Tuesday, March 3

Cricket and terrorism.

Ignore the hyperbole or emotion…correct me if i am wrong..
It is a shocking incident.... a cowardly act....what I saw and heard today… cricket was one of the few things that still bound Pakistan to the rest of the world and now its become clear that this will also not last.. crickets has its own unique history, no doubt colonialist..playing sport for the sake of playing it.
Now that cricket itself has been attacked, one realizes the scope of anarchy that terrorists endorse.
Cricket has always taught fairness and equality.. but today without cricket Pakistan has lost another weapon against its increasing lawlessness.. cant underststand the cruel logic of the terrorists..at all … ( cricket .. White-Man’s-Burden rhetoric).. what could any jihadis have against any Sri Lankan? Or even a Sri Lankan cricketer? Sri Lankans aren’t Westerners.
This is the saddest day for all sportsmen.. It’s not an ordinary attack. Pakistan is engaged in a bloody struggle against Islamist insurgents …they have been attacking civilian before. Most of the violence in Pakistan occurs in its northwest regions bordering Afghanistan, where Taliban and al-Qaida militants have established strongholds. Lahore has not been untouchable from militant violence.. One attack in recent months was witnessed.. Which happened in the northwest next to a sports stadium.
There are so many questions on my mind… but very few answers .The sport's world governing body, the International Cricket Council, last month decided not to hold the 2009 Champions Trophy in Pakistan due to safety worries. No doubt, the Australian team made the right decision, but the Sri Lankans chose to go to Pakistan despite the obvious security concerns. What were the rasons? “money”, and also because, as Sri Lankans, they’ve had to live with terror alarms for decades… im unable to get answers..The police had received a threat on Monday that the Sri Lankan team would be attacked so a different route was used.They went to play the sport, which they did, and they paid a price they shouldn’t have.
We all know that Sri Lanka is also waging its own military campaign at home, against Tamil Tiger separatist rebels… it’s a war which is coming in open…our country is taking no stand at all…The rebels, who are fighting for an independent state for Sri Lanka’s Tamil minority, are listed as a terror group by the U.S. and EU and are routinely blamed for suicide bombings and other attacks targeting civilians.can we eever forget the assasination of former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi by a female suicide bomber — took place at an election rally in India in 1991.
Yesterday what we saw on our television was not shocking at all.. The links what our leaders have with the banned organizations... no party had the guts to oppose it...every party has its own interest...all they are doing is calculations for the loksabha..
All I can say is that South Asia has been the site of several, eye-popping attacks in recent years.This latest attack on a cricket team .. the attack on cricket celarly shows the scope of anarcy the terrorists endoreses… Pakistan has slipped into anarchy, Nepal is a powder keg as mebtioned by Tushar Gandhi.. Bangaldesh has started errupting.. recent revolt of the Bangla Desh Rifles was not a joke we witnessed..our ongoing South Sri Lanka conflict is to be watched out.I see a split map of South Asia ...and for us the biggest concern is not Kasmir but Pakistan. India must now act… .my random thoughts.....

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