Friday, July 17

Whats in a name?

Madhya Pradesh Cabinet Minister Mr Jayant Mallaiya wife , spokesperson of the BJP in Madhya Pradesh ,Ex member of the National women Commission Mrs Sudha Mallaiya is known as sulphas kee golee to many.loll.

Few girls from the dental college in Sagar owned by her protested against the atrocities and mismanagement in front of her husbands official residence in Bhopal . The girls were beaten up and thrashed by the police.

The students alleged that Mrs Sudha Mallaiya running a nursing college denied them of basic facilities. She would often threaten them with rustication. The unexpected allegation was the accusation of running a prostitution racket in the college campus.The National Students’ Union of India (NSUI) supported the medical students.

Last year the poor Minister had to reply a question in Vidhansabha for allotting a land to her wife for her NGO Ojaswani.

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