Thursday, June 5

what now ?

It's not surprising that faced with a problem of this enormity; people will give up to the turn- to lay blame. Voters blame politicians. Politicians blame industry. Industry blames an overweening government.

It took generations to foul the planet as badly as we have, and it will surely take generations to overturn things. We have had the leisure of starting on our long industrial climb whenever we wanted to but we don't have the leisure of waiting to clean up after it.

India, with its less-developed economy, cannot as easily meet the expense of going green--or at least greener. Till date our government has not taken the problem seriously and the same can be said for the entire world.

The very sheer size of the problem means that all of the finger pointers will have a role in cleaning it up. A World of Trouble Total carbon dioxide emissions. The world environment is in a dynamic state throughout the entire world. Every day, new events are changing the world we live in, both preserving and destroying natural systems.

It was probably too much to believe that we the human beings would be responsible guardians of our planet. We may be the smartest of all the animals, gifted with exponentially greater power of insight but we are animals are all the same. We have been shortsighted, inconsiderate and brutish, hungry for resources, land, and food and future. Unmindful of the mess we have left behind trying getting the resources. Not even thinking once about it…. when you have dammed all the rivers, poisoned all the lakes, fished out all the oceans, cut down all the trees, then and only then will you discover money cannot be eaten!

If droughts, famines, wildfires, floods, crop failures, collapsing climate, extinction of species, drowning polar bears is not calming the global-warming doubters, what are they more waiting for?

Cleaning up the wreckage will require fundamental changes in a society .There are many things that we can do to save the environment. Whether you live in Los Angeles or in Bhopal. You can help to clean up your local environment and work toward improving the global environment.

So if the diagnosis is in, what's the cure? A crisis of this magnitude clearly calls for action that is both bottom-up and top-down.

Though there is some debate about how much difference individuals can make, there is little question that the most powerful players--government and industry--have to take the lead. Still, individuals too can move the carbon needle, but how much and how fast?

Let’s take an initiative by taking care of our surroundings. Our planet is not just under strain but thrashing us as well.
Lets make a little effort.....

The environmental message of Gibran reaches its peak, notably in the gentle compassion of The Wanderer:
Said a tree to a man, "My roots are in the deep red earth, and I shall give you of my fruit."
And the man said to the tree, "How alike we are. My roots are also deep in the red earth. And the red earth gives you power to bestow upon me of your fruit, and the red earth teaches me to receive from you with thanksgiving."

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  1. nice concept..of 5th june for the forest department.