Friday, March 6

Polls and Stumps

Cricket is not the national sports of India but without doubt the most popular sport of the country. I love cricket.. but ….elections are more important.. we are forming a government which will run the country.. was the first reaction from me when the debate was going on in my office.

No doubts its a very very sensitive time and a ripe time for the terrorists to take advantage of the situation.. prevailing in the subcontinent..with the kind of security we have in out country.. only God can help..i don't think this will be a right time.. for the safety and security needed for 45 days in IPL.

The situation we are living in is the right time for the terrorism to spread and create chaos.. Its commonsense.. the security will be off from the politicians..that's quite a sensitive time.. any mishappening can lead to a big turmoil.
we are standing on a live mine which is just seconds away from being ignited....SECURITY MUST FOCUS ON PROTECTING THE ELECTIONS NOT THE BUSINESS OF FEW.The security woes from the home ministers office are not ignorable . Police/para-military staff will not be enough if both happens simultaneously.

At the same time a very important question i want to ask..? do u think that the government is not confident to provide security to the citizens of the country? Are we not a capable country..or is it always politics which will have a say in every decision …I'm sure the Congress will be wiped out from the face of India if anything goes wrong..lets admit it.
The biggest democracy is going to polls... but if we scrap the IPL nothing will change. Business at the cost of the country's security and peace is out of question.

So better have Elections 1st, then use IPL to help forget about the election results. We need a strong Government... watch out your vote ...its going to bring a change ...If democracy lives on.. IPL will happen again & again & again...Let all the young voters come out to vote instead of staying back in front of their TV sets...

As rightly said by one of my friend “security is not only the concern of Government.... should be ours too..we’re a part of the fabric... which we extra intelligent,deep thinking Indians do not wish to consider”
vote for a good candidate.

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