Van Vihar to boost breeding

Adult tiger from Assam at Van Vihar National Park to boost Breeding( the zoo-cum-breeding centre). Significantly, the park had witnessed birth of two cubs recently, but both cubs died due to health complexities.

The tiger is being moved from the Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation (CWRC) in Assam where it was hand raised.

The 2,012-km journey from CWRC, Kaziranga, to Van Vihar that started on Monday and ended today.The tiger has been confined inside a specially-designed enclosure loaded on a truck for the journey. Two veterinarians and two animal keepers are travelling alongside to ensure safety of the tiger.

The tiger known to its previous keepers as Vivek, was rescued from a tea estate in December 2007. Barely six-month-old then, the cub was found poisoned and in critical condition. Its female sibling was found dead nearby and the mother could not be located.

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