Tuesday, May 26

National Anthem taken for granted

Ram Gopal Verma and controversy deliberately go side by side. For his new film under the garb of personal creativity National anthem is being distorted. What is more interesting is Mr Arun Jaitely appeared for the celebrated film director and tried to equate the song in the film "Jana Gana Mana Rann" as an artistic expression of the anthem. lol...
Where as the party he belongs to has been opposing the artistic expression of M .F Hussain. Can Arun Jaitly explain this hypocrisy? If Ram Gopal Verma's distortion of the National Anthem is Artistic Expression why is MF Husain not been ignored?
He has been called the anti Hindu painter. Of what i read , listen and feel artistes in India are being subjected to the worst campaign of politically inspired censorship's .. They say that what they term a "moral police of cultural vigilantes" have targeted art, literature and films.
As for the arguments for freedom of artistic expression etc., we've been through all that too often before..The issue has thrown the focus back to the case of one man, believed by many to be the father of modern Indian art: M.F. Husain. If he dies outside the country. its a shame that we will never overcome.
Nudity is not the same as vulgarity those VHP/Shiv Sena members who believe that the approved dress code for heaven is khaki knickers. One should understand that Democracy is about tolerance and respecting other person's right to be and to believe. If you do not like the some/painting, songs, books -IGNORE IT .. or if you have the ability make a 'alternative' version of it
Can we ignore Gandhi ji.What could have been more Hindu than Gandhiji's movement ? And yet, there was not a single element of sectarianism or communalism in his appeal.
In the case of Ram Gopal Verma the Bench said borrowing lines from the national anthem to create a new song could not be termed an artistic expression since nobody had a right to tinker with it. What aN attention seeker Ram Gopal Verma is.. masterfully created the controvercy.. sure will create a big contoversy.
I find these protest and even controversies suspicious.

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