Monday, May 25

Evil works under the cover of darkness

Should the Govt. Censor the internet?.....

Internet is quite a dodgy place if at all a check is not kept.. Is this innocence or ignorance or both? This is an area that is really now coming into full focus. It has already sparked off a major row with online advocates who strongly guard the freedom of the World Wide Web and the governments of the world are toiling on since 1995.

Content, harmful content, and copyright ETC are no more emerging issue. The government, directed by those diabolical think-tanks, are engaging in war on their own people since a decade. Free speech is intergral to the Internet. I bet the next we will hear is ....govt. taxing the net next!I find this a terrifying prospect..Clandestine agencies in the US and in the UK, working outside of the law are bullying ISPs to restrict access to many political sites anyway.

Nannying .. into believing censorship of ‘beheading’ sites is needed is the thin edge of a very dangerous axe head of its own. The Internet should be freely accessible to everyone . Censoring of the web is a difficult mountain to climb. Very difficult…Corn-Revere once made-known, “’on-line systems give people for more genuinely free speech and free press than ever before in human history.’Internet is the people’s last fortress of freedom of speech in the country.. world.Everybody has the freedom to receive broadcasts from free Internet radio, tv, web sites, and blogs.

This is FREEDOM OF SPEECH, PERSONAL FREEDOM and we must preserve this most inalienable right if we want to have any chance to save our country from the corporate takeover and tyranny that is now visible.
Evil works under the cover of darkness. Surrendering our freedoms in exchange for a “phony security” has been and will continue to be a disaster. The greatest tool we have for freedom is unfiltered and uncensored knowledge and information. The truth movement and alternative Internet news are dusrurbing the major networks and the corporate controlled media, and they’re determined to change that… nothing else.. Just for thir profits/If “we the people” allow the Internet to be controlled, then the game is over and the and the citizens of the world, lose.Truth and freedom will fade from the public eye like two ships disappearing into the horizon.
Secondly the whole thing is just unmanageable. There are about 100 million websites on the internet made up of over 20 trillion pages .. weird man…When Scientology tried to censor one clip from the interwebs, the interwebs came out in droves to the real world, and the battle is on between Scientology and the online collective known as ‘anonymous.’ lol.Most search engines, video sites and image hosting services already have mechanisms in place people can buy additional black/whitelisting software if they really want to. No need for nation-wide laws which trim freedom.

I find censoring ,law and plan both appalling and utterly preposterous.

The internet is one of the last free places on earth. John Milton remarked in 1644, "Who ever knew Truth put to worse, in a free and open encounter?" good speech -educates and informs - not censorship

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