Wednesday, July 22

First they say remove shoes, Mr Kalam ! and now they say fly with us, Mr Kalam

Former president of India Mr APJ Abdul Kalam was subjected to a full body check and even asked to remove his footwear as he waited on the aero bridge of the New York-bound flight at the Indira Gandhi International Airport on April 21.
Not a single soul raised a question on time!!
Imagine this being happened to the United States President! Or any President for that matter. And you complain that aam aadmi is being harassed!
Taking a serious note of the frisking of former President Dr A P J Abdul Kalam the government slapped a show cause notice on the US-based Continental Airlines for violating guidelines under section 11A of the Aircraft Act for wilful violation of the law. The Aviation authorities sought an FIR against Continental for making Kalam take off his shoes and undergo a humiliating security check at Delhi airport before being allowed to board flight CO 083 .
The discussions on the media channels are raising questions on VIP security , importance of security and to the extent a country that is grappling with full-blown terrorist attacks from Islamic fundamentalists, afford to overstate our concerns on courtesy at the cost of security?
Damn them!
None knew that Indian laws exempt dignitaries like former presidents, ex-PMs, Chief Justice of India and even Robert Vadera from being frisked at airports.
As usual ..realizing that it has committed an offence , the US airline Continental Airlines has issued an apology to former President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam for frisking him at the IGI Airport in New Delhi on April 21.“We have tendered a formal apology and we sincerely hope he will fly with us again,” Continental Airlines said in a statement.“Our intention was never to offend the sentiments of Dr Kalam,” the airline said. “We apologise to Kalam for any inconvenience caused,” it added.“We reiterate our commitment to comply with the rules,” the airline said.

These incidents are deliberate and absolutely unpardonable.

First they say remove shoes, Mr Kalam! and now they say fly with us, Mr Kalam!
How Dare...

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