Friday, June 19

Facebook wants to win over Indians

Facebook is now pushing hard to win over Indians by adding Hindi and five other local languages . Last month the company took one of its biggest steps yet, adding Hindi and five other Indian tongues. This makes the number of languages officially supported by Facebook to 57, with several dozen more in the works. "We've been literally launching almost a language a week," says Olivan. Javier Olivan is an international manager for Facebook, the 32-year-old Spaniard's job is to find ways for the social networking site to expand its reach far beyond its U.S. base.
The company think that the six new Indian languages (Bengali, Hindi, Malayalam, Punjabi, Tamil, and Telugu) will help close the gap between it and Orkut. However, most Indians who use social networks are urban educated youth, for whom English is almost a native tongue.
Ilove Facebook.:)

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