Tuesday, June 23

Public Hearing by DGP Madhaya Pradesh

Today Ajay Dubey and myself attened the public hearing in order to bring the facts in front of the DGP Madhya Pradesh. We took a case to be presented infront of the DGP .We took a case to be presented in front of the DGP .

The case was of negligence by the jhegirabad police station. On seeing her bhabi (MEENA) beaten by his brother the chacha (Mahindra) of Aman 5 year old and Kajal 3 year old went to the police station to complaint.

On reaching the police station he was caught by the Thana incharge on the charge for not carrying the papers of his bike. He was kept in police custody for 6 hours. He was released at 5 in the morning.

When he reached back home he found her Bhabi dead.This was a case of negligence and insensitivity.
We took the kids along with Mahindra to represent the case. The case was discussed in open forum. We demanded suspension of the police officers in charge of the duty on that day and financial assistance to the grieved children.

The father (JITENDRA) is in jail for murder.The DGP has agreed on the demands.

Let’s raise our voice.

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